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I used to like my job. Sorta. I mean, it was a bit dull but I liked going in. Now I'm dreading Monday morning.

It started about two weeks ago. Someone at HQ in York noticed that the company was losing money. It was traced back to our office and this contract we have with a certain charity. We buy the bags from the charity to deliver and then claim the money back based on our returns and routes delivered. Or so I understand it.

But the bosses have been taking out the routes with poor results from the reports so it looks as though they haven't been completed - and yet we've paid them because they have been delivered. Maybe we only got one or two bags, maybe we didn't get any - but if someone phones up and asks why they haven't been paid for a route they've delivered, either Alison or Susan will tell me to pay them.

I've only been taking over doing the pays for a few months, not the whole time we've been delivering these bags. But since last May, the company has lost about £30k (or so I gather from listening in on phone conversations). All through routes that have been paid but not put on the reports. Only routes with good results get put on the reports so taking out the poor routes makes the company look better, which is all the bosses were concerned about.

Until they realised the company had been losing money.

Cue mad panic to find out how and why and where the money had gone. :| Bosses were in danger of losing their jobs, apparently.

So in the attempt to reclaim some money, they fired me.

For doing my goddamn job.

Which is such bullshit, it makes me speechless with rage. What the actual fuck?!

But my aunt campaigned on my behalf and got me my job back - working less hours and only three days a week but it's better than signing on at the job centre again. :| I just... wish I didn't have to go back now. It's going to be all awkward and stuff. Plus I'm still pretty angry at how this has all turned out.

And the worst thing is, I knowif Susan apologises, then I'll accept it and move on. If she bitches at me for not doing anything in work, then I'm going to tell her that it's only because I don't have enough to do - the job she was supposedly giving me to do was taken back by her without even telling me. Plus, there's only so much time I can spend filing before it's all done. :| So of course I'm going to sit and write fic on my phone. I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO UNTIL YOU HAND ME THE PAPERWORK I NEED. And I can't just take it from her because she needs it first. She needs to input it into the computer (supposedly my job except she won't let me do it) although I suppose that comes after she goes dress shopping online.

No, seriously. She looked up a dress online, supposedly for some event, and sent one of our drivers to pick it up from the shop. :|

But I can't sit and write out a couple hundred words of fic in my downtime. Peacefully. Not disrupting anyone.

I just. Augh.


Shutting up now. Not looking forward to work. Taking my time to get there in the morning, I think.


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