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Note to self- learn how to skin a cat.

Next time Raz gets out and I have to chase him up and down the street for twenty minutes, I swear I will punish him somehow. I will not cave and give him a cuddle and a hug again. Just because he scared the crap outta me - I thought he was going to get run over for a moment until he ran away from the road, scared of the moving cars. I ended up hauling his fuzzy butt out from a car four houses down.

Idiotic goddamn cat.
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This is my first night home since Spike died. I still haven't been in my room. I'm almost afraid to go up there. My mother told me on the phone she moved the cage already. I don't want to see the space it used to be, even though it now means I have space to put things.

She talked about rearranging my room now I don't have to worry about keeping the cage out of the sunlight. The wardrobe will go where the cage was. I can get into my ottoman now. I can't even remember what is in there.

I saved my app for Lymle in the wrong format while I was working on it on the laptop at my boyfriend's house. Now I'm home after emailing it to myself and I can't open it. It's due on Wednesday. I will not have it finished in time, I suspect and will have to get that time extension.

Lolly is determined to cough up a hairball on the dining table, no matter how many times we put her back on the floor. I suspect she will wait until I am asleep before she finally coughs it up though.

I had a pretty awesome dream last night. It's quiet lengthy. I'll put it behind a cut to save space.

Sabby occasionally has pretty awesome dreams )
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I'm trying to write an opening post for Sephiroth's introduction to Manhattan and I'm absolutely terrified. Goddammit, why do I have to be such a coward? 

How should I even go about introducing him? Do I have him fall out of thesky or wake up somewhere or what?

Decisions, decisions...

Um...There's a kitty in the garden chasing birdies...Hee! It's cute!.And Raz seems to be having some kind of dream. He's curled up on the sofa but he's twitching like mad... Cats are so cute.


Got distracted for a moment there...

Anyway...yes... Back to productive things. Yes.

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I cme home from Iain's house yesterday to find my brother has had his hair trimmed again, dyed completely black again and wearing a chinese-style dressing gown of our mothers with his pj bottoms.

He looked remarkably like Count D.

Now we just need some proper chinese clothes and an anime convention so he can cosplay in public. XD

Also, Lolly now comes running to me every time I come out of my room or move from the computer. It's so cute! But why does she only play with pink string? It's the only thing she'll touch.

Meanwhile, Raz is now putting all of his colourful, rattle balls back under every peice of furniture.
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So...I'm at a 'sleepover' at Steph's house. Which means her and Adam are playing Wii Sports while I hijack the computer to keep myself awake.

The plan for tonight is to play games, watch anime and then pass out. Everyone seems to be worried about me not being happy about having to share a bed with Steph tonight but really it's not a problem. Okay, so it's not exactly a big bed but I'm skinny enough that we'll both fit. ^_^;;;

But I'm not feeling so good...I may have eaten too much chocolate. *le gasp* I didn't know such a thing was possible! But my stomach is aching uncomfortably so I'm avoiding all food lately. I'm starving, but it hurts to eat so I can't... I'll manage a bit but...meh...

And I keep losing the feeling in my hands and feet. It's strange. >_<

Anyway...tonight is fun. I've played a bit on Steph's new computer. It's got parts Iain would spontaneously orgasm over. XD An HD ready widescreen monitor that is just beautiful. Gears of War looks absolutely amazing on it. 

And Steph's cat are lovely. There's Emmy, who had really sharp claws. And Toby, who also has sharp claws and people kep dumping him on me when his claws are out. It hurts... ;_; And there's skittish little Salem. I've also met the guinea pigs - of as Steph is prone to squeak "ninny nigs". >_> She's an odd girl, but really huggable and adorable. XD I just have to keep giving her random hugs. But at the same time it feels a little awkwards because even though her and Adam have been going out for more than two years now, I don't know her all that well though we are becoming quite good friends. It just...hasn't been long, y'know?

Anyway, the guinea pigs.... The boys and girls are kept separate because none of them are neutered and they're possibly related. >_> They have freakishly long claws and the vet can't cut them until Febuary. You know the bit on the Simpsons when Snowball II walks by on really long claws, clivking on the kitchen floor? They're like that. XD The girls were nice enough. They made slightly worried-sounding squeaking noises but apparently that means they're happy little guinea pigs. *shrugs*

The boys on the other hand... For starters, they stank to high heaven, kept picking fights with each other and making 'lustful' noises at me. Steph picked one of them up and he came on her hand. Ewwww... 

So they were given a quick health check and sent back outside.

But now I'm covered in animal fur - and I'm wearing my new top too. It's really cool. I got it from Pauline as a Christmas present and it's got a purple dragon on the front! There are holes in the shoulders with three chains holding the sleeves up. XD It's possibly the most awesome top ever in existance! Speaking of Christmas presents, I should list this years 'haul' or something, just for something to do.

Something I listed as from Iain's parents may in fact be from Susan and her family but I can't remember. >_< Oh well...

So, all in all, not a bad haul. ^^ All that money is going on manga first chance I get to go to Newcastle. I'm going to take a list and only complete collections from here on out. But I need to complete a lot of collections... Such as...

Fun times

Oct. 15th, 2007 09:31 am
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I was hanging out with my brother and his girlfriend most of the weekend. It was really fun! I'm kinda glad I'm getting to know her better because it's they've been together so long and all I really knew about her was that she had a lot of pets (six cats, three guinea pigs and a horse, I think).

But now I know she's a lot of fun to be with. We had a kinda sleepover party on Saturday night, but we tried to minus the sleep. XD It didn't work. Steph was out after Advent Children, I crawled onto the sofa and passed out about 6:00am and Adam was sleeping by the time I awoke at about 8:30am. I probably would have slept longer but my mtoher doesn't even try to be quiet on a morning. The number of times I've been woken up because of her thumping around the house... Sometimes I wake before her but I always try to be quiet...

Anyway, I hung out with them more on Sunday too. I was supposed to be tidying my room but then they came in to hang out and we ended up throwing bits of paper at each other in a no-holds-barred free-for-all paper war! We even had protective headgear! lol! Well, I had an upside-down tin tied to my head with a ribon, Adam had an old witches hat from a Halloween a few years ago and Steph had a brightly-coloured summer hat from when I was really little. XD It was completely hilarious! And childish! But fabulous! 

We let Spike out of his cage to run around a bit as well and went "catting" - like fishing, but trying to catch cats instead! There's a bamboo pole my mother uses to bang on the ceiling and she tied a mouse on the end of a length of string to it and I was using it to play with the cats. 

So, yes, my weekend was a lot of fun. 

This morning, I tohught I was going to be late for work because I'd missed the bus I was supposed to get. But instead, my dad drives past me on the way to the bus stop and I got a lift in! I arrived early! Despite the fact I'd been running around getting ready and then chasing Raz when he got out! Stupid cat...

But I've had a generally good time. Which is good because last week wasn't that great for me. So now I'm kinda balanced in the good/bad department. Now I need to get back to work!


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