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We had an American visitor in our office today, along with the boss from the head office down in York. They asked a lot of questions but were really just curious as to how we do everything that we do. I mostly just kept out of the way and did my work. I got plenty done, like most of the filing and pays but I still have some to send, I think. I can't remember if I sent the last page or not. But anyway, it frees up most of tomorrow for auditing - the most hated part of my job but if I can get lots done (and I plan to be there early in the morning to get the most possible done)  then maybe our boss won't mind if I have to leave early.

I'm going out tomorrow night, doing the social thing and being without the internet (no tumblr omg how will i survive). We have to be at the restaurant for 6:30 I think so I have to leave early to get ready.

Which reminds me that fuck I haven't ironed my dress. But I'll do it quickly tomorrow, I guess. I've actually spent most of the afternoon watching videos on YouTube. It's made me want to give vlogging another go but I think it will have to wait until Saturday when my boyfriend is at work before I have the time to myself to do it. I never intended to stop but... eh, I ran into technical difficulties. But now I have access to a new laptop and I haven't tested out it's capabilities regarding making videos yet.

Also, I've been staring at tumblr messages for, like, the last two days in the hopes that I will get the courage to respond and I haven't yet so I feel terrible about that. I'm going to do that now, I think, before my boyfriend gets home and then I can bask in the false sense of accomplishment until he starts moaning that he's hungry.


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