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I put [info]regenesisrpg on RPS. Not sure if that was the best of ideas but Regenesis doesn't seem to have generated much interest in other places I've put ads up. Maybe I need to find more. I know I didn't post everywhere I could have... Bah. I'm just being impatient. Perhaps I set the opening date too close? October 5th, people! OCTOBER 5TH. Also I'm altering part of the FAQ regarding character death.


Giving the Endgame one last shot with an FFVII meet-up thread. Including Eve, since she's tagging along with Seph. Who knew the guy liked kids? XD Well, he likes quiet, obedient kids.

Looks like out washer/dryer is going to be fixed soon too. British Gas sent a man round to fix it a couple weeks ago. He said he'd order the part and be back the next Wednesday. Couple days before he's due, he phones up and says he can't get the part on time and someone else will come round with it when it arrives because he's going on holiday. Guy comes round, doesn't have the part and claims they can't get it. He clearly doesn't want to be doing this anyway.

Next thing, British Gas phones up and says they can't get the part and we can either have a voucher for Curry's to get a new one or our money back. My mother says she'll think about it and goes online to check some stuff out. Turns out the manufactuer for our pasher/dryer keeps parts on hand for old models for ten years after they stop making them. Our model is six years old. Can't get the part, my arse. -_-

My mother, not pleased with the way this is going, emails the manufacturing company and gets a reply saying that yes, they do have the parts we need in stock. Hurray! So she then emails British Gas to complain about the way we are being treated. This morning we get a call from them saying that they can get the part and a guy will be round on Friday to fix it. XD Meaning we no longer have to fork out £400 for a new washer/dryer after all.

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Once upon a time, Sabby ended up being talked into joining a roleplay. Her first on LJ, since the last forum-based game she was in died. She sucked at that anyway. But Sabby was better now, and trying very hard. She liked this new game and had a lot of fun playing. There were ups and downs, of course, but overall it was very enjoyable.

Then the Endgame came. At first, Sabby was excited to be a part of it. But then everything got so big and confusing. It seemed like people were splitting off into their own groups and Sabby, never incredibly social and not playing the most social of characters, started feeling left out. And the feeling was getting worse and worse...and it still is.

I refuse to drop out so close to the end. I want to see this through to the very last. But...I'm not really enjoying it anymore. It's becoming too stressful. I can't even think of tagging the one thread on Day One I still have going with Sephiroth. I'm faring no better with Tasslehoff either. logs elsewhere... The thing with Vincent and Seph in the musebox is a lot more fun. And I'm getting Seph started on his little plot thing in [info]piecesofworlds - which I need to tag back. [info]regenesisrpg needs a little more interest though. I got an email from someone about it and responded but nothing else. Still, it's early days yet and I need to exercise a little patience.

And...the little...AIM RP that's sprung up with Arwen and Tana. o.o I swear, I cannot control Sephiroth at all. I'm just his typing monkey. None of it was ever planned - at least in my mind - but it still works. And...speaking of this little RP, here's a very short fic I'm dedicating to Arwen, since she helped to inspire it. >_>

A little background info for anyone reading this who doesn't know - Seph has a bit of a crush on Rinoa. With Genesis' help, they've managed to get further than simply being friends but it's still at beginning stages. Sephiroth is still getting used to dealing with emotions and he and Rinoa are still learning about each other. It's so sweet sometimes, I'm getting cavities.

Title: Preparation
Characters/Pairing: Sephiroth/Rinoa
Disclaimer: Don't own these characters, never will. Except for my Sephiroth Play Arts figure. <3
Warnings: Fluff of the hetero kind. And it might not make complete sense. >_>
Summary: Sephiroth recieves some unexpected news~


Preparation )
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So...yesterday was randomly miserable. Completely miserable. I burst into tears for no reason I can think of at one point. >_> Right before dinner too, where I had to sit with my boyfriend's family and hope they didn't mention my eyes looking a little red.

I'm happier today though. I'm blaming all yesterday on hormones and a distincts lack of chocolate.

I've given up trying to keep track of Daisychain. >_> I still need to get Tasslehoff involved but I guess he'll have to wait a couple hours.

Also. I had a dream. Sephiroth, Genesis and random vikings! Hell yeah! XD Just wish I didn't keep waking up during it.

Anyway. Finally getting Seph's plot started in[info]piecesofworlds. Slowly. I'm building up to the main part. <3 And then after that... Regenesis. >3

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dskl;fjaj;k;aslkdjf They extended Day Two by another two days~ I am so frickin' relieved it's not funny. *flails* Since I haven't gotten either character involved in Day 2 yet. I think I need Eve to tag back on Day One. If that's not done by the time I get back, I'll give the mun a nudge. I want to get Seph's telepathy post done soon without backdating it too much.

I still haven't put Tas in Day 2 but I will do before I go - want to get him healed then he can do whatever.

Got to get my little plot going on Pieces too. >_>

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Been getting some Endgame plotting going on~ Whoo! But I still have to contact Shiki-mun and see if we can expect Shiki at some point. I also have plans to get Seph and Eve on to the other ship with Cloud and Zack. Going to poke Gen-mun at some point for Arwen too and see if she's taking part in the endgame.

*bounces with excitment*

It's making my head spin, all this activity and plotting and everything. It's stressful but I'm also finding it somewhat fun too.

Still...I think I'm be quite relieved when it's all over and the madness is over.

Now...gonna go figure out more stuff for Tas to do while I wait for responses to him. And tag with Seph too.
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...That is all.

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Why is it so hard to tag lately? Sephiroth's responses are there in my head but it's all...wordless emotion and expressions and I can't find the words to adequately communicate it all.

And don't even get me started on Tas. Bloody kender. -_-

I'm starting to look forward to next week but...

I need to hear back from my boyfriend rather urgently. It is edging ever closer to Friday and I would like to know whether I'm staying at his sister's to help look after the kids this weekend or not. He said he would phone her and ask and then phone me but my last missed call off him was before I even reminded him to ask. So...he's forgotten again. I guess I should call him but it's too late now. He won't be in bed but his parents will and I'll have to call the house phone - Iain talks too much for me to use the landline to call his mobile and I have no credit on mine. It will simply have to wait until tomorrow or Friday. I assume he will call on Friday. He's been busy with Gateway to Work in Pallion this week and next so I don't know what time I'd have to go over his.

Of course, I might just be flailing over nothing because he'll forget to ask until it's too late and I can't. Because his sister really should have more warning than a day - or, worst case scenario, me just turning up on the doorstep - which I wouldn't do anyway. Yes, I'm welcome round there but I don't want to impose.

Anyway. Probably time I thought about going to bed. I've been so tired lately and I have work in the morning.

Can't quite believe I finish on Friday. Amy completed my leaving paperwork yesterday. Guess they can't wait to be rid of me. XD Not really though. She asked Darren how I've been doing and he had nothing but nice stuff to say - reliable, trustworthy, gets the job done and doesn't have to be told twice, gained a lot of confidence - but I'm still quiet. It's not a bad thing because I speak up when I need to and it's just part of who I am.


There's been another girl helping out these last couple weeks. I had thought that she might be my 'replacement'. But she has a placement interview tomorrow elsewhere and the other woman who might be helping out has an interview on Friday for a job. So they might be left without all help from Friday onwards. >_> I feel a bit bad. Even with help from me and anyone else on placement, the admins are really rushed off their feet, always busy and always pestered for everything. But I guess there will be new help soon. I hope some new people are sourced for placements there - before Friday. I would help train them up in what to do. I was going to do that with Danielle but she might be going somewhere else now so... *shrugs*

...Damn it, I want a proper job.
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*whimpers* V-vincent... ;_;

God...everything seems now.

Vincent is dying. Dead. Daisychain is ending. My work placement is endng. I just...gods. I don't know.
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So...I felt mostly alright this morning. Still a bit woozy and lethargic. If my mother wasn't home, I'd have attempted to go to work and gotten sent home by now. So I had breakfast, went back upstairs to play some KH2 - I know, I know, I should have played P4 but I wanted some Soratiems~

Headache started getting worse. Turned it off just after beating Jafar and decided to make my headache worse by coming on the computer. <3

[ profile] piecesofworlds  opens today so I've made my first post there. I already had it written so no worries about "thinking ICly gives me headaches!". I should probably come off hiatus at DC and reply to posts in Ragnarok but~ still taking it easy today.

The game I mentioned in my last post? Still working out the kinks there. Arwen helped with the FAQ last night, coming up with some questions I'd not thought of and helping me decide what the answers should sometimes but I'd appreciate any other help. this space? XD

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I posted the app for Sephiroth at [ profile] piecesofworlds .

I guess that means I should finally get around to adding icons to his other journal.

Um. What was the username again..?

Anyway, it will have to wait until later. I am off to bed.

I'll tag back the three tags I currently have left in the morning. If I have time. I might not. Might get one done and then think about the rest for the rest of the day. ...This journal post is acting strange. I suddenly remember why I prefer updating my journal in Firefox but I don't want to log out of Sephiroth's journal on DC at the moment so I'm using Internet Explorer. *hisses* Evil thing. I hate it but it suits for tagging with my less acitve characters like Tasslehoff and Albel. I must admit though, that despite my infrequent posting with Albel, he is a strong muse. Tasslehoff is somewhat weaker but no less enjoyable. But now that I have canonmates with him, I fear doing the wrong thing more than before. I will not be put off this time though, I swear. I'll keep the little guy until the end. He'll not get killed off though. Reading his canon death broke my heart enough without having to write another version myself. Besides. What can top getting stomped on by Chaos? Although a decidedly less pretty version than the one Vincent turns into. XD

Anyway. I'm off to bed. Goodnight, all, whatever time zone you are in. <3

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It is pouring with rain outside. I've been to work and come back to get my stuff to go to Iain's but I don't think I want to  go. I'll get soaked on my way to the bus stop, dry out a little on the bus and then be soaked through by the time I get to his from the bus station. My cold will no doubt get worse - hell, it probably will anyway after the brief time I've been outside today already. I should call him and explain rather than wait for him to call me but I'll wait until I've finished the couple tags I owe for Sephiroth. Then afterwards, presuming he doesn't make me feel guilty enough to go outside, I'll do Tasslehoff and Albel.

Most of my stuff is ready to go though, so whenever the rain lets up, I'll go out. Whether that is tomorrow or today though, I don't know. I heard it won't stop until tomorrow. But I think I have a party thing to go to tomorrow or it might be next Saturday. Some family gatherng for one of my boyfriend's neices where I get to stand awkwardly in the corner and resist the urge to throw all the noisy toys into the road outside.

Work wasn't too bad while I was there. I just sorted out the timesheets in my own little corner, which took all four hours I was there. -_- Not the most exciting four hoursof my life, I must admit. But the conversations around me were quite entertaining. ^^; And they keep getting my name wrong. >_> I'm not Amy.

Of course, when they finally do get my name right, I'm going to change it to Sally. XD

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My boyfriend has surprised me this weekend by allowing me to use his computer. But I suppose it means he does not have to allow me to use his 360. *sigh* I want to play The Last Remnant but until he lets me on, I can't. I got all the way up to exploring the Numor Mines with Emma last time I played but I forgot to save and took on more enemies than I could handle, only to find my last save game was in the catacombs. I'd like to get past that part now and get on with a few sidequests before heading back to Athlum and continuing the story...or I could just rush through it because I really do want to play Emma somewhere.

Anyway~ Due to my sudden;y having computer access, I've come off my hiatus at [info]daisychainrpg and have managed to catch up with most if not all of Sephiroth's tags - I'm still debating whether it is worth responding to a few journal comments but I believe all log posts have been responded to. I have also managed to intro Tas earlier than expected. Albel is all caught up in Ragnarok - although he only had a couple journal comments.

Since I do suddenly have some time to RP on my hands, I have also put down a reservation for [info]piecesofworlds for Sephiroth. I figure I've got enough time on my hands to manage it. It's not actually active yet, due to lack of players, but I like the concept behind it. Seph, when I finish his app, will be taken from Nibelhiem, just before he actually gets to read about the Jenova Project so he won't have actually gone crazy.

There are a number of other games I'd like to play at but I'll likely overload myself if I app at them all. Besides, I'm not even sure who I'd play. There are a number of characters I am interested in playing, not just Sephiroth. I just need to do canon reviews or finish the game before I app anyone. >_> Unless I attempt to app one of my OCs? I do have a few, some I've had for years that have had quite a lot of time to develop in my head. But they might just annoy people.

Goddess knows they annoy the crap outta me...

Anyway, I gotta be getting on with apps now. I'm still working on Cloud's app for
[info]ragnarokrpg  as well as Seph's app for [community profile] piecesofworlds

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I've sent in Tasslehoff's app. really freaking nervous, even though he got accepted last time. I've altered the app though. What if I made it worse? I just..changed a bit of the personality section and shortened the history bit, since that seemed a bit long for what they wanted. I reused the old samples though. I hope that's okay.

Anyway. I'm gonna go work on Cloud's app for Ragnarok now.

And yes, I should be working on job applications. The deadline is Monday! What the hell am I RPing for?!


But it's so hot. I don't feel like working on serious stuff.
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Next app period for DC is the last. I absolutely have to get Tas's app in on time now. And I'm over a week late for Cloud's app for Ragnarok. *flails*ECO I'M SO SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!

Andandandand I have workstuffs, which is...nice. Ish. But...It takes me away from...everything. And all I hear from my boyfriend is a promise that his first paycheck will go on my laptop but I won't get it until August at the earliest. GUESS WHEN MY TEMPORARY PLACEMENT ENDS.

Yeah. That's right. August.

So by the time he gets my laptop, it won't matter anymore because I'll be home all the friggin' time.

Except I'm gonna have to sort out times to go over to his parent's place to get his post and visit his sister. I'm apparently not allowed to drift away from them. XD She insists. I don't want to drift away from them either. I enjoy going over there most days, when the kids are quiet or at school. >_> No, really. I love 'em. I just...don't understand them and their values. They're very materialistic, even though they can't really afford to be. Just a couple of weeks ago, Aiden got a new phone, simply because he wanted access to Bluetooth. He's eight freaking years old. He has no need for a mobile phone! But his parents relented. And I was never like that. My mother calls it our 'built-in anti-chav gene'.

Andandand...augh. Monday. Don't come. Please. It's gonna be so...AAAAAAUUUUUGH. I have lots of paperwork to sort out. Alright, so the first part should only take about...fifteen minutes, max. Just putting it into two piles. Not hard. The next bit is more complicated because I have to sort everything into three piles and then by date and then file them away in the right place. Last time I did that, one file I had to get was in the cellar. IT IS FUCKING CREEPY IN THE CELLAR. I NEVER WANT TO GO DOWN THERE AGAIN.



I have to tag. I must tag before the end of the day. I don't want to hold people up. Alright, so I'm kinda...hiatused because of the christening next Sunday. I don't know if I'm looking forward to that or not. Boring church service? Definitely not? But the twins are adorable. I've seen their outfits already and they're going to look so beautiful. <333333 And...there will be a party afterwards, I think. Food, anyway. I'll have to be social. So many conflicting feelings! Do I want to go or not? Well, it's too late anyway, because I already said we'd go and I have a dress and everything sorted out. I can't get out of it now. Even if I said I didn't want to go back in May, I'd still have to anyway. It's of those things I have to do.

Speaking of things I have to do, I have to find the time to go to the bank on Monday too. I've been unable to afford lunch most of this week (even made myself ill on Wednesday because of it. Well, I was ill anyway. The lack of food just made it worse.) because the Jobcentre didn't put my money in my account. Instead, they sent me a giro. Well, two, really. Total comes to over £100 but that doesn't matter because I wasn't even home to get it. So I've been unable to eat because of that plus I can't actually afford to get into town on Monday either. That means I can't afford to get to work or the bank. >_< Kinda a Catch 22 right there. I need to borrow money off my mother but she doesn't have enough for herself either. Basically. I'm screwed. Unless I walk, which will take me more than an hour. -_- Basically...I'm screwed.

Andandand...I need something to cheer myself up with now. Brownies, coffee and fanfiction. Gonna have to sneak past the cat though... >_>
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I have given in to temptation and reserved Tasslehoff at Daisychain once again. I'm going to reread a few DragonLance books and avoid the film like the plague to get his character back. Shouldn't be too hard. I managed it last time.

I am, of course, also working on the Cloud app for Ragnarok. It may take a while. >_> I just hope I can manage four characters on my current schedule. Oh well, there's nothing I can do but try.

And also save for a laptop. Steph has recommended I get go to the 3 store and get one of their contract phones so I can get a free laptop plus dongle thing so I can access the internet everywhere. I may just do that for £20 a month. I am continually being told I am in need of a new phone anyway, although I am not sure why. The one I have works just fine. I can send and recieve calls and texts. What more does a person need?

Anyway. Had work training this week. They altered my jobsearch day though from Monday to Wednesday. That means I did not get as much work experience as I could have had. Especially since Thursday became a half-day. The tutors and people all went off to South Shields for some reason so I got sent home at about 1pm.

I've been on the phones, mostly. Normally, that would be my worst nightmare but the phone doesn't ring often really and most things are easy to deal with. Just JobCentre advisers ringing to book interviews and start dates for clients. I've also had to doa little photocopying and filing, nothing big but it's better than sitting at the desk, bored out of my mind for hours. I've taken to writing between calls but I ran out of paper. I did kind of write a mock app for Cloud while I was bored though. >_> He's not happy with it. XD
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It seems nothing wants me to tag back on Daisychain. >_< Last Wednesday, just before I got kicked off the computer, the internet crashed and I lost all the posts I'd typed up. I work on them all at once, y'see. It takes me a while but I have zero attention span so I bounce from one to another to YouTube, then and back again.

Then, just as I was typing a reply to Cloud - poof - computer shuts down. Overheated. I've only just managed to get back on. Gonna have to be careful now though. I'm gonna type everything in word and save it every thirty seconds in case the same thing happens again. >_> I'm not taking any chances!
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I am so hoping that my day today (and the last couple) are not a prlude for how the rest of my week is going to go. My boyfriend was up all night watching Mythbusters on the internet, which kept me up until after 4am. Then he forces me out of bed sometime around 8:30 so he can get a couple hours sleep before he goes to the jobcentre. I managed to get in a coule hours on the PS2 playing SMT Lucifer's Call/Nocturne so it wasn't all bad. But the snooker's been on ever since we've come back and I haven't been able to play anymore. I finished my book too so all I have to do is either reply CC or write cracky Seph mpreg - except that because I'm tired and grouchy, all I want to write is angst and not cracky mpreg fics. Even if the idea of Sephiroth sobbing uncontrollably because Zack accidentally said something wrong makes me have to repress giggles or face explaining the concept to my boyfriend who will no doubt be extremely weirded out. XD

So...anyway. Very goddamn tired today yet there hasn't been any fighting.Well, not yet anyway. No doubt there will be little resentment when I'm booted off the computer because I'm typing this instead of tagging back Rinoa and Boriane. -_- But whatever. I should really post a slowatius notice or something since I'm mostly scarce until Friday.

Also. My plans to buy The Sims 2 may be delayed a little but nothing will stop me from getting it. Grainger Games had a deluxe set in for £18 last time I was there, which includes two expansion sets so I'm gonna get that if I can. ^_^

Anyway. Back to tagging. And to deciding whether or not to have Seph bug Cloud over the network some more. >_> I'm bored, dammit. And tormenting poor little Cloud is fun~

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This is pretty much the way I feel today

I've taken a hiatus from DC for a while. I know I've got to send in the app for Albel by the 15th but right now I just want everything to take a backseat so I can just...relax. I don't want RP to become a chore. It's supposed to be fun but I'm stressing way too much over what Sephiroth should say to Loz and Yazoo and when he'll be healed and what to do with Qwark to have any real fun on Daisychain.

So I think a break is for the best.

It's not like I could be around a whole lot after Monday anyway. Looks like I'm getting back onto the Monday-to-Fridat absent routine again. Ecept my boyfriend lets me on the computer now and doesn't bitch about my roleplay. ^_^ I made him get used to it during the underground plot and that's the way it's going to stay. I wouldn't stop for him anyway.

He does complain every time Ross asks me to go to Newcastle with him on a Sunday though. It's not like I do much on Sundays anyway and it sounds like it would be a fun trip if I had the money to go but...well...I understand that Iain doesn't quite agree with certain parts of Ross's lifestyle. So he'd rather we have nothing to do with it. I personally don't see the harm in going out with a friend to meet some of his other friends. It might even be fun despite the fact that strangers terrify me. Carrie went last time and they had a blast apparently. I want to go and hang out and have fun and actually have friends that aren't miles away in other countries.

...Remind me to save enough money for a metro ticket to Newcastle next time I get my money. >_>

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It seems that every time I let Sephiroth rant a bit in [info]dear_mun he comes up with something else to glare at me for within a few hours. I think I'd like to wait a little longer before I let him at it again though. Last time...if I hadn't been keeping on top of my emails constantly, I would have been flooded. >_> Totally worth it though. That was lulz-tastic. XD

And yes, I have more tags to make now. Day 2, 3 and 4. But I'm actually sort of nervous about posting in Day 4. There are so many replies already and I'm not sure what state exactly Seph is in by this time. So...Gonna tag Days 2 and 3 first and see how it goes. At least I get to stick around until the end of this event. >_> And I'm actually a little tempted to let Sephiroth go into a coma...which he is understandably upset about. XD Poor Sephy.

Also~ It seems as though spring is here~ There are snowdrops and aconites blooming in the garden and the frogs are going nuts in the pond. I hope there isn't a late frost again this year. We've lost frogspawn two years running because of that. I might ask my mother to bring some indoors this time. Not sure where we'd put it. My bedroom perhaps, if the door is kept shut or the bathroom? The conservatory would get too hot when the sun comes out so that's not an option.

Anyway. Sephiroth is telling me to start posting. Guess I'd better listen...

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I think I need a new dressing gown. The sleeve is coming off this one. -_- The hole is huge and I only just noticed it. Way to go, Sabby. Your powers of observation are unmatched once again. >_> I wondered why my left shoulder always felt colder...


^ Yoinked it off RPS - Too Big #2. >_>

>_> There are plans for them to meet though. After Sephy gets back from being vanished. I WANT TO KNOW MORE. It kinda drives me nuts to have vague plans like this. I want DEFINITE PLANS. But that means knowing more and augh the mods sure know how to drive me crazy.

If Sephy could see Zack's current journal post he would be touched and feigning indifference. <3

I need other things to talk about on this journal than just DC but there isn't actually anything else going on in my life. Jobsearch fails big time. I gotta make a call later and sort out benefits and stuff. I'll do it tomorrow though. It's almost time for people to start coming online and I don't wanna keep people waiting while I'm on hold. >_> So I'll do it tomorrow morning before I go out.

I have a headache~ ;_; There are probably painkillers upstairs. I left paracetamol in the bathroom after my cramps last week so they might still be there. I should fetch them but I'm lazy and I haven't finished my toast. >_> My mother made a fuckload of marmalade a couple days ago. Guess what I get to live off for a while. XD

And I just realised why the wheel keeps breaking on this chair...

My hair is caught in it. >_> The hair that's come out when I brushed my hair, not the stuff still attached to my head, lol! It's probably had a while to build up...


Stuff to do.

I think.



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