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Ah, the weekend~ A time of rest and relaxation and then back to work on Monday which should hopefully mean that things will start getting better.


Except I can't afford to get to work on Monday because I haven't been paid.

My paycheck is about two weeks past due now and I have no idea how much longer it is going to take or why it is taking so long in the first place. I hope my boyfriend has money to lend me else I'm kinda screwed. :/ I did bring work home with me last time but it won't last all week and I certainly can't get home again after his parents get back unless he gives me change.

But there is good news~ My new book, The Quintessential World of Darkness arrived this morning! I can't wait to get started on reading it but I'm still working my way through The Essential World of Darkness. I also need to finish reading The First King of Shannara at some point too.

And at some point, I will need to find the motivation to finish BBS only last time I played, there is a certain battle that is kicking my ass time and time again. >_>

Oh! And I wrote a short fic yesterday while watching Advent Children Complete~

Title: Flight
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Cloud
Rating: G
Genre: Genfic
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.
Warnings: Short.
Summary: The open road is freedom but there's no place like home.

To the fic
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Uh... y'know how I was doing NaNo and all and then fell behind...?

This is what I did instead of catching up.

Title: The Morning After
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII/Alternate Universe 
Characters: Sephiroth, Cloud,
Rating: PG-13ish
Genre: romance, fluff, sorta angsty a bit I guess.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.
Warnings: Mentions of sex and alcohol.
Summary: Cloud POV. After getting really drunk at a club, Cloud wakes up next to a complete stranger.
Words: 2630

The Morning After )
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My boyfriend has surprised me this weekend by allowing me to use his computer. But I suppose it means he does not have to allow me to use his 360. *sigh* I want to play The Last Remnant but until he lets me on, I can't. I got all the way up to exploring the Numor Mines with Emma last time I played but I forgot to save and took on more enemies than I could handle, only to find my last save game was in the catacombs. I'd like to get past that part now and get on with a few sidequests before heading back to Athlum and continuing the story...or I could just rush through it because I really do want to play Emma somewhere.

Anyway~ Due to my sudden;y having computer access, I've come off my hiatus at [info]daisychainrpg and have managed to catch up with most if not all of Sephiroth's tags - I'm still debating whether it is worth responding to a few journal comments but I believe all log posts have been responded to. I have also managed to intro Tas earlier than expected. Albel is all caught up in Ragnarok - although he only had a couple journal comments.

Since I do suddenly have some time to RP on my hands, I have also put down a reservation for [info]piecesofworlds for Sephiroth. I figure I've got enough time on my hands to manage it. It's not actually active yet, due to lack of players, but I like the concept behind it. Seph, when I finish his app, will be taken from Nibelhiem, just before he actually gets to read about the Jenova Project so he won't have actually gone crazy.

There are a number of other games I'd like to play at but I'll likely overload myself if I app at them all. Besides, I'm not even sure who I'd play. There are a number of characters I am interested in playing, not just Sephiroth. I just need to do canon reviews or finish the game before I app anyone. >_> Unless I attempt to app one of my OCs? I do have a few, some I've had for years that have had quite a lot of time to develop in my head. But they might just annoy people.

Goddess knows they annoy the crap outta me...

Anyway, I gotta be getting on with apps now. I'm still working on Cloud's app for
[info]ragnarokrpg  as well as Seph's app for [community profile] piecesofworlds

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I have given in to temptation and reserved Tasslehoff at Daisychain once again. I'm going to reread a few DragonLance books and avoid the film like the plague to get his character back. Shouldn't be too hard. I managed it last time.

I am, of course, also working on the Cloud app for Ragnarok. It may take a while. >_> I just hope I can manage four characters on my current schedule. Oh well, there's nothing I can do but try.

And also save for a laptop. Steph has recommended I get go to the 3 store and get one of their contract phones so I can get a free laptop plus dongle thing so I can access the internet everywhere. I may just do that for £20 a month. I am continually being told I am in need of a new phone anyway, although I am not sure why. The one I have works just fine. I can send and recieve calls and texts. What more does a person need?

Anyway. Had work training this week. They altered my jobsearch day though from Monday to Wednesday. That means I did not get as much work experience as I could have had. Especially since Thursday became a half-day. The tutors and people all went off to South Shields for some reason so I got sent home at about 1pm.

I've been on the phones, mostly. Normally, that would be my worst nightmare but the phone doesn't ring often really and most things are easy to deal with. Just JobCentre advisers ringing to book interviews and start dates for clients. I've also had to doa little photocopying and filing, nothing big but it's better than sitting at the desk, bored out of my mind for hours. I've taken to writing between calls but I ran out of paper. I did kind of write a mock app for Cloud while I was bored though. >_> He's not happy with it. XD
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So...I decided to play - or try to, anyway - Cloud over at [info]ragnarokrpg but then I kinda remembered I need to reviewthe original game canon. I got the disc working for a bit this morning to now I can get through Mount Nibel, which is awesome. Except that Cloud kinda got slaughtered by a dragon and Aeris refused to target him for Pheonix Down use so then the dragon killed her and Vincent while I was trying to revive Cloud. >_> Which sucks. He's the idiot with the Revive materia. >_<

And~ I got the University expansion for Sims 2 so now they can have an extra life stage - Young Adult. I've created more of Organization XIII as YAs but the Org coats are YA compatible so they're mostly dressed in various goth outfits. Might change that later but I just wanted to get them done quickly and get them moved into the dorms. I sorta wanna play again but I have to tag at some point today. I should have tagged on Friday, I know


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Title: Come Here Often?
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII/Crisis Core
Characters: Zack, Cloud
Rating: G
Genre: Romance, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.
Warnings: Fluff, fluff and more fluff. And maybe a little angst on Cloud's part.
Summary: Cloud's secret hiding place isn't so secret after all.

Hey baby. )
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It seems nothing wants me to tag back on Daisychain. >_< Last Wednesday, just before I got kicked off the computer, the internet crashed and I lost all the posts I'd typed up. I work on them all at once, y'see. It takes me a while but I have zero attention span so I bounce from one to another to YouTube, then and back again.

Then, just as I was typing a reply to Cloud - poof - computer shuts down. Overheated. I've only just managed to get back on. Gonna have to be careful now though. I'm gonna type everything in word and save it every thirty seconds in case the same thing happens again. >_> I'm not taking any chances!
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Alrighty. Should be going out but I wanted to tag everything I owed first. I'm finally caught up. The muses are reawakening, just when I gotta go for a few days. -_-;

My mother seems kinda pissed with me. Not sure why. *shrugs* But I'm outta here for a while so she's got time to calm down. She's going out now anyway.

I have to tidy up before I can go out now. I need to find my keys really badly. They're nowhere to be found though.

I did want to finish typing up a story before I left but I don't have time anymore. I'm just finishing up on the computer and then I'll be gone.

I'm hoping Cloud and Sephiroth's fight is gonna be awesome but fight scenes are not my strong point. -_- And Akira's gone. ;_; I'll have to make a post after Sephiroth finds out, I think. As much as he'll deny it, he's gonna miss her. >_>

Yeah. Better get to that now. XD Then I can get one with my chores.

Oh. And I missed my appointment at the jobcentre yesterday morning. Augh! I'm such an idiot! I know I wasn't actually feeling well the night before but Elaine is never going to believe me. *cries* I know there'll be repercussions. I'll have to phone on Monday and hope everything works out.

And I better get to use the computer at my boyfriend's house this time. He kept saying I could use it. I really need to. I need to update my CV and print it out and stuff. I can't do it here because this computer sucks. The G2W people gave me my CV and stuff on a CD but the disc drive here is broken. It's always been a bit dodgy. It won't open without a disc already in there. First time we got it, we had to pry it open with a knife. But that doesn't work now. It's just...stuck. And makes odd noises when I turn the computer on.


I'm...not really gonna have a good week, I think. ;_;
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I totally forgot...I had another DC-themed dream. XD Bringing my total up to...three. O.o

In this one, I was messing around on a laptop, checking the DC journals and replying as Sephiroth...until Sephiroth came back to do it himself. o.O And he brought me coffee. <3 My love for Seph just increased because of that, even if it was a dream. *laughs*

...Wish someone would reply already. >_< Man... I hate the wait.

But I love screwing with Cloud. XD Cloud's all 'Leave Zack alone!' and Seph is all 'Mockmockmocketymock' while having no actual desire to go out and find Zack or confront Cloud. >_> Seph has...other plans. *cackles*
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Title: To Dream a Dream of You
Rating: 12A/T/Whatever. >_>
Characters/Pairing: Sephiroth, Cloud.
Don't own, never will.
Warnings: A bit...odd. Strange stuff. A bit of swearing too.
Comments: Partially inspired by a conversation with Cloud-mun. Sephiroth is so much fun to write. *grins*


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