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They've started me on auditing at work. My aunt got me a cordless phone so I can sit separately to everyone else while I make the calls, which is a big help. When people wander on through, I can get one with filing too. I'm too self-conscious to make the calls I need to while people are there. She's also saying I can make half the calls necessary and then forge the rest, just so it looks like I'm getting more done than the other auditor. >_> I've been told he'll be on his way out soon, I think. I may have arrived late but I sat at my desk and worked for four hours straight. He vanished one time and then spent a while just wandering around, talking to people.

In other news, I got my tattoo! It's not finished yet though. It will take another two hour session to finish it. I pretty much can't wait but I'll have to give it a couple weeks so I can get the money and let what's bee done so far heal properly. But thinking about it is making my back itch. I need my boyfriend to come home and help me clean and dress it.

We are all moved in to our new office though, and after some problem with the broadband, we're online and can catch up with pays again. This is good because a lot of people were complaining about it, apparently. JFC, they were two days late. Calm down, people! Most of those who were complaining tend to people the people who need the money east, by the way. One of our drivers has repeatedly said he doesn't really need the money but he wants to work but if his pay is even a day late, he's straight in to complain. And normally, he's received the money but hasn't realised it. :|

Speaking of, this guy was pretty cheeky to me earlier too. I was having a break for lunch when he arrived. Since I was the first person he saw, he charged over to me and said 'Right, stop eating and sort this out for me.' No kidding. The exact words he said. And all he wanted was a pile of contracts I didn't know had been printed so I just took the list of what he needed. Luckily, my aunt appeared shortly after and he went after her instead.

Oh, and for the record, I finished my sandwich while I was helping him. Like hell was I going to stop eating on my goddamn lunch break. >|


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