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I'm 23 today~ ...No comments about me getting old please. -_-

So far, so good too. Nobody asked me what I want to do for my birthday, which is awesome because I've not had to explain for the millionth time that I do not want to do anything special on my birthday. I'm a year older. So what? The biggest celebration I've had planned is that sparkly text up there.

Mostly seem to have been getting chocolate. My mother got me pocky and chocolate covered coffee beans - with the warning not to eat many at once or I'll be bouncing off the walls. XD Also got a jewelery case - means I gotta find my jewelery now - and a handbag that doesn't match anything I own. XD Also received a book voucher I am very tempted to spend right now online and some money that I'm gonna save until the end of the month when I go to Newcastle.

Last week was... I guess a bit more eventful than usual. Carrie had her engagement party, which was... alright. Nothing much happened except the DJ was rubbish. His laptop broke and took an hour to fix. Saw a few people I've not seen in ages too, like Stacey, Danielle and Garth. Not that I talked to them much in the end. I sat next to Ross mostly and ended up leaving early because my boyfriend was getting sleepy. XD I swear, he fell asleep on my shoulder at one point. <3

Doctor Who is back on TV~ New Doctor too. I've had enough of hearing how much of a 'tit' Matt Smith is. I just don't see it. I like him as the Doctor. Including the bow ties. XD Sure, I'm sad to see David Tennant go but I got over that at the end of the last series. Now I'm willing to give this new guy a chance and so far, I like what I see. I like the new assistant too. Can't wait to see more~ I keep rereading the Radio Times article on it. XD Wantwantwant~

Which reminds me.

No one is to send me any news of any games I have yet to play that I may want. This includes KH, FF and ...well. Any Squenix games. I'll drive myself mad with want. No movie ads either because I'll never get around to seeing half the movies anyway. I'm just sick of seeing things I'm not going to be able to get for ages and ages, even after they're available. I can drive myself mad with the want but I'd rather people not help me. Seriously. The ad on TV for FF13 is almost painful to watch, I want it that badly. >.>
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I hit my mental wall yesterday. It happens when I write long stories. I get so far through and I think I can see the end but...I can't get there. It's like those dreams where you have to run towards something but you're not moving at all, no matter how far you run. I'm in a race and I can see the end but I'm not getting any closer because someone stuck a treadmill in the middle of the road and I'm stuck on it.

This was in no way helped by the episode of Doctor Who that was shown. I thought it was quite good... Up until the point Ten decided that he would try to change time What the fuck was that all about? Yeah, I didn't want everyone on Mars to die but for crying out loud, THE DOCTOR KNOWS NOT TO MEDDLE. Thankyou, RTD, for ruining yet another of my favourite shows. Actually, my only favourite show. Fuck. First Torchwood and now this...



Today is...better. For writing, at least. I broke 30, 000 words earlier. Things flow a bit better now I've had a night of almost no sleep. -_-; I'll be home later and I'll be posting and playing around with my chapters tonight. See, this silly little notebook thing I'm using cannot handle documents that are too long and I've tried to split it up into chunks that I hoped were good enough for actual chapters. But then I realised, when adding up the wordcount, that some chapters were too short and will have to be merged with others. So while I may have documents that list chapters up to number 12, I really only have about 8 or 9. Hopefully, I won't get too far behind on my wordcount while I'm home but honestly, I could probably reach next Friday's target today, which gives me a few days to relax. XD
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Well, Iain's parents came back yesterday. I still don't know where they went. *shrugs*

Anyway, the night they went away, Iain and I got kinda...drunk. XD We split a bottle of wine between us and watched South Park while eating half a tub of ice cream each. That made it about a litre of ice cream each. XD It was fun. And we got a whole load of other DVDs so we've spent a few days watching Tokyo Underground (and there is not enough fanfiction on it. It doesn't even have it's own section on FFN, which is a shame. I saw a lot of Rumina/Ginnosuke moments at the start and then Sui/Ginnosuke. Seriously. Ginnosuke is very easy to slash with other prettyboys. XD There just isn't any that I can find!).

So...I'm home now until...Wednesday I tihnk. Plenty of alone time to work on that Sephy app. now. And find stuff for Crisis Core and Myst and whatever else I feel like playing when I go back to Iain's. Not Lost Odessey though. I know Ross wants it back but it's fucking depressing and I have to be alone at Iain's to play it otherwise he'll complain. Only time I get to be alone at Iain's is when he goes off to college - which won't happen until Friday. I don't like playing on his 360 though. The added fan on the back means it's too noisy and I have to turn the TV way up, which I hate. 

And I've decided I never want to watch Doctor Who with Iain again. He hated the last episode and sohe wouldn't sit still or anything. Personally, I enjoyed it. It wasn't my favourite episode but I still thought it was a bit scary and really cool. But apparently if you don't get to see the Doctor running around and actually see the alien then it's no good.  >_<

I think it's being shown again tonight. I may go watch it with my mother.
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*squeals* The Doctor's back! Awesome!

That's just what I need to cheer myself up after the depressing Torchwood episode yesterday.

And...I knew Rose was making an appearance but I didn't think... Heee! >_>

Also, I like Donna more.

And Adipose are so cute. XD Shoulda guessed what they were though... The fat just walks away indeed. *snorts*

And I think my mother said they were putting the first Doctor Who series on BBC4 later. As in the actual first episodes, not the ones labeled as "First Series" with the Ninth Doctor. The atual First Dotor. *grins* I'm so happy. I've always wanted to see them. XD
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Damnit... I liked her... *wipes away tears* And the mechanic couple... Not so much Rickson... >_>

And what's this? James Masters in Torchwood? That'll be an episode to watch... XD

Oh, and Merry Christmas.
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Gods...what to write about? I have a bunch of things I noted in my diary to also note here. ^^;

For some reason, people seem shocked to learn I have a diary full of private things. Except when I look back through it, it's mostly my musings on games, books and TV/movies I've watched. Most of it is horribly shallow too. It seems not even my most inner thoughts get written down and that was what I started my diary for. But at least it means I have less crap clogging up my brain. ^^;;;;;

So...shallow stuffs. XD

That last episode of Doctor Who = *wibblescreamcollapseanuerysm*

Gods, I ADORED it. Should I ever get around to gettingt he DVDs, that episode is likely to be repeated endlessly! If only for the Master. *mushy puddle of goo* I shouldn't love him, but I do. (And I am totally pimping this fic, because it proves just how evil the Master is: Well Lived In, by Yma)

>_< Gods, I want to write some Doctor/Master slash now. >_< It'll wait. I have other plans.

Hmm...what other things can I randomly comment on?

The computer just made a noise like it was grinding up my floppy disc when I tried to open a file. The rain is so loud on the conservatory roof that I can't hear anything else. I can't even listen to music because of it. Wasn't the sun shining yesterday? I guess hoping for a couple of days of sun after many days of rain and at least one storm that I noticed was too much to ask for. >_< I should have known. After all, I've never left Britain in all 20 years of my life. I should know by now what the weather is like. >_<

It's getting louder now, just to spite me.

I wrote my Michael/Sesshomaru for Kitty. I'm almost afraid to type it up. I need their last conversation from her if she has it too. I lost it when the computer fucked me over last week. Ugh... damn thing...

I got a couple new ideas for stories. One involves a half-incubus who moves in and out of reality and dreams but I have not decided much else about him. Another involved other worlds joining this one and something to do with faeries and Merlin...

I have other things to do now. Enough of my babbling for now.


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