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At last~


I have to be up so early tomorrow morning... I have to be in town for half past eight. ;_; I wanted a lie in...

Ah well...

And Akira-mun's kinda on haitus after today anyway... Probably won't be able to tag back Yuffie for a couple days too.

Damn it.

Angeal is being slow and things. I need to wait for him to have enough power to keep syncing my music. He kinda froze earlier and I've been waiting all day for the power to drain so I can actually do something with him. I was hoping to get at least half of my music transfered before I leave but now that is an impossibility, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend. *eyeroll* Haven't done half the stuff I said I was going to do anyway. Like tidy my bedroom. Oops.

Adamn and Steph are coming back tonight too. Apparently they have taken up salsa dancing. XD Man, I wish I had a webcam. I would broadcast it all over the internet. We might have an anime night tonight. I can either stay up all night or I can have an early night... And I haven't watched Azumanga Daioh yet. I have plenty to do to keep me up. XD
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Today was the last day of my Gateway 2 Work course. I feel a little sad. I enjoyed it there. Maybe not the circumstances but everyone I met was pretty friendly.

The other reason I'm feeling sad is that I have today and tomorrow morning left before I go on my haitus. >_< I'll be at my boyfriend's for four weeks while we're at the Royal Mail. I'm going to miss Eco and Daisychain so much! ;_; I'll be back ASAP, guys! I swear!

And...andandand...What else..?

Anime night tonight. Gonna stay up all night. I mean it. My brother and his girlfriend should be here. Mother's going out too so we'll have the house to ourselves. And if they don't show up for whatever reason, I'll stay up on my own. ^^; I want to rewatch Black Jack anyway. >_> And Lucky Star. Maybe the rest of season 1 of Junjyou Romantica if I have time but probably not. There's a lot of Black Jack to watch. >_<

And I wanted to do a little writing too. Been meaning to do it all week and really just added a sentence on here and there. I really should try to finish it. I just need to add the bit about Zexion and then Demyx and then that's the end of that chapter, all ready to post. ^_^

So...yeah, gonna make myself busy now~
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Whew... Had a brief scare earlier.

I got a little notice about new updates for the computer so I installed them and restarted like it asked...but then it didn't get past the first loading screen. O_O Reset a couple times, still nothing.

So I fetched Adam and Steph to see if they knew what to do - then phoned her dad since they had no clue. He mentioned something on the inside we'd have to prod but we couldn't find it. We took it upstairs to have a better look, opened it up and stuff. Couldn't find it at all but when we tested it out again up there, it worked. O.o Dunno what we did but it worked. So we switched it off, switched over the RAM so this computer works faster now (which is better) and I'm now free to get back online. >_<

But the computer upstairs doesn't work so I may or may not have lost all my stories up there. Fuck.

I've got so much to rewrite.

Not including the door thingy.

Nightwind wanted a new character put in and I can come up with a vague design that is NOT ME. >_< He said something about the new girl being me or being like me. She wears glasses, plays videogames a lot andruns away from bullies a lot too. I can also see where she fits in and stuff. But like hell can I find a name.

OI NIGHTWIND! Whenever you see this, can you tell me more what you wanted for her? Also, I've been playing around on and coming up with character designs to start off with. I want to show you them and then find little ways of changing them.

Anyway...Now I'm off to check emails again, start writing stories again and try to continue that database thing. >_<
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*screams in frustration*

I am so freaking bored!

And I know I have things to do but I just don't have the motivation. I've got three stories to work on, a database of all my characters because I'm starting to find it hard to keep track of them all yeah, looking for costume inspiration because I can't remember what kind of outfit Jonathon is supposed to wear... >_> I've also got to come up with a name for a new female character who has been bouncing around my head since Monday (damn you, wolfcub!) and second costume designs for her and another female character.


*rips hair out*

And I think I'm supposed to be staying up all night to watch anime with Adam and Steph but the computer upstairs doesn't work properly. I forgot to tell them the sound and DVD tray no longer work. I don't know what they did but it happened after they took out the graphics card to find out what was wrong with it.

So they'll have to come down here, but that's alright because I have anime here to watch. Or we could put on a DVD or something. Or make a repeat of the time Steph and I sat and talked until 5am. XD

...On the plus side, if they come down then I should be available for RP for longer than usual. Except that no one seems to be on. >_<

Still waiting for a chance to RP Tas some more. >_> Poor little guy gets no action.

And Seph...has had a somewhat civil conversation with Cloud. Who still hates him. Maybe even more considering Sephiroth's absolutely terrible sense of humour. I suspect that part of his characterisation comes from the really evil part of me that would totally start blasting songs like "Burn Baby Burn" and "Time to Burn" in the middle of Nibelheim...

And I just thought of a question to ask Nightwind but he's not here. Damned wolfcub. Why'd he have to go to Germany? I've got no one to talk to online much...

Ah hell. Might slip on SL for a while. I hear I have a new bed to check out. >_> Tomorow my FA account will probably be bombarded with new screenshots from there.
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Oh  my god... I really do love Adam and Steph now. They fixed the upstairs computer. All my anime, all my stories...all saved. XD

Turned out to be a problem with the graphics card - it was really dirty. O.o But I probably do need to replace it. Steph says when she replaces hers, I can have her old one so yay~

However, I seem to have forfeited my sound in order to use the computer but that's not a huge deal really. Sure, the speakers are quiet down here but if I wait until night when all is quiet, I can bring my anime down and watch it here. ^_^

Also...if I don't app. Genesis for DC, I'll probably end up with Star Ocean's Albel Nox. XD He's so much fun and DC needs more violent, borderline evil bastards. *cackles* Yeah, Albel would be fun. 

Hmm...or one of the girls from TWEWY. I've also added Rhyme and Shiki to the possible characters list. >_> But they're so nice...
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 I'm hot and sorta bored again. I wonder if they'll let the planes in the air today. I glanced out of the window last night and it was really foggy but it's gone this morning. There were clouds earlier but now the sun is out and I hate it. 

I also managed to step on my glasses last night. Go me. >_> The lens popped out, the frame came apart on the left and the right side was just bent. I handed it to my wonderful mother this morning and she fixed it for me. XD So I can see clearly again. It's not a huge deal if my glasses break though - everything is fuzzy but I can till tell when a car is coming on the road. I have to sit closer to stuff to see them but that's all. Not like Iain, who gets headaches if he goes too long without wearing his glasses. Poor thing.

Hmm...what else. Um. 

Oh yeah., started retyping the chapter of SIB, but it's coming out totally different to the original. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing because I can't remember what the original started off like. >_> Wish someone would come and fix my goddamn computer. Me and my mother had a look at it yesterday but neither of us have any clue what to do. My other wonders if it's a problem with the monitor but I think the problem is in the tower itself. >_> Adam ,where are you? Oh yeah, he's at his girlfriend's house. 

Which totally reminds me - her mother is having her pregnancy induced this weekend. O_O I hope all goes well. Her mother is awesome cool. Adam better help out with the new baby too. And tell me everything~ because I can't get in contact with him. 
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I am feeling somewhat insane today. Goddammit.

For the love of god, will someone please talk to me. >_< I swear, no one is online. *shiffs* I'm lonely, goddammit. 

And yeah, okay, there are things I need to do.



Apart from Iain, I feel really cut off from everyone. I really did want to go see Ross last week but I kept missing his calls. I kinda...lost my phone under the bed somehow and I didn't find it until the alarm went off and realised there were three or four missed calls and I always feel terrible when I miss any calls. >_<

And I've got another fucking headache. I've been getting lots of them recently. I hate it. They make me grumpy when I notice them and I get snappy. Sometimes it takes me a while to realise that the pounding isn't someone's music in the distance though. O_O Is that normal? Or does my head ache in time to the beat somehow?

I want to play Crisis Core, Rune Factory and The World Ends With You. And really, who the fuck came up with the battle system for that game? It's fucking difficult and confusing as hell. I still don't know which screen I should look at and when so I just mash buttons and scribble frantically and hope the Noise die. And really - Noise? *snorts* The plot seems to be on crack half the time. And is Rhyme male or female? O_O Will Shiki ever shut the fuck up? Who came up with the 'trends' thing? Yeah, I like the bonuses that come with wearing the correct colothes but that is the only reason to care at all. Personally, I think Shiki needs a new fashoin sense and Neku is fine just the way he is. That Prince guy can go fuck himself. 

...Yeah, some stuff really winds me up about that game but I still play. ...I like the soundtrack, damn it. And the art style.
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Today going to be good. I was sure of it. I'd wake up and come on the computer and mess around for a bit.

But no.

Daisychain has taken over my entire weekend, which sucks because NO ONE IS ON, DAMMIT! I replied to the Lucy-Seph thread and...that's it. Fucking hell. I dreamed about replying to Daisychain comments as Sephiroth. Like hell do I remember what was said but I remember quite clearly checking my yahoo mail, seeing the comments and typing replies.

And that sorta happened. I had one reply to type, a comic strip to read, a couple people to add to Seph's flist and that's it. I messed around some. Stumbled across two instances of random tentacle-themed fanfiction, which if it hadn't happened before, would probably be a lot more traumatising.

Now I'm bored out of my fucking mind. I have no one to talk to, unless I want a 10 year old who uses unreadable sparkly letters all the time.  I can't be bothered with that so I'm not going to bother. She'll insist on playing games over MSN and get upset if I win. It's Rock, Paper, Scissors! i have no idea what she'll choose! i can't control if I win or lose, dammit, but if i win, Iain tells me off!

And I may or may not be upset because I just finished getting through Surgeon General's Warning and it's one of the best things I've ear read and I didn't want to get to the latest chapter. But there should be at least one more. Sora has to fix Riku and Axel and Roxas have to get together. >_<

Goddamn it. I'm going to try to watch anime now. Somehow. The speakers are too goddamn quiet, my mother's playing music and hoovering at the same time.

And I'd write something but all my stories are on the busted up PC in my room and no one will help because my brother is being fucking unreachable. Dammit. Seriously, the only way I have to contact him at the moment is through Second Life. I don't even know if he logs on there any more. I certainly don't know what usernames he uses across the internet. Fucking hell.

And I'll kill him if Steph's mother's had her baby and he hasn't bothered to tell me. I'll skin him alive. That's the kind of thing I have to know, dammit and last time I saw them, Steph had got a phone call saying her mother might be going into labour and she'd have to wait up for a call. No word since then. Dammit, don't keep me in the dark!

Okay, calming down...or attempting to.

Fucking hell. I just feel so...wound up today. I want to do something. Write or something. But I was so far on the second chapter of Somewhere I belong (which I am seriously starting to hate the title of now but I fail at thinking up titles anyway) and I don't fancy starting again. Demyx and Zexion were..well, interacting. I'm not sure how I was gonna move things from where they were. Well, I did. But. Well. There's more stuff and I don't know how I can make it work anymore. I just need someone to talk to and either put up with me babbling nonsense at them or distract me. Probably distract me. I know everyone gets really fed up with me babbling about all the crap I'm overthinking. Really, the number of times I've babbled to Eco and Ross about Sephiroth on Daisychain, they probably deserve a medal for not telling me to shut the fuck up.

As does anyone who's read this rant, I guess. I should stop taking up people's friend pages with this crap, huh?

Dammit, I'm sick of eighties music! Argh!
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I just don't have any willpower at all today. Well, yesterday. I just realised it's after midnight and my mother is still playing KH2. Dammit, I want her to get off so I can go upstairs and play it myself. Grr!

Anyway, I was apparently arranged to go over to Steph's house today so we could go out tonight. Don't know why it didn't happen but I've had no contact from anyone so I just assume they forgot or something came up. Her mother is pregnant so the latter is very possible, I suppose. I guess I'll find out next week though. Adam said he'd come back because our mother phoned him and asked him when he was coming back. She said she'd make Key Lime Pie to bribe him a bit too. XD I look forward to next weekend already. At the very least, I'll get pie and answers.

Anyway, I decided that since I was getting no contact from anyone, I'd come online and maybe work on my Sephiroth app. and the KH fic. I've written maybe a paragraph of story in..oh...ten hours? >_> I just...can't get into the writing mindset. I've not done as much as I could have for the Sephiroth app. either. A couple paragraphs under 'Personality' and a few sentences under 'Weaknesses'. I want Eco to come back online and help out but she's been gone for a while. Might not be able to talk to her until...well...this afternoon? Since it's very early in the morning for me. XD

But I'm determined to stay online until after my mother's done. It's getting late so she should be done soon...right? Then I'm going to go upstairs and either train until I can beat Xaldin or go on my new game and finish up at the Olympus Coliseum. Maybe then I'll write for a bit. It's a shame I can't do the writing because I have a very rough draft (read: pile of crap) sitting in front of me, ready to be re-read, revised and typed up a thousand times better. I just hope I manage to keep Zexion in character.And Demyx. Aerith will not be so hard. She's pretty much set in stone in my head but Zexion is a complicated character and I have trouble not rushing everything to the romance scenes. And I realised that if I want to draw out the relationship building then I may have to make the story longer. *sigh* I can't just have Zexion fall head over heels for Demyx and vice-versa. It just...wouldn't happen. Maybe Demyx would crush on Zexion for a while but not say anything but Zexion...has a Past. XD It will deserve the capital. I just need to get around to explaining it. Hopefully I'll not get a bunch of Zexion fangirls flaming me for it.

...Dammit, I'm really starting to struggle with explaining Sephiroth's personality and weaknesses in the depth required. Eco, where are you? I need you!

You know, I'm almost disappointed that the LJ spell-checker doesn't try to replace 'Zexion' with 'Lexicon', like the computer does but the fact that the first suggestion is 'Sexing' makes up for it.
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I've been shopping this week. Ross is a pretty good shopping buddy. XD It was pretty awesome. We made a complete girly day of it. *cackles madly* Clothes - none of which are black by the way - and shoes. And a smoothie each from the stand in the Bridges. Ross also got his ear peirced. He's got a blue stud in his ear. XD So of course we had to go and buy him a couple more to wear.

I bought GTA IV too. It looks like fun but it will be a while before I play it. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn has pretty much my full attention. XD Gods, it's pretty. I just wish I had Path of Radiance as well. Next time I get money I think I'll just order it online if I can find it. There are a bunch of other games I want to get too so I'll just try to find them next time I have money on my card. XD

I'm going to go see my gran tomorrow in my new clothes just to see what she says. My mother says she's going to come too. XD I half wish Adam and Steph were here too to see what they say but they won't be back for a while yet. I've been invited over to Steph's again on her next holiday and I go want to go. It's fun there and the cats are so cute. But if they ask me one more time if I'm okay sharing a bed with Steph I might snap. Yes, it's fine. Why wouldn't it be fine? She's a friend and the bed is comfortable even if we're squeezing two people on to a single. It was fine the last two times and it'll be fine in future.

...I hope it's sunny tomorrow.
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Before I say anything, anyone interested in my family (probably no one really but what the hell, I'm doing it anyway) can click here, scroll down to the bottom and see my Uncle David. Bet he loved it. XD He's got a huge love for birds, always has as far as I'm aware. ^^ I should see if I can get a picture of his van - it's awesome. Custom paint job, probably cost loads. It shows a wildlife scene and it looks really cool.  It's a pity I don't see him often but it can't be helped. He does live in Wales. XD, what else to write... Been over to Pauline's, helping look after the kids a bit. That's fun. Amelia pulled off my glasses though and when Iain took them of her - since I couldn't, what with holding her a few feet off the ground and all - the side bit fell off. >_< Iain repaired them and did a pretty good job of it but I'll have to take them to get them repaired properly soon.

Adam and Steph are home this weekend. That means tomorrow will probably be an all-nighter, or as close to it as we can manage. ^_^ Last time we watched Pretear but I think they finished that without me. We also watched Devil May Cry at Steph's weekend before last but only got up to episode five. Maybe we should finish that. Or I've got Nightmares and Dreamscapes downloading. Perhaps I should see what anime films I can download though. Something with a lot of pretty male characters... I'll have to see what I can find.
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I cme home from Iain's house yesterday to find my brother has had his hair trimmed again, dyed completely black again and wearing a chinese-style dressing gown of our mothers with his pj bottoms.

He looked remarkably like Count D.

Now we just need some proper chinese clothes and an anime convention so he can cosplay in public. XD

Also, Lolly now comes running to me every time I come out of my room or move from the computer. It's so cute! But why does she only play with pink string? It's the only thing she'll touch.

Meanwhile, Raz is now putting all of his colourful, rattle balls back under every peice of furniture.
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So...I'm at a 'sleepover' at Steph's house. Which means her and Adam are playing Wii Sports while I hijack the computer to keep myself awake.

The plan for tonight is to play games, watch anime and then pass out. Everyone seems to be worried about me not being happy about having to share a bed with Steph tonight but really it's not a problem. Okay, so it's not exactly a big bed but I'm skinny enough that we'll both fit. ^_^;;;

But I'm not feeling so good...I may have eaten too much chocolate. *le gasp* I didn't know such a thing was possible! But my stomach is aching uncomfortably so I'm avoiding all food lately. I'm starving, but it hurts to eat so I can't... I'll manage a bit but...meh...

And I keep losing the feeling in my hands and feet. It's strange. >_<

Anyway...tonight is fun. I've played a bit on Steph's new computer. It's got parts Iain would spontaneously orgasm over. XD An HD ready widescreen monitor that is just beautiful. Gears of War looks absolutely amazing on it. 

And Steph's cat are lovely. There's Emmy, who had really sharp claws. And Toby, who also has sharp claws and people kep dumping him on me when his claws are out. It hurts... ;_; And there's skittish little Salem. I've also met the guinea pigs - of as Steph is prone to squeak "ninny nigs". >_> She's an odd girl, but really huggable and adorable. XD I just have to keep giving her random hugs. But at the same time it feels a little awkwards because even though her and Adam have been going out for more than two years now, I don't know her all that well though we are becoming quite good friends. It just...hasn't been long, y'know?

Anyway, the guinea pigs.... The boys and girls are kept separate because none of them are neutered and they're possibly related. >_> They have freakishly long claws and the vet can't cut them until Febuary. You know the bit on the Simpsons when Snowball II walks by on really long claws, clivking on the kitchen floor? They're like that. XD The girls were nice enough. They made slightly worried-sounding squeaking noises but apparently that means they're happy little guinea pigs. *shrugs*

The boys on the other hand... For starters, they stank to high heaven, kept picking fights with each other and making 'lustful' noises at me. Steph picked one of them up and he came on her hand. Ewwww... 

So they were given a quick health check and sent back outside.

But now I'm covered in animal fur - and I'm wearing my new top too. It's really cool. I got it from Pauline as a Christmas present and it's got a purple dragon on the front! There are holes in the shoulders with three chains holding the sleeves up. XD It's possibly the most awesome top ever in existance! Speaking of Christmas presents, I should list this years 'haul' or something, just for something to do.

Something I listed as from Iain's parents may in fact be from Susan and her family but I can't remember. >_< Oh well...

So, all in all, not a bad haul. ^^ All that money is going on manga first chance I get to go to Newcastle. I'm going to take a list and only complete collections from here on out. But I need to complete a lot of collections... Such as...


Dec. 8th, 2007 10:26 pm
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I felt like updating my journal...

Except nothing really interesting has happened. My brother cut his hair though. It now reaches his chin instead of halfway down his back. He kinda looks like a young Snape now. Which is cool But my reactions the first time I saw him was something along the lines of "Hi, Ad-OHMYGODYOURHAIRWHERE'SITGONE?!?!"

And I'm watching Freakzoid. I haven't seen that show is sooooo long... XD

Fun times

Oct. 15th, 2007 09:31 am
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I was hanging out with my brother and his girlfriend most of the weekend. It was really fun! I'm kinda glad I'm getting to know her better because it's they've been together so long and all I really knew about her was that she had a lot of pets (six cats, three guinea pigs and a horse, I think).

But now I know she's a lot of fun to be with. We had a kinda sleepover party on Saturday night, but we tried to minus the sleep. XD It didn't work. Steph was out after Advent Children, I crawled onto the sofa and passed out about 6:00am and Adam was sleeping by the time I awoke at about 8:30am. I probably would have slept longer but my mtoher doesn't even try to be quiet on a morning. The number of times I've been woken up because of her thumping around the house... Sometimes I wake before her but I always try to be quiet...

Anyway, I hung out with them more on Sunday too. I was supposed to be tidying my room but then they came in to hang out and we ended up throwing bits of paper at each other in a no-holds-barred free-for-all paper war! We even had protective headgear! lol! Well, I had an upside-down tin tied to my head with a ribon, Adam had an old witches hat from a Halloween a few years ago and Steph had a brightly-coloured summer hat from when I was really little. XD It was completely hilarious! And childish! But fabulous! 

We let Spike out of his cage to run around a bit as well and went "catting" - like fishing, but trying to catch cats instead! There's a bamboo pole my mother uses to bang on the ceiling and she tied a mouse on the end of a length of string to it and I was using it to play with the cats. 

So, yes, my weekend was a lot of fun. 

This morning, I tohught I was going to be late for work because I'd missed the bus I was supposed to get. But instead, my dad drives past me on the way to the bus stop and I got a lift in! I arrived early! Despite the fact I'd been running around getting ready and then chasing Raz when he got out! Stupid cat...

But I've had a generally good time. Which is good because last week wasn't that great for me. So now I'm kinda balanced in the good/bad department. Now I need to get back to work!
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Raz is hurt. It's Adam's fault too but has that little bastard come back from his girlfriend's house to look after him? Hell no!

And why would he? After all, these are only the cats he spend more than two months beging to bring home as soon as he was told he could have one if our mother allowed it. And after discussing it with me, he was. So tell me, why would he bother to look after them?

Argh! I really just want to rip his head off!

Oh, but I haven't said how Raz got injured yet...

When Adam went back to his girlfriend's house, he left his bedroom window open. Our windows open on an angle from the bottom so for any creature trying to get in or out of that, it's not going to be easy. Raz has succeeded once, landed with the loudest bang on the conseratory roof. Poor thing was so terrified that as soon as I opened the window properly, he jumped right back inside. But this time he wasn't to lucky. He got stuck and started yowling really loudly. My mtoher told me she thought it was a child crying at first. But no, shhe goes upstairs and finds Raz stuck in the window. He's walked with a limp ever since.

His leg doesn't seem to be broken though and we can't afford any vet's fees so we can't take him to get checked out. But he's limping less and less every day. I didn't see him right after the accident so I don't know how bad it was but he seems improved from yesterday. With luck, he'll be better soon.
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Adam and Steph are here and I've been reminded quite horribly just how annoying they can be! At least Adam is not quite so desperate to impress her anymore. God knows after the one and a half plus years they've been together that he shouldn't have to by now but still it seems like he's trying. Which is probably why our mother's just waiting for them to break up. If he's still trying to get her attention and keep it, odds are the relationship just isn't going to last much longer.

But really, why do I have to be involved, in the "victim" kinda way. And why oh WHY does he have to ask me stupid questions that make me want to get him sectioned? And I can't lock my door anymore! When I go to bed, I'm going to have to be sure to block it securely and play games or type all night.

I also wantt o know why they watch phonejacker or whatever it is, because I've seen a couple ads here and there and the show basically looks like shit. *eye roll* Why can't they be interested in Doctor Who? Then I'd have someone besides my mother to fangirl with! Because I cannot do that with Iain. He just doesn't get the way my brain works sometimes.

Anyway, I'm ranting about Adam and Steph here. Just what is her surname anyway? How come after they've spent all this time together, I still do not know that? I mean, Christ, I've even met her mother! Who seems to recognise me after only two meetings - we bumped into each other in HMV one day and it wasn't until Adam showed up seconds behind her that I realised who she was. Gods, that was embarassing. >_<

This has turned out way longer than I expected. And I've been left alone for five minutes. I can still hear them quoting that goddamned show though.


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