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*screams in frustration*

I am so freaking bored!

And I know I have things to do but I just don't have the motivation. I've got three stories to work on, a database of all my characters because I'm starting to find it hard to keep track of them all yeah, looking for costume inspiration because I can't remember what kind of outfit Jonathon is supposed to wear... >_> I've also got to come up with a name for a new female character who has been bouncing around my head since Monday (damn you, wolfcub!) and second costume designs for her and another female character.


*rips hair out*

And I think I'm supposed to be staying up all night to watch anime with Adam and Steph but the computer upstairs doesn't work properly. I forgot to tell them the sound and DVD tray no longer work. I don't know what they did but it happened after they took out the graphics card to find out what was wrong with it.

So they'll have to come down here, but that's alright because I have anime here to watch. Or we could put on a DVD or something. Or make a repeat of the time Steph and I sat and talked until 5am. XD

...On the plus side, if they come down then I should be available for RP for longer than usual. Except that no one seems to be on. >_<

Still waiting for a chance to RP Tas some more. >_> Poor little guy gets no action.

And Seph...has had a somewhat civil conversation with Cloud. Who still hates him. Maybe even more considering Sephiroth's absolutely terrible sense of humour. I suspect that part of his characterisation comes from the really evil part of me that would totally start blasting songs like "Burn Baby Burn" and "Time to Burn" in the middle of Nibelheim...

And I just thought of a question to ask Nightwind but he's not here. Damned wolfcub. Why'd he have to go to Germany? I've got no one to talk to online much...

Ah hell. Might slip on SL for a while. I hear I have a new bed to check out. >_> Tomorow my FA account will probably be bombarded with new screenshots from there.
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 Oh my GOD I'm so freaking bored right now.


I need tags!

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 I'm hot and sorta bored again. I wonder if they'll let the planes in the air today. I glanced out of the window last night and it was really foggy but it's gone this morning. There were clouds earlier but now the sun is out and I hate it. 

I also managed to step on my glasses last night. Go me. >_> The lens popped out, the frame came apart on the left and the right side was just bent. I handed it to my wonderful mother this morning and she fixed it for me. XD So I can see clearly again. It's not a huge deal if my glasses break though - everything is fuzzy but I can till tell when a car is coming on the road. I have to sit closer to stuff to see them but that's all. Not like Iain, who gets headaches if he goes too long without wearing his glasses. Poor thing.

Hmm...what else. Um. 

Oh yeah., started retyping the chapter of SIB, but it's coming out totally different to the original. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing because I can't remember what the original started off like. >_> Wish someone would come and fix my goddamn computer. Me and my mother had a look at it yesterday but neither of us have any clue what to do. My other wonders if it's a problem with the monitor but I think the problem is in the tower itself. >_> Adam ,where are you? Oh yeah, he's at his girlfriend's house. 

Which totally reminds me - her mother is having her pregnancy induced this weekend. O_O I hope all goes well. Her mother is awesome cool. Adam better help out with the new baby too. And tell me everything~ because I can't get in contact with him. 
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Today going to be good. I was sure of it. I'd wake up and come on the computer and mess around for a bit.

But no.

Daisychain has taken over my entire weekend, which sucks because NO ONE IS ON, DAMMIT! I replied to the Lucy-Seph thread and...that's it. Fucking hell. I dreamed about replying to Daisychain comments as Sephiroth. Like hell do I remember what was said but I remember quite clearly checking my yahoo mail, seeing the comments and typing replies.

And that sorta happened. I had one reply to type, a comic strip to read, a couple people to add to Seph's flist and that's it. I messed around some. Stumbled across two instances of random tentacle-themed fanfiction, which if it hadn't happened before, would probably be a lot more traumatising.

Now I'm bored out of my fucking mind. I have no one to talk to, unless I want a 10 year old who uses unreadable sparkly letters all the time.  I can't be bothered with that so I'm not going to bother. She'll insist on playing games over MSN and get upset if I win. It's Rock, Paper, Scissors! i have no idea what she'll choose! i can't control if I win or lose, dammit, but if i win, Iain tells me off!

And I may or may not be upset because I just finished getting through Surgeon General's Warning and it's one of the best things I've ear read and I didn't want to get to the latest chapter. But there should be at least one more. Sora has to fix Riku and Axel and Roxas have to get together. >_<

Goddamn it. I'm going to try to watch anime now. Somehow. The speakers are too goddamn quiet, my mother's playing music and hoovering at the same time.

And I'd write something but all my stories are on the busted up PC in my room and no one will help because my brother is being fucking unreachable. Dammit. Seriously, the only way I have to contact him at the moment is through Second Life. I don't even know if he logs on there any more. I certainly don't know what usernames he uses across the internet. Fucking hell.

And I'll kill him if Steph's mother's had her baby and he hasn't bothered to tell me. I'll skin him alive. That's the kind of thing I have to know, dammit and last time I saw them, Steph had got a phone call saying her mother might be going into labour and she'd have to wait up for a call. No word since then. Dammit, don't keep me in the dark!

Okay, calming down...or attempting to.

Fucking hell. I just feel so...wound up today. I want to do something. Write or something. But I was so far on the second chapter of Somewhere I belong (which I am seriously starting to hate the title of now but I fail at thinking up titles anyway) and I don't fancy starting again. Demyx and Zexion were..well, interacting. I'm not sure how I was gonna move things from where they were. Well, I did. But. Well. There's more stuff and I don't know how I can make it work anymore. I just need someone to talk to and either put up with me babbling nonsense at them or distract me. Probably distract me. I know everyone gets really fed up with me babbling about all the crap I'm overthinking. Really, the number of times I've babbled to Eco and Ross about Sephiroth on Daisychain, they probably deserve a medal for not telling me to shut the fuck up.

As does anyone who's read this rant, I guess. I should stop taking up people's friend pages with this crap, huh?

Dammit, I'm sick of eighties music! Argh!


Jul. 12th, 2008 10:11 pm
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My mp3 player crashed last night. In the middle of a song. Just stopped playing for no apparent reason. The screen faded but the lights on the buttons remained on. No clue what to do, nothing I tried worked. I thought I'd leave it for the battery to wear down but after twelve hours I gave up and gave in to the urge to press the reset button. I didn't do it before in case it wiped my music but dammit, I was getting desperate.

And it worked.


My music is still there, it is no longer crashed and it works. I wish I'd done it earlier but at least now I know what to do if it happens again.

...Still waiting on a reply from Lucrecia. I' m hesitant to prod the mun because I know people do other things that roleplay online. That and I'm terribly shy and don't know her well enough to pop a random hello on her. >_<



And I'm considering Daisychain-themed stories. O.o Um. If I ever write any, they'll only be posted on LJ but I dunno...

And I do kinda want to make another Sephy post but not until he's done talking to Lucrecia. On the plus side, he's been talking to others on his existing journal post and I may have the opportunity to RP with people not of the FF7 fandom, which would be totally awesome. Whether their from a fandom I know or not, it would be pretty cool to get Sephy interacting with people who have no clue who he is.

And you may have guessed I'm posting this out of boredom but so what? If I get off the computer now, by the time I have the attention span for it again, it'll be too late to get online. I'd rather wait for my mother to go to bed anyway. Then I can take the PS2, even with the broken controller. I can still watch DVDs, dammit. I really want to watch Advent Children again. And maybe Petite Cossette. And Kingdom Hospital. Casshern. Anastasia. An American Haunting. >_> Yeah, I think I'll have a movie-fest when I 'go to bed'. >_> Bet I end up asleep on the floor again. Oh well. It's not that uncomfortable really.

...I thnk I'm gonna play some music now. ^^


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