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  1. I read three books - Looking For Alaska, Paper Towns and Will Grayson Will Grayson. The first two are by John Green, the last by John Green and David Levithan.
  2. Started reading a fourth book - The Complete Sherlock Holmes.
  3. Went to see The Dark Knight Rises at the cinema.
  4. Plenty of drama among co-workers that I will not detail here (though I do make mental notes in case I ever need it or story purposes. Some of the stuff I hear about would make for a very dramatic novel, if I wished to write about real people.)
  5. I decided on a tattoo design. At last. I've been considering it for years but I finally kow what I want now. Ive even been in to the tattoo parlour to see about getting it done. I'll need some oney to make an appointment and more to pay for it when it's done but I knw what I want. <3 I will post a picture when I finally get it done. It'll be my first. I'm bth nervous and excited. Also slightly worried about what my mother will say but once it's done, it's done. I know a lot of people I know arent going to approve but this is something I'm doing for me and other people's opinions do not come into it.
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I'm not sure going out last night was the best thing for my cold. My cough today is much worse than yesterday. But I had fun~ We had a helluva lot to eat in Nando's although I was still hungry somehow when we left - perhaps because that was the only thing I had to eat all day?

And then after that, we went to see RED in the cinema around the corner. It was kinda crowded, since it was the opening night for it. This for some reason surprised my boyfriend and he moaned about it the whole time we were queuing to get in. Dude. Firday night. Awesome film showing for the first time in the cinema. Of course people are going to be there. -_-;;

The film was awesome though. My only problem is that we were stuck in front of a group of idiot boys who talked the whole time, failing to guess at what was going to happen next and misidentifying killing blows. Seriously. It's not that hard to tell the difference between someone who is stabbed in the neck and someone who has their windpipe crushed. The distinct lack of blood pouring out of their neck, for one thing. Good god... -_-;;;

And speaking of the cinema... there is one thing that really bugs me. The seats have numbers, that much I have noticed but... I have yet to see any evidence that the rows have been given letters. So telling me that our seats are K5 and K6 mean nothing when I DO NOT KNOW WHICH ROW IS ROW K. Fucking label them or something. I think people just sit wherever they want but it can make it awkward when I wonder if anyone's gonna come kick me out of my seat or something.
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So I was supposed to get a call earlier to confirm a start date and time for a job I heard about on Friday. I got a call about it on Friday morning and then had to go see a woman from an agency about it - it was an interview but she never called it as such... but I know an interview when I experience one. >.> Then I had to fill out an application form and sort out one or two other details and she said I would get a call today about when I start. If I start.

So I wait all day for the call. Except then I think, "What if they don't call my mobile?" since I was at my boyfriend's house. Even though they managed to contact me in the first place on my mobile, they do also have my home phone number. So I come home this afternoon but I get a call on the way back. Cue relief~ Except that they haven't been able to contact the company I would actually be doing the work for regarding my start date and time. So... though the job was supposed to start on Tuesday, the earliest I will be able to start in Wednesday. I'll get another call from them tomorrow morning if I have the job or not but either way, I still gotta go back to the jobcentre then. >_<

Finished at Gateway to Work now anyway so I don't have to go back there. The team I switched to won the competition too so I got two free cinema tickets~ Used them last night to go see Iron Man 2. Which was fun~~ Though the in-depth conversation about creating new elements afterward was...less than thrilling. >.> And I could have done without the commentary on how hot Scarlett Johansson is too. Even though I agree. But still. Way to make me feel inadequate, dear boyfriend. -_- Naw, it's okay really. XD

Anyway~ I had a totally weird dream last night.

I worked for a private investigator as an assistant when we had a visit from Aziraphale, hiring us to look for Crowley. Crowley had got himself mixed up in some really bad stuff and though he was on Earth still, Aziraphale couldn't find him so that was were we came in. Our trail led us to an abandoned housing estate - except it was not so abandoned as we first thought. The buildings were inhabited by monsters - zombies and necromorphs and more - and we had to fight our way through. Finally, we got through a house and were resting on top of a fire escape after locking thr door behind us. We thought we were able to rest for a bit but no, a helicopter appeared and started shooting at us. I looked around, located a minigun and began shooting back, aiming from the tail propellor. Unfortunately, I couldn't hit it and it flew past the house. I woke up before it came back though. Now I wonder if we found Crowley or if he's still in trouble... ^^;;;
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Maaaaan...I'm bored. XD

So...went out on Thursday to the cinema. We couldn't really decide what to see but since I was hungry and The Happening started later, we went to see that.

So...yeah. We're gonna go  see Wanted next Wednesday to make up for it. I just hope Iain stops going on about Angelina Jolie. I do not need a continuous ramble about how hot she is, kthnxbai.

Hee...and while I'm on the topic of films...I got Sweeney Todd and watched it last night.

I was hoping to watch it with Adam and Steph as well as my mother but I wasn't expecting to. I'm kinda happy they came back too. XD

It's so pretty! But...I'm sure blood splatter should not make me that happy. O.o;

Hmm... Still bored. I sent my application off to Daisychain again with all the modifications. I just wish I didn't have so long to wait for a reply. But then, I did delay uite a while in sending it. Life just in the way. But dammit, RP would give me something to do. My first though...will have to be with Eco-chan. *glompcling* ECO! Promise me I get to RP with you first~! XD


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