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Well~ Christmas has come and gone and honestly went a lot better than I expected. I managed to head of my gran from her trip upstairs since she was coming to find me. That meant no room inspection. :D

Spent much time just hanging around, talking to people. My aunt stayed longer than expected, which is good ebcause she missed out for the last two years due to health problems. The food was good - my mother really outdid herself this year and my brother wasn't annoying at all.

Presents so far (apparently I have a pile waiting at my boyfriend's house from his family):

Pretty black handbag - will likely never see use but it is pretty nevertheless
Devil May Cry DVD set - omfgsopretty *_* I'm so glad I got my mother into anime now. XD
A new watch - is very pretty and sparkly~
Lizard brooch - I never seem to wear brooches since mostly they seem... old-lady-ish but this one is nice and simple enough that I feel I could wear it often.
Money - about £60 total and will likely go towards buying a Nintendo DS. <3

So all in all, not a bad day. After my gran and aunt left, me and my mother sat down to watch DMC together but by the end of the first disc, I was having trouble staying awake. ^^; Might watch the last two later.

But despite that, I was still up until a bit after midnight playing FF12. I guess I just needed something that would make me think more than staying at the screen does. XD But I'm pretty much through the Nam-Yensa Sandsea now. I was going to go mark-hunting but I'm too weak to go for the lowest ranked mark available at the moment. I can either train up and defeat it or I can get on with the storyline... >.> The FAQ I found reccomends being about level 30 and I'm about level 22-23... I'mma just go play the storyline...
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Hey all~ Yes, I'm sad and don't have enough to do on Christmas day so I'm online. -_-;

Actually, I wanted to come and wish the...uh...probably two people that actually read this journal a Merry Christmas. And anyone else who happens to read it too, of course. I'm in a state that is the closest to actual Christmas spirit for a couple years. I've been having a really good day. A little concerned about Alison but she's always a bit off. Today she was pretty bad though and went home even though she was supposed to stay for dinner. about the list of current haul then? Not too much but I didn't actually ask for any of the things I wanted - they're expensive and I don't want anyone worrying they'll disappoint me.

But how can I be disappointed with three Studio Ghibli films? XD Pom Poko, Grave of the Fireflies and Tales from Earthsea. I watched Pom Poko this morning with my mother. She's still on work time and I couldn't sleep so I got up and we sat and watched it together. It's a wonderful film, cute and thought-provoking at the same time. I must admit, it makes me cry a little though. I hate the thought of the raccoons being forced out of their homes and the beautiful forests being destroyed but humans need a place to live and there just keeps being more of us. >_< It's like our presence is squeezing whatever magic this world had out of it. >_> Too depressing for a happy day like today though.

What else did I get...? Oh. Stephen King books. They should keep me going a little while. Chocolate. A cute little purse and £40.

My mother and gran liked their presents. I gave my mother a pair of earrings I thought she'd like and my gran got an embroidered picture of a woman and the words "Grandmas are just antique little girls". It suits her. ^_^ As long as she remembers - antiques are valuable, not just old.

Dinner was fun. The jokes in the crackers are getting worse however. "What gets wet as it dries?" - "A towel" How is that ever supposed to be funny? But I entered into the spirit enough to wear the paper crown. It's so big my glasses are the only thing keeping it from slipping over my eyes.

Has everyone else had a good day? I hope so. I hear Christmas is supposed to be happy and stuff. Even my gran hasn't made her usual comments about tidying my room or anything I feel compelled to argue with. ^_^ Yeah, today is a really good day.
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So...I'm at a 'sleepover' at Steph's house. Which means her and Adam are playing Wii Sports while I hijack the computer to keep myself awake.

The plan for tonight is to play games, watch anime and then pass out. Everyone seems to be worried about me not being happy about having to share a bed with Steph tonight but really it's not a problem. Okay, so it's not exactly a big bed but I'm skinny enough that we'll both fit. ^_^;;;

But I'm not feeling so good...I may have eaten too much chocolate. *le gasp* I didn't know such a thing was possible! But my stomach is aching uncomfortably so I'm avoiding all food lately. I'm starving, but it hurts to eat so I can't... I'll manage a bit but...meh...

And I keep losing the feeling in my hands and feet. It's strange. >_<

Anyway...tonight is fun. I've played a bit on Steph's new computer. It's got parts Iain would spontaneously orgasm over. XD An HD ready widescreen monitor that is just beautiful. Gears of War looks absolutely amazing on it. 

And Steph's cat are lovely. There's Emmy, who had really sharp claws. And Toby, who also has sharp claws and people kep dumping him on me when his claws are out. It hurts... ;_; And there's skittish little Salem. I've also met the guinea pigs - of as Steph is prone to squeak "ninny nigs". >_> She's an odd girl, but really huggable and adorable. XD I just have to keep giving her random hugs. But at the same time it feels a little awkwards because even though her and Adam have been going out for more than two years now, I don't know her all that well though we are becoming quite good friends. It just...hasn't been long, y'know?

Anyway, the guinea pigs.... The boys and girls are kept separate because none of them are neutered and they're possibly related. >_> They have freakishly long claws and the vet can't cut them until Febuary. You know the bit on the Simpsons when Snowball II walks by on really long claws, clivking on the kitchen floor? They're like that. XD The girls were nice enough. They made slightly worried-sounding squeaking noises but apparently that means they're happy little guinea pigs. *shrugs*

The boys on the other hand... For starters, they stank to high heaven, kept picking fights with each other and making 'lustful' noises at me. Steph picked one of them up and he came on her hand. Ewwww... 

So they were given a quick health check and sent back outside.

But now I'm covered in animal fur - and I'm wearing my new top too. It's really cool. I got it from Pauline as a Christmas present and it's got a purple dragon on the front! There are holes in the shoulders with three chains holding the sleeves up. XD It's possibly the most awesome top ever in existance! Speaking of Christmas presents, I should list this years 'haul' or something, just for something to do.

Something I listed as from Iain's parents may in fact be from Susan and her family but I can't remember. >_< Oh well...

So, all in all, not a bad haul. ^^ All that money is going on manga first chance I get to go to Newcastle. I'm going to take a list and only complete collections from here on out. But I need to complete a lot of collections... Such as...

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So, did everyone have a nice Christmas? Mine wasn't bad. Chocolate, money and KH2.

Then my grandad went into hospital in intensive care with pneumonia.

My uncle had to come up from Wales and he was supposed to come with his family later in January. Now he, Alison, Gran and my mother have all gone to the hospital to meet with the consultant. It's definitley serious stuff if David had to come up from Wales on such short notice.

I'm a little worried. Well, more than a little worried. According to my gran, who remembers stuff like this, my grandad is the same age his father was when he caught pneumonia and died. My gran has a morbid memory. And okay, so I never really liked my grandad Jim all that much. He's chauvanistic and arrogant and thinks he's the best at everything he does. What he doesn't realise is that nobody can read his writing, everyone gets carsick when he drives and I don't understand spanish anymore. But he's family, so I do have a certain amount of love for him.

I'm not feeling too good either. Sore throat, cough, blocked nose and I threw up last night. I have a temperature so my mother won't let me out of th house and I was supposed to got and see Iain. ;_; I wanna see Iain. But I'm going over tomorrow no matter what.

Well, I'm going to go get a drink because I cna't stop coughing. I could rant for ages on KH2 but I won't bore you with "OMG Axel has the prettiest eyes!" and "Atlantica! O_O Singing! And who told Sora that he could dance!?"

But the game is a lot of fun. And Sora makes the CUTEST lion cub I've ever seen.

Anyway...need drink...


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