Jul. 31st, 2012

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I'm in the middle of taking two weeks off work. I have permission for these two weeks. I have not been at work for just over a week now.

I'm going in to work tomorrow because I am apparently the only one capable of filing.

Because sorting the route packs into numerical order and putting them in the appropriate area file is too fucking hard for anyone else to do. :|

But this is not why I'm pissed. Oh, no.

My aunt phoned my mother who then phoned me in order to complain about me writing my novel on my phone at work. There are several things wrong with this scenario.

Number 1: While my phone is currently my only way of working on my novel, it is highly impractical and I gave up trying weeks ago.
Number 2: While I was trying this, why did my aunt not ask me about it then? Why wait until now?
Number 3: Why did she go to my mother about it when I haven't seen my mother in more than two weeks? My aunt has had more than enough time to come to me personally about it.

But then, I suppose it is better that she goes to my mother. I'd get too pissed off at her if she did it in person and I'd probably explode at her about how much I fucking hate my job and my novel is a million times more important to me than anything that goes on in the office. I'm grateful for her finding me a job but honestly, I cannot stand it there anymore. The best part of my job is listening to the gossip. Also I get paid. But apart from that? My shyness has only worsened, I've started feeling increasingly anxious every time the phone rings, especially when I have to answer it and I have to put up with the most terrifying car rides ever.

I really need to ask if I can get a reference from Susan so I can search for another job. I seriously need out of that place.


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