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Today is not really a good day. My boyfriend made himself ill last night and he's sleeping it off today. I hope he can sleep through the night too or his shift at work on Monday morning is going to be hell. I'm not letting him skip it either. He's already got a cold but he did not have to drink so much...

He also apparently did and said some really stupid things to his oldest friend. >.< I'll make sure they make up later - properly and sincerely, because my boyfriend saying stupid things while drunk is no reason to break up a 20+ year friendship.

And now all I want to do is play Final Fantasy 13 some more but I can't because it might wake my boyfriend. I have commentaries though. Lots of goddamn commentaries. Since I have nothing much else to do (something like...two tags or something. >.>), here you go.

When I last left off, I was in the middle of Lake Bresha still. This goes on until I reach the Whitewoods.

This game keeps leaving me breathless )

Now...I really should go do the few tags I need. Then... maybe play some BBS. I've been neglecting that game too much in faour of RP and FF13.
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More commentaries~ Because I was bored.

First up, some more FF13, from in the middle of the Pulse Vestige to Lake Bresha.
This game confuses me so much. The pretty distracts me from the story. )
Time for a break~

Working on BBs commentaries now. Eco's convinced me to go through Ventus's story first. <3 No doubt I shall be spamming up flists with that later.
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Eco wished for commentaries on my playthrough of BBS. Since I have no will of my own... I spam your flists once again with videogame nonsense. :D

First playthrough, Standard Mode
All your fault, Eco. <3 )
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Apparently getting my hopes up that a text message letting me know what time my boyfriend will be back means he has not left his keys is not a good idea. Have searched high and low for them now and still cannot find them.

If he doens't have them, we're kinda fucked if we can't get them back by Saturday.

Spammin' your flists because I can. Be grateful for the cuts. <3 )


ffff Bored now. More tomorrow.
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Slight change to my plan. I can't go out and get BBS and ACC since I can't find the front door key. I can only hope my boyfriend took it with him...

Instead, I shall be playing FF13. Have some random game commentary as I play. <3 Everything is written pretty much as I experience it.
This can all be blamed on Eco. <3 )

Aaaand that's all for now. I'm going out. Yet another change of plans. Wonderful. >.> Getting sick of the inconsistency though. And also my sudden inability to type... *just had to rewrite the last couple sentences three times*

- I am loving this game so far.
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Five minutes or less since I posted the last entry and now I'm starting this..? Well, I can't help myself. I blame this bit entirely on Eco. <3

White Knight Chronicles commentaries and reactions~ Because I need something like this to keep me playing it or I'll end up sp goddamn bored.
Don't expect me to make sense )


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