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Update on the computer crisis -

Bad news: The software that I got that is supposed to fix my problems does not work. I shall be writing a complaint out later.

Good news: I found a spare keyboard with a PS/2 connection which means I no longer have to use the on-screen keyboard. I shall no longer have to take a hiatus from everything ever and fixing my computer may be easier now.

Unfortunately, I'm still fucking pissed about this whole thing. And this keyboard is filthy. I shall have to clean it later.


Nov. 23rd, 2010 04:24 pm
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My computer fucked up again. Started with it not recogniing my ipod. Now none of the usb drivers work so no usb devices work, including my keyboard. I'm using the on-screen keyboard to type this and it is fucking up my wrist already.

I have found software that is supposed th help only it doesn't work yet. Going to give it more time to connect to the server or whatever but if I can't fix this by tomorrow, I'm taking a hiatus from everything until I either fix it or I get a new computer, however long that takes.
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I finally got my problems with Firefox all sorted out, but at a price. I've lost all my links. I couldn't find a way to save them. I do remember a few of the webcomics I was reading and some of the pages I visit regularly but everything else is gone. ;-; That includes every link I saved for references, inspiration and every page of LJ icons I saved.

Though now I have the chance to rebuild that all from scratch, with better organisation.


Anway, despite the fact that Firefox seems to update pretty much automatically and I uninstalled/reinstalled the latest version of it from Mozilla at least twice, I was still getting messages tolling me I was using an outdated browser. So I checked on the 'Help' drop down. That tells me I'm using the latest version. Cue confusion. I went to check out the Mozilla forum to see if anyone else had had a similar problem but no luck. :/ I went to post my own message and when it said that Mozilla had made an 'educated guess' about what I was using, I had a look.

It told me I was using Firefox 2.0 or some shit.


But... if that's the problem, then why has my reinstalling from the latest download not worked?

So... I uninstalled everything, deleted every file I found relating to Firefox and then downloaded and reinstalled again.

Now it works properly, Youtube no longer bitches I'm using the wrong version and I've lost all my bookmarks.

And then?

iTunes popped up with a message about needing to be reinstalled.

What the fuck.

Today is not my day really.

I have a stomachache now... I hope I'm not getting sick. I'm going out tomorrow night... ;-;
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Guess what~

The package that arrived yesterday was in fact my new little laptop notebook thing. It is incredibly basic and simple. I am tempted to name it Cloud...

It has internet though and typing but it can't seem to be able to handle documents as long as my full NaNo novel - that's about 40+ pages. I've had to divide it all into rough chapters. Haveop06.n't spell checked them though and I might merge a couple together when it comes to posting them.

The story has been moving at a steady pace though. There are pieces of it that are pure filler until I can think of the next scene I want to write, At the moment, I need to gloss over the brainwashing bit to get to the more exciting parts - missions, battles, killing and all that fun stuff.

Wish I could play my soundtrack though, Might see what I can find on YouTube. If that works on this little notebook thing. Everything is a little squished on this small screen - only seven inches. o.o I know I say size doesn't matter but I'm torn between loving the fact that this can fit into my handbag and weighs so little and hating that it is so tiny.

But I have internet capabilities and it has a little application that lets me use any IM program. I've already set it up with my AIM but I have yet to see if it actually works. I don't have anything like a 'start' bar on the bottom of my screen so unless the sounds work - and I don't know if they do - I might have no idea if I have any messages.

Well, I think that is enough procrastinating~ I should get back to work. I need a total of 20k words by tonight and it's going to be a pain to seeif I have reached it or not. I suppose I could wait until Monday to transfer everything to my computer and check then but it will bug me until then.

At least I think I could post things earlier than that... but I make no promises...
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My computer can't seem to make up it's mind about whether it's connected to the internet or not today. One one hand, it tells me the connection is there. On the other, it won't let me actually do anything that requires a connection most of the time. That means it keeps signing me out of AIM and I can't use Livejournal much. Perhaps this is a hint that I should dig out my Naruto discs and resume watching so I can catch up with my boyfriend on Naruto Shippuden...? But it is long and I don't have all that many episodes.

Bah. I'll watch anyway. But I'll stay connected to the internet for as long as it lets me.

In other, happier news, I have new glasses. They are red and apparently make me look like a journalist. XD I wish I had a camera to post a picture.

I also bought a couple new games on Saturday. Two were for my boyfriend - some gangster thing and the X Men Origins game, which is, quite frankly, awesome to watch. For myself, I got Baroque. I did not realise at first that it is the game Doctor Angelicus is from - that weird-looking character that I've seen about on Daisychain. XD The game itself is quite excellent, even if I have no idea what the fuck is going on. I've battled my way to the bottom of the Neuro Tower three times now. What the goddamn hell am I supposed to do down there? I shot the Absolute God, then I didn't shoot her and then I tried shooting her again and...the same stuff happens. o.o So..yeah. Confusion reigns supreme there. And who or what is the main character? And that Archangel dude seems shifty to me. But it's fascinating all the same. 

I...sorta want to make an RP based on it. But I have no ideas about any kind of plot other than "Post apocalypse, multi-fandom characters arrive, stuff happens". >_>

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Whew... Had a brief scare earlier.

I got a little notice about new updates for the computer so I installed them and restarted like it asked...but then it didn't get past the first loading screen. O_O Reset a couple times, still nothing.

So I fetched Adam and Steph to see if they knew what to do - then phoned her dad since they had no clue. He mentioned something on the inside we'd have to prod but we couldn't find it. We took it upstairs to have a better look, opened it up and stuff. Couldn't find it at all but when we tested it out again up there, it worked. O.o Dunno what we did but it worked. So we switched it off, switched over the RAM so this computer works faster now (which is better) and I'm now free to get back online. >_<

But the computer upstairs doesn't work so I may or may not have lost all my stories up there. Fuck.

I've got so much to rewrite.

Not including the door thingy.

Nightwind wanted a new character put in and I can come up with a vague design that is NOT ME. >_< He said something about the new girl being me or being like me. She wears glasses, plays videogames a lot andruns away from bullies a lot too. I can also see where she fits in and stuff. But like hell can I find a name.

OI NIGHTWIND! Whenever you see this, can you tell me more what you wanted for her? Also, I've been playing around on and coming up with character designs to start off with. I want to show you them and then find little ways of changing them.

Anyway...Now I'm off to check emails again, start writing stories again and try to continue that database thing. >_<
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Oh  my god... I really do love Adam and Steph now. They fixed the upstairs computer. All my anime, all my stories...all saved. XD

Turned out to be a problem with the graphics card - it was really dirty. O.o But I probably do need to replace it. Steph says when she replaces hers, I can have her old one so yay~

However, I seem to have forfeited my sound in order to use the computer but that's not a huge deal really. Sure, the speakers are quiet down here but if I wait until night when all is quiet, I can bring my anime down and watch it here. ^_^

Also...if I don't app. Genesis for DC, I'll probably end up with Star Ocean's Albel Nox. XD He's so much fun and DC needs more violent, borderline evil bastards. *cackles* Yeah, Albel would be fun. 

Hmm...or one of the girls from TWEWY. I've also added Rhyme and Shiki to the possible characters list. >_> But they're so nice...
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 It's far too fucking hot today. The computer's shut itself off three goddamn times because of the heat. To top it off...I keep expecting to hear planes from the airshow but there are none. I wondered why and then I registered the sound of the foghorn so I guess that even though it's a lovely, bright sunny day, there's still fog out at sea and somehow that stops people seeing the planes flying above their heads. I'm not complaining about that, I fucking hate the airshow - too noisy, too many people. I like Whitburn when it's quiet and peaceful. Thank god the airshow only comes once a year and lasts for only one weekend. Still, traffic will be pretty awful on Monday when all the stalls and stuff go back wherever they came from. 

I did have a mild panic the first time the computer turned off. I was in the middle of tagging the Seph-Anise thread when it happened. Imagine my joy when I found the computer actually saved my words. Firefox, I love you. XD ...Now I'm just waiting for a reply. I've tagged twice today, so I'm happy. Seph needs MOAR ACTION~! MOAR, I TELLS YA! >_>

So...I've been watching Buffy while I wait for the computer to cool down. I've started on season six, since I want to watch the musical but I only finished the first four episodes so far. I reminds me of how much I <3 Andrew in all his dorky, geeky glory. XD He's far better than Warren or Jonathon. 

Anyway, the computer works again for now so I'm making thi quick post with three windows and the conservatory door open. It's now nice and cool in here, especially since the sun has passed over the other side of the house now. I still feel a bit hot though and I'm hoping the computer doesn't shut down again in a hurry. >_<
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It started this morning. I was about to start working on my cover letter after leaving a quick note for Lucrecia-mun and replying to a few people in Daisychain.

And the keyboard stops working.


Completely out of the blue.

I tried restarting the machine. It wouldn't close down on it's own. I had to hold the power button and then it wouldn't turn back on again. Probably too warm - no biggie. I can go upstairs and work on it.

Or so I think.

There I am, typing away, mere seconds from adding "Yours sincerely" to the end when the computer restarts itself. Fine. I can always run the document recover thing and get it back, I think. But has other ideas. I get a blue screen telling me that it needs to run a consistency check - fine, no problem, I'll go get a drink while I'm waitnig and see if the downstairs computer will work yet. It won't, I return upstairs to fine the monitor displaying a blank blue screen and not apparently doing anything. I give it a few minutes but since nothing seems to be working, I try to turn it off. Then I turn it back on again - and nothing. Nothing shows up on the monitor, it doens't do the little "beep" it always does after I've just turned it on and I can't do a thing.

Part of me hopes it may just be a problem with the monitor but a bigger part of me gets the feeling my computer is utterly fucked. I'm going to try to wait until my mother gets home so she can help me try swapping the monitors or something.

Anyway, downstairs computer works again so I've been able to finish my cover letter. I'm wary of downloading more anti-virus/anti-spyware/firewall stuff for Iain though as I think that's what started this mess. I'm running a virus scan now, then I'm going to do and anti-spyware thing and hopefully that will sort it out. In the meantime, I just have to pray nothing goes wrong with this computer.

I hope I can get it sorted before Iain calls, because then I might just leave the other computer until Friday or Saturday. And hopefully this won't affect my time on Daisychain. I just got started. I'd hate to have to declare a haitus this soon because the computer fucked up.

Anyway, I'm not going anywhere for the next few hours regardless of whether Iain calls or not.

And...stupid mun is stupid. >_< Forgot to log out of darkleporidae before replying to a post on godamongmortals.

I need more coffee.


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