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My boyfriend's next door neighbours have a truly terrible taste in music. I can hear it through the walls. It is all I can hear.

Last night I dreamed I adopted a robot kitten. It was he fluffiest thing ever and it was grey. I thought it was real at first and it was a stray so I took it home but then I found out it had a hard drive inside it. I took it out and found out that it belonged to a family down the road but they didn't take proper care of it. I was trying to decide whether to take it back and lecture them on proper kitten care or keep it for myself when I woke up.

Also I wrote a fic.

I'll link to it/post it or whatever later. I'm feeling lazy right now.
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Yet another dream post~

Last night was very... futuristic and surreal.

I had an apartment and lots of hi-tech gagetry and stuff because I was part of some super-secret fighting force for some secret government organisation. My contact at the organisation said I had to recruit two others to work with me on a project so off I went.

The first person I recruited was... basically a typical anime pretty boy - long white hair and awesome sword skills yet... not Sephiroth. Too short and skinny. >> And blue eyes.

We went back to my place to get caught up on activities and found someone had broken in. We fought the intruder, destroyed quite a bit of the apartment but he finally surrendered when we trapped him in the bathroom. He was kinda pretty but also a complete prick. So I decided to recruit him too - and so we were three.

And then the Big Bad showed up to fight. Unfortunately, we didn't get to the actual fight because as soon as I saw the bad guy, I woke up. Still remember what he looked like though.

It's kind of hard to forget a big purple kangaroo in night vision goggles.
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It's time for another Sabby Dream~

Once again, I was some kind of agent but this time, I was investigating a Sanitarium secretly for evidence of human experimentation - in particular, experimentation on children. The upper floors were full of high-tech equipment and hospital-style rooms. I managed to get into one room and was working my way through hacking an alarm system to check out a certain peice of equipment at the other end of the room when I was interuppted.

After some initial suspicion, I discovered the man that had caught me - Demyx - was working for another organisation who was investigatingt he same thing. We decided to team up together and prove that the people running this Sanitarium were up to no good.

Meanwhile, in a completely different place, there was a family that was struggling to survive. They had two children - a young boy about 10 years old and a teenage daughter. They were trying to find people who would buy their son, as they needed the money. It would work kind of like adoption - they would interview several people to check suitability and if the boy liked them and then work out an offer. But there was one thing the boy did not know about - if the parents did not get a suitble offer, they were going to sell him to the Sanitarium.

The boy was quite nervous and scared. Though he had chosen who he wanted to look after him, the man had given him a pet hamster and it had gone missing. The boy was terrified to admit it in case the man didn't want him anymore, so he pretended that looking for the hamster was a game to play. His sister was no help as she was hugging their cat and sulking because she didn't want to lose her brother but saw no way of saving him.

However, after the man had left, the family took their children to the Sanitarium to talk to the doctor there. The girl still had her cat, but the doctor could not give her a reason why it was not allowed - it was, after all, supposed to be more of a children's home than a hospital and the medical facilities - for sick kids, supposedly - were on upper floors where they were not going. The real reason was that cats could sense whenever he was upto no good and he feared it would alert the family to his true intentions of buying children.

The boy, still upset at losing his hamster was left alone to ply with some toys in a waiting room while his parents went to talk to the doctor. The girl decided to explore. She wandered around some rooms, then up some stairs and found someone else to talk to - a young Zack Fair. His parents were looking to sell him too and were taking some tour without him. He flirted with the girl a bit and she tried to brush him off and leave. He followed her though, so she found a girl's restroom and went inside until he went away. But as he waited outside, her phone rang. The caller ID said it was her mother but when she answered, there was no one there. Not even murmurs in the background if the call had been made accidentally while it was in her mother's pocket or something. The girl started to get a sense that something was really wrong - her parents were going to sel her too and hadn't told her at all - so she tried to leave the rest room.

I woke up just as she saw Zack was still waiting outside for her.

I think this may be another thing with fic potential.
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Goddamn freaky dream last night.

I was a government/council inspector who was sent to a town to check their facilities - hospitals, tourist attractions or whatever. I had one other person with me, some guy whose name I don't know. We had a look around and though it was creepy in this place, it wasn't really bad.

And then we got to the indoor gardens.

These gardens had not been open to the public in twenty years. The doors were locked tight, the windows were boarded up and the whole place had a bad vibe about it. Nevertheless, we had to go in.

There were only two people inside the building - an admimistrator who oversaw everything to do with the plants and a cleaner, who also cared for the plants. We were let in from a small side door into an empty hallway. Everything was painted in cream and it looked dated but still clean. It was all so quiet though, and that was a little unnerving. Still, we had a map that would take us directly to the administrator's office without going into any of the plant rooms - which were very dangerous.

Unfortunately, no one had told the cleaner, a skinny but tough old woman, that we were supposed to be there. She was a few floors down and the scene sudden;y skipped to her looking up and murmuring, "Someone's here..."

Skip back to me and my partner, wandering through brightly lit hallways, We walked past a frosted window and suddenly some big blue shapes started beating against the glass - some bizarre kind of flower that was reacting to our presence. We moved on quickly.

Down another hallway, my partner spotted a small door set into the wall and opened it, though I said we did not have time for that now and we would check it later. He found what seemed to be a living space beyond it, but there was only room to lie down. Though my dream-self was puzzled, real-me was aware it was the cleaner's quarters and she wasn't quite sane...

Anyway, off we went to the top floor and found the administrator. He was a cheerful person, looked like Stephen Fry actually so if this makes it into a book and then into a film I know who'll be playing that part. He had a 3D map thing that showed us the places we were allowed to go unsupervised and he or the cleaner would guide us around the rest.

So off we went, to have a look in the various rooms.

All the plants were rare specimens, unique in some way. Some were poisonous or carniverous or... well, supernatural, I guess. We saw the blue flowers from earlier that had reacted to our presence and were warned to stay away because they would eat us. The stalks were very flexible and they had sharp points inside the flowers themselves to stab into prey, pull them closer and beat them into a bloody pulp.

It got decidedly more creepy after that but we continued on anyway.

Then we got separated from the administrator somehow and found ourselves shut in a room with no idea where the door was. The cleaner had something to do with it but I couldn't see her at all.

And then we found out about the bugs.

Not only was this place a special facility for unusual and dangerous plants, it was also had unusual and dangerous bugs.

My partner was attacked by what appeared to be a slightly larger than normal ladybird - only it was bright yellow with white spots and it spat something with a surprisingly large range. Where it touched flesh, skin bubbled and turned a horrible shade of dark red that spread quickly. It got my partner and there was nothing I could do to help him. He screamed in pain and writed on the ground while I tried to get the bug away from him and squash it without being sprayed myself. He was in so much pain though, and I was panicking and couldn't do anything.

I still feel bad about it but... I woke up at that point. A couple kids started making loud noises outside the room and I couldn't get back to sleep. Goddamn creepy dream though.
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I had a very unsettling dream last night. Nightmare, really, I suppose.

There was a man, nearing middle age, I think, who wore smart, generally upper-class clothes. I remember a red dinner jacket and a cravat. He stood in a large drawing room inside a huge mansion in the country, looking out of the window. He didn't do anything for a while and I just knew that he was all alone there.

Then he turned around and walked out of the room, through the house to the front door. He hesitated slightly before opening it, but went outside anyway.

There was a huge crowd of zombies outside. They covered all the grounds and the land as far as the eye could see. And they just stood there. He approached one of them almost curiously and they began mumbling, muttering and chanting 'High society, high society..." until he went back inside.

He returned to the drawing room and waited for night to fall. All the while I could feel this overwhelming sense of lonliness and despair, as though he was just waiting to die. He had no one left, did not know if he was the only living person left and he just... wanted it to be over. But he could not, would not commit suicide. It was unthinkable.

So he waited, spending his days just wandering around the huge mansion.

But when night came, he had not secured the door properly. The zombies began to move and they got inside. Too late he realised and tried to block the door but they reached around and grabbed him...

I woke up at that point, feeling quite shaken. It took me a little while to get back to sleep again. The feeling of complete hopelessness just got to me... I think... if I had stayed dreaming, he may not have continued fighting the zombies. He just wanted his lonely nightmare to end.
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So... I'm feeling a bit better today. I slept most of the morning after my BF went out but I cannot wait until Monday, when I can go home and sleep as and when I want without interruption.

I keep meaning to go back to RP. I miss it but I can't really get up the motivation just yte. I'm still trying to do some kind of review for Lymle but it seems all Let's Play videos come with annoying commentary.

I still need to think of something for Sephiroth too.

In the mean time however, I've begun rereading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Which is not really helping. fffff

Might have to cook later. I really don't want to. I'm just not in the mood for it because my BF is not the mood to be happy about anything. I don't want to put effort into making something for him to eat, only for him to bitch at me because it's not what he wanted - and he will not tell me what he wants, by the way. He never fucking does other than perhaps a vague 'chicken and rice/pasta'.

Ah, but I want to end on a positive note today. Hm. Perhaps my odd dreams lately?

First I had a dream Sephiroth was arguing with Lucius Malfoy. I cannot remember what their argument was about though. In the second dream, Lucius was trying to make Harry fall in love with him and couldn't understand why Harry kept laughing at him. Not in a mocking way, more of a fondly amused way, like Harry already had feelings for Lucius...
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I had a dream the other night that was... odd. A mix of Final Fantasy and Resident Evil:Afterlife.

I was a revolutionary leading a group of people in a rebellion against a megacorporation that had trapped thousands of people for experimentation under the guise of...something. I can't remember. Saving them, probably. But then they went and captured my boyfriend. Well, that made me very unhappy. So I staged an attack with Cloud as my Second in Command and we went to free everyone. We were in some huge place - looked sort of like the ship on Resident Evil: Afterlife but with Final Fantasy XIII decor - glowing lights everywhere and metal and stuff. There were soldiers - PSICOM soldiers - rushing out to attack us and everyone on my side is leaping about and attacking like gravity was merely an afterthought - so, basically typical Final Fantasy physics, then - and I was dashing about, punching numbers into electronic locks and freeing lots of people and generally creating a lot of confusion.

Unfortunately, the alarm went off and I never got to rescue my boyfriend.

And now I must see about getting ready to go out. >.< I have a jobcentre appointment but before I can go there, I have to stop home and get my stuff for it. I've got to pick up some other stuff too, like my phone charger and clothes and things.

Really must remember to take a lot of tissues with me as well. I've come down with a horrible cold. My nose doesn't work anymore, my throat hurts and my voice no longer sounds like my voice because of it. ;-; But at least my brain feels fairly clear today. I might be able to getsome proper tagging done later! Whoo~
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This is my first night home since Spike died. I still haven't been in my room. I'm almost afraid to go up there. My mother told me on the phone she moved the cage already. I don't want to see the space it used to be, even though it now means I have space to put things.

She talked about rearranging my room now I don't have to worry about keeping the cage out of the sunlight. The wardrobe will go where the cage was. I can get into my ottoman now. I can't even remember what is in there.

I saved my app for Lymle in the wrong format while I was working on it on the laptop at my boyfriend's house. Now I'm home after emailing it to myself and I can't open it. It's due on Wednesday. I will not have it finished in time, I suspect and will have to get that time extension.

Lolly is determined to cough up a hairball on the dining table, no matter how many times we put her back on the floor. I suspect she will wait until I am asleep before she finally coughs it up though.

I had a pretty awesome dream last night. It's quiet lengthy. I'll put it behind a cut to save space.

Sabby occasionally has pretty awesome dreams )
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Totally spamming up your flists to tell you about the totally awesome dream I had last night. Seriously. I didn't want to wake up.

It started out with me working as park of a team who made really elaborate chocolate sculptures for weddings and things. We had a rival company and we were working in competition on a project, holed up in a secret warehouse while we created these huge, fancy designs for some really expensive wedding party.

Except that several members of the group were spies and were sabotaging everything. I discovered them by accident and they brought in paint balls and other things to destroy everything. Including, for some reason, giant paintballs that were bigger than me. All were in shades of orange and blue too. Now that I'm awake, I'm wondering why not just break everything, why use paintballs? But whatever.

There was no way we could win against that kind of firepower. We had nothing to fight back with and if we attempted to get the weapons and paintballs off the enemy, we would only cause the damage by fighting back. At a complete loss for what to do, I ran for the door.

At the door, I ran into the arms of a tall woman with red hair I have never seen before. She was pale and slender with black eyes. I knew as soon as I saw her she wasn't human, was far more powerful than anything or anyone I have ever met. She introduced herself as Hel. I knew that name. The Norse goddess of the dead.

She offered me sanctuary, promising to keep me safe if I stayed with her. I accepted, completely unafraid of her. She didn't mean me any harm and I knew I would be safe with her. She took me to her domain, which was quite a dismal place but I had a little house to live in and friendly neighbours.

Then Hel gave me a job. She showed me a chariot drawn by a big black flying horse and when I got in, the horse took off, flying across the sky. Behind me, I pulled the night sky, dotted with stars. Hel explained to me that as long as I kept the stars shining, all the monsters that waited to attack the living would not be able to come out. There were two others who also worked the night - a girl who pulled the moon across the sky and a man who manipulated the clouds to make sure they didn't cover too many of the stars.

Goddamn, I totally want to work some of this into a fic. Maybe this years NaNo fic or something.
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So I was supposed to get a call earlier to confirm a start date and time for a job I heard about on Friday. I got a call about it on Friday morning and then had to go see a woman from an agency about it - it was an interview but she never called it as such... but I know an interview when I experience one. >.> Then I had to fill out an application form and sort out one or two other details and she said I would get a call today about when I start. If I start.

So I wait all day for the call. Except then I think, "What if they don't call my mobile?" since I was at my boyfriend's house. Even though they managed to contact me in the first place on my mobile, they do also have my home phone number. So I come home this afternoon but I get a call on the way back. Cue relief~ Except that they haven't been able to contact the company I would actually be doing the work for regarding my start date and time. So... though the job was supposed to start on Tuesday, the earliest I will be able to start in Wednesday. I'll get another call from them tomorrow morning if I have the job or not but either way, I still gotta go back to the jobcentre then. >_<

Finished at Gateway to Work now anyway so I don't have to go back there. The team I switched to won the competition too so I got two free cinema tickets~ Used them last night to go see Iron Man 2. Which was fun~~ Though the in-depth conversation about creating new elements afterward was...less than thrilling. >.> And I could have done without the commentary on how hot Scarlett Johansson is too. Even though I agree. But still. Way to make me feel inadequate, dear boyfriend. -_- Naw, it's okay really. XD

Anyway~ I had a totally weird dream last night.

I worked for a private investigator as an assistant when we had a visit from Aziraphale, hiring us to look for Crowley. Crowley had got himself mixed up in some really bad stuff and though he was on Earth still, Aziraphale couldn't find him so that was were we came in. Our trail led us to an abandoned housing estate - except it was not so abandoned as we first thought. The buildings were inhabited by monsters - zombies and necromorphs and more - and we had to fight our way through. Finally, we got through a house and were resting on top of a fire escape after locking thr door behind us. We thought we were able to rest for a bit but no, a helicopter appeared and started shooting at us. I looked around, located a minigun and began shooting back, aiming from the tail propellor. Unfortunately, I couldn't hit it and it flew past the house. I woke up before it came back though. Now I wonder if we found Crowley or if he's still in trouble... ^^;;;
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Yesterday, I was a grouchy anti-social bitch in pain.

Today, I am no longer in pain but I am still somewhat grouchy.

Bah. I'm just not having a good time of it at the moment. Good thing it's all almost over. I have one party to go to next week, then it is my boyfriend's father's birthday and I shall be expected to go along with whatever social thing their family has planned, then it's my birthday in exactly two weeks (I still dread my boyfriend's family realising lest they insist I do something to celebrate) and then my boyfriend's nephew's birthday and then IT'S ALL OVER.

Until summer.

Ross says the next anime/furmeet is April 4th but that's Easter Sunday, isn't it? When everything will be closed? So I wonder what they're all going to do for it. I want to go along but I'm not sure I will. I need the money to buy presents for people. I'll have to do something else to make it up to Ross for skipping out on him for the second time in a row. Maybe work on the next chapter of that story? XD I need to do that anyway...

Oh, but I need to go to his house at some point to pick up the picture his friend drew for me... And return the DVDs I borrowed months ago, forgot about and recently discovered in my brother's bedroom.

Speaking of my brother - saw him last Friday for the first time since Christmas. Without his shadow girlfriend, too. o.o I was shocked and amazed. Not that I don't like her but it does grate on me a bit that they are hardly ever apart. How have they not killed each other yet?

But... I had a bit of a fight with my boyfriend that night. I forget what was said now but... He was upset I think that I got so caught up in seeing my brother again and catching up that I was late in going over to his. He phoned up and we argied a bit and he hung up. A couple minutes later, my phone battery died so I charged it incase he called back but he didn't. Instead, I spent the night with my family and went over to his in the morning to patch things up.

Sunday was spent at his nieces christening. Normally, that is a long and boring ceremony but this time it was at a different church so there were different people in charge and... it felt more like the gathering of an obscure cult than a christening. Not to mention, the priest guy was going on before it began about PROFIT and LOSS, going on about what would happen if you lost all your possessions in a flood or an earthquake - which seems ridiculous to me. I know there has been a recent earthquake in Haiti but... who ever heard of an earthquake in North East England? The whole thing seemed to be a huge hint about getting people to donate money to the church.

After that, everyone went back to my boyfriend's sister's except there were so many people I didn't know that I just couldn't relax. So I started stressing. And then my arm felt really itchy and... well... now I have this long, sore scratch on my arm. It's getting better, I just can't touch it. Other places are beginning to itch too, whcih means my eczema is on it's way back. I should still have a little cream left over from last time it was bugging me. I jsut have to remember to apply it. >_< Goddamn. I refuse to let it get as bad as last time though. I swear - both arms, both legs, a patch on my stomach - all sore from scratching so much. >.< Because I was too stubborn to go to the doctor and get some proper cream for it. E45 doesn't do enough, plus the handwash smells awful. >.> My mother hasn't seen my latest scratch though and I don't plan on showing her. I just have to wear long, loose sleeves...

Anyway, I felt awful yesterday so I spent another night with my boyfriend. Damn hormones got me this month worse than usual - my legs were jelly, my head ached, I felt nauseous and just wanted to go to bed. I didn't think I'd be alright alone on the bus though so I stayed. Now it seems I'm going to catch another cold though. My boyfriend got manflu at the moment - coughing, sneezing, blowing his nose constantly and whinging about being unable to think/breathe/do anything himself (though what's new about that? XD) and when I went to get him some medicine, he complained. Ungrateful little brat. I didn't have to go get it for him.

But then he went out and I got to play Dragon Age for a bit~ I've started a whole new game again. He found my first save data, where I was doing an awful job of surviving but not my second save data, where I had done better. So I started all over again - same character - Elven mage - but did things a bit differently. Instead of going straight to Redcliffe from Lothering, I went to see the Dalish elves instead and fought werewolves. And helped out a rhyming tree. XD That was fun. I still have more to do there but the main quest bit is over and the elves have agreed to help against the Archdemon. I'm not sure if I should head out to Redcliffe now or pay a visit to the Circle of Magi or the dwarves. Or I could go and get the stone golem, visit Soldier's Peak or...there's something else to do but I can't remember what.

>.> Need to play Dissidia some more too. Been playing a bit of The World Ends With You as well, mostly training and getting money. Re-read Into the Nightside too and wish I could find the next book. I need more. ;-; And there are so many things I need to do but I don't want to do any of them, mostly because it is late.

...Maybe I'll go on Oblivion for a bit. >.> I had a dream a couple nights ago that I was my Oblivion character. I became an alcoholic to deal with the horrors I witnessed through the Oblivion gates.

I also had a dream the world was ending so I spent some time hanging with my boyfriend, then buying up all the books I wanted to read and then hung out on my bed at my gran's house with Eco, who had flown over to see me for the End Days and we sat reading for hours until my gran called us down to eat. o.O It was odd but I woke up feeling really good. ^_^;;;
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I've had some weird dreams lately. Last Friday night, I dreamt I let a girl read one of my stories and she hated it so much, she broke into my house and trashed all my stuff. Then I had another dream that was clearly inspired by Good Omens, Devil May Cry and Dragon Age Origins on Saturday night. It was kinda epic too. One of those dreams I know is gonna stick with me for a while...

It started with a myth. The gods had abandoned the world because humankind was too curious and trespassed into places they should not have gone, seeking knowledge they should not have had. One god was upset enough by this betrayal to cry before he left and the tears were collected in a solid gold jar, embossed with the likeness of the god's face and a lot of jewels. Flashforward to modern day - demons are trying to take over the world in the absence of the gods. Only one group people know what is happening though and they have to band together to put a stop to it. It sort of skipped to the end at that point. The group had located the god's tears in an underground cavern. The path there was thin and dangerous but they got to the end in one piece. One of them reached up to get the jar but then the demons appeared around them, coming out of the shadows, all oily and dripping until they made a solid form. Claws and fangs and glowing eyes. One of them snatched the jar and then...

I woke up. >.<

When I next fell asleep, I dreamt of a zombie apocalypse. There was a derelict house in the middle of no where. I think it had burned years before and no one bothered to fix it up again. There was a table or altar outside where two figures clung to each other. One was just a child. I think it was a little girl and the other was her mother. The girl tried to pull away from her mother and she crumbled to dust right there. The girl was terrified but she didn't scream or run away. In the distance, there was an orange light - I think it was fire - but the girl didn't do anything. She just climbed up on to the table and curled up on her own.

So...yeah. Not slept too well lately. Not so bad when my boyfriend's there. I can snuggle up next to him and feel better but I can't do that at home. Instead, I put my headphones in and listen to happy music until the bad feelings have gone away.

Anyway, apart from the weird dreams, things have been fairly good. My boyfriend chose the worst time to get ill, of course. He spent Saturday curled up in bed, begging for painkillers I couldn't give him in case he overdosed himself and none of them worked anyway. He threw up a couple times too. >.< When I was younger, my gran used to try to persuade me to be a nurse. I don't know why. I was never interested anyway. Sure, I can do caring and compassion but... I don't like being around sick people much. I worry easily and stress myself out with it. And then... I would have to deal with people like my boyfriend, who are terrible patients. XD

By Sunday, my boyfriend was well enough to get up though. We didn't go on our planned date, since he still wasn't 100% but we got ice cream and a bottle of wine. We didn't actually touch the wine though. We'll leave that until next week, I think and then go out. We were going to go see The Wolfman but I guess if we have the money we'll be going out this weekend instead. Unless I get sick. >.> I did point out to my boyfriend that that would probably happen. I mean, I did spend a lot of time with him when he was sick so I probably caught it and am in the incubation period or something... I don't want to get sick though. I want to be able to go out and have fun... But if I get sick, I can't do that. I did get a call earlier from my boyfriend checking up on me though. It seemed he was worried about me. <3
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I had the oddest dream earlier...

I was in my room with a shape-shifting alien who refused to settle on a single shape for more than five minutes. It was really quite irritating.

hen I woke up. My boyfriend was on the computer doing god-knows what so I got up and gave him a hug on my way to the bathroom. When I got there, I noticed that the place looked like a bomb had been dropped on it. There was debris and all sorts but since his brother has just moved back in, I figured it was all his mess and he was sorting it all out still. So I went downstairs, where his mother was watching TV. I glanced round to see what she was watching and my boyfriend walked past me to start making a cup of tea.

I froze in shock, thinking "...This isn't right. I'm dreaming and I need to wake up right now. I've slept far too long!"

I even pinched myself to make sure. No pain at all. So I tarted trying to will myself awake but it didn't work. I gave up for a little while and wandered back around the house until I found a tub of white putty stuff. Unable to help myself, I poked and prodded it but it stuck to my hands and then began burning. A little panicked, I rushed to the sink to wash it off, which was easier than I expected. Just as I was beginning to relax from that, I woke up for real, about ten minutes before my alarm went off.

Regarding RL stuff~ My boyfriend is out right now. He said he wouldn't be gone too late but it is after 1am already. He's off to Leeds next week too. I'm not going, I don't think. I might go shopping in Newcastle instead if I can. I need some new manga.
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Or at least to not eat bananas before bed again. I had such a godsdamn freaky dream! There was a pregnant guy who was trying really really hard to hide his condition from his friends - his boyfriend knew, of course, and kept babying him but he didn't much like that except when he was being left to sleep. Then someone gave them a car made out of flesh and bone. o.O Which was really fucking freaky. I shall be seeing that car in my nightmares forever now. It ran on blood instead of petrol! And then their friends started getting worried so Mr Pregnant was left in bed while his boyfriend dragged them all off demon-hunting. None of these people had names, which was odd because normally when I dream up new characters, they get names... I guess this means they're not sticking around in my head, thank the gods! Why do I say stuff like that when I'm agnostic? o.O

In other news, I have been accepted into The Wake~ And shall get around to posting there soon~

My mother is in a productive mood and I'm listening to the 80's music to prove it. Whenever we have to do something in this household, we put music on to motivate us. We blast loud music (80's pop for my mother and rock/metal for me and my brother) when we have to tidy up to take our minds off the boring task. If my mother is cooking, she'll either play music or have the TV on if it doesn't require her full attention. I'll play music when I'm writing too. I've tried making playlists for different scenes, like music for battle scenes or fluffy romantic scenes. I need to build up me "creepy evil insanity' playlist though. XD

Well...enough procrastinating for now. I'd better get to work. ^_^
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Another mostly sleepless night last night. God. What is wrong with me?

I had another bizarre dream too but I can't remember what it was. I think there was a tentacle monster involved...

Wait. i got it. There was an alien tentacle monster thing in a spaceship hovering above Earth trying to wipe out human lust.



Hello, brain, what the fuck kinda drugs you been taking and why wasn't I in on it?

But I spent the first half the night after I logged off unable to sleep so I put a game on. Limited only to PS1 games, I had two digimon games, Final Fantasy 8 and Koudelka to choose from. I should have gone for Koudelka. -_- I put FF8 on first only to have it crash the moment I left Balamb Garden and got into a battle. Maybe I'll try again later.

But I want to play Jak games later...

And I already started a FF2 game last week I should continue.

Not to mention the work I should be doing for my NaNo novel...

Should be doing that now actually. I need to write a rather gruesome death scene for chapter 9 and then fit another couple deaths into chapter 10. Can't let myself fall behind on my word count. I need at least another 1000 words to keep myself happy today. Should start now actually...

Letting myself fall back into RP yesterday was fun but now all I want to do is continue that plot. But I have to make it wait until December before I get Sephy involved again. He can stay in the basement, plotting things while the others play on without me and him. XD

Anyway. NaNo calls me and I really must kill these characters. <3
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Seeeeeeph! Stop iiiiiiiiiiit!

I can't concentrate on my NaNo with this going on!

XD So, basically I decided to take a break from NaNoing for a while to RP and now I can't stop.

It's crazy. I'm loving it. I've got barely 500 words written all day but I'm loving it. XD

Posted up a couple chapters of my novel on FA but I still need to put them up on my writing journal. >.> I wouldn't take too much time but... Well. It means switching accounts. And I really do have to get on with typing... I'm in the middle of an awesome scene but I'm flailing over whether my character is...well... in character. Which is idiotic because he's the one in my head telling me how it's all going to go.

In RL news~ I've not been sleeping so well. I had a bizarre dream the other night about a pacifist dictatorship, vampires and a ventriloquist who kept making his shoes talk in order to tell me they were designer shoes from Italy. And I think I spent a lot of time looking our of a window. Or at a huge TV screen.

Um. I really should get on with my novel now...

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Procrastinating once again over NaNoWriMo. Yeah, I'll be doing that a lot this month. Who wants to bet I'll fail? 8D

But I wrote over 1000 words last night before I went to bed, which isn't bad considering the distractions I had. <3

I've got a few things to work on today though so I probably shouldn't have spent this morning playing Final Fantasy II. I just woke up this morning with a sort of game plan for it. Normally when I play, I just equip whatever and go for it. Except I got a bit stuck and then...well, this morning out of nowhere comes this plan to do all the characters properly and stuff...


I had some wierdass dreams lately.

First of all, I was sitting with Sephiroth, just enjoying a quiet moment when all of a sudden, Genesis bursts into the room and starts demanding that Sephiroth love him, why won't he love him wahwahwah. They start aguing so I move away into another room. And Sephiroth follows me. And Genesis follows him. So this argument is following me everywhere and they won't shut up.

Then there was some strange creature/person thing that was trapping people's hearts with chains and the only thing that could cut the chains was a keyblade. Which I just so happened to have. Cue much slashing of chains and fight scenes like I just jumped straight out of a magical girl anime. I even had a team of bishounen to back me up, tell me where to go next and everything. XD We battled our way to the bad guy's castle and found all the doors and servants and things chained up in much the same way. So I start cutting everything, running up the chains to cut them at the top of the friggin huuuuge doors. But I woke up before I got to even see the end boss so I have no idea who or what was behind it all. o.O

Well, I think that's enough procrastinating for the moment~


Oct. 13th, 2009 02:41 pm
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More dreaming~

There wasa war on and a tiny island was under attack. Of the original forces, there were only five men left - Matt and Max, riflemen and practically brothers. Then there was Tony, the explosives expert who was pretty much a jerk, and Colin, who was a mage who specialized in fire magic but this was his first battle and he wasn't very good. Finally, there was the Sarge, the only CO left.

It started off in the barracks. Tony, short blond hair gelled into tiny spikes and smoking a cigarette, was poking fun at shy, mousy little Colin. Matt told him to knock it off when the alarm sounded. The enemy was on the move.

They organised themselves and made their way to an abandoned farmhouse with a view over the ocean. They could see the enemy landing on the beach. Matt and Max let off a few rounds, causing some confusion while Tony slipped away. Colin was trying to use his powers to explode the fule tanks in the vehicles the enemy brought over but it didn't work. Discouraged, he ducked down behind the wall and tried not to cry. The Sarge came up and told him not to worry too much, that he should just try his best and he knew what it was like, had once been the shy little kid who had difficulty controlling his powers but Colin would grow out of it as he had. Feeling better, Colin went off to find and help Tony.

Tony was in a cave, setting up explosives to cause an avalanche. Colin helped with the fuses, setting them up so he could use his powers to trigger the bombs without a timing device or a detonator. That much was easy for him. Surprisingly, Tony didn't act like a complete jerk to him. When he asked why, Tony said he wasn't stupid enough to fuck about when there were highly explosive bombs in the immediate vicinity.

Then they made their escape. Tony was faster and Colin accidentally got left behind. The enemy came up to the cave and he had no choice but to detonate the bombs before he was in the safe zone. The explosion caused massive damage to the enemy but it also knocked Colin off his feet and he banged his knee pretty hard when he landed.

Limping, he made his way back to the others. Matt, Max and Tony were sitting around, talking. Matt and Max were cleaning their guns, cracking lewd jokes. Colin tried to look like he didn't care, wasn't feeling left out at all, and sat down on an old sofa, rubbing his knee. Tony separated from the others and sat beside him. Colin explained what had happened, not sounding pleased with Tony at all and Tony...kissed his knee better. Colin froze, totally shocked. Then Tony took his hand and kissed his knuckles and leaned forward to kiss Colin's mouth, all with a totally unexpected and uncharacteristic gentleness.

Colin pulled back. "We have an audience."

Their audience being Matt and Max, both rolling their eyes and muttering "About damn time..." Even the Sarge, just now walking in seemed to agree. And while Colin blushed and tried to hide in Tony's chest and Tony smirked and held him protectively, I woke up.

Dream Time

Oct. 7th, 2009 05:57 pm
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I had a couple of completely bizarre dreams these last couple of nights. Last night's dream was something involving Solid Snake and Sackiroth arguing. I can't remember what it was about - who is more badass maybe? Snake wins hands down, Seph. True badasses don't use rose scented shampoo, you pansy. <3

The other...

It was some time in the future. Humanity had extended its empire into the stars. NASA had just finished building a new ship to take a crew out beyond the boundaries of known space and I was to be a part of the test crew. Everyone had odd tattoos on their left forearms, a specific string of symbols for identification purposes if anything went wrong and bodies needed to be identified. (What happened to dogtags? Though the tattoos were pretty cool, actually.)

Just as we were preparing for take-off, there was a flash of light and a loud bang, followed by a crying baby. Just inside the entrance to the ship was a newborn baby, lying in a pool of blood and ambiotic fluid. No one had any clue how she got there but she had the same symbols on her forearm as another crew member. We gave her the same name - Rebecca and took off with her into space. It was too late to take her off the ship so we had no choice. The captain, a blonde, stern woman in her mid-forties named Caren, ordered a team of scientists to study the baby and find out where she had come from.

I was among that team and sort of unofficially adopted her. She was like any other child. Apart from her odd arrival on board the ship, nothing was out of the ordinary. I taught her her first words and how to walk and everything.

When baby Rebecca was about a year old, we landed on an alien planet to stock up. We weren't yet near the borders of known space yet and the native race was friendly so I asked Captain Caren for permission to take Rebecca out into the city. She couldn't spend her whole life on the ship after all. Permission was granted and I took her out for her first glimpse of an alien civilisation.

The city itself was in a dry, sandy place. The buildings were made of some red-brown stone and looked fairly old though the city was bustling with life. The aliens that inhabited the planet were tall, about 7-8 feet average for adults and they had silver and black scales in place of skin that shimmered more like fishscales than a reptile's scales. The usual hair colours were black, brown, silver or white, usually kept quite long and loose. Their faces were kind of flat and smooth and they had long arms and dressed mostly in loose clothing due to the heat.

I took Rebecca out to the market place first, with the intent of buying her a souvenier but a fight broke out further down the street. I was called upon to help out my crewmates but I wanted to get Rebecca somewhere safe.

About then, I woke up. Couldn't get back to sleep again after this either. I've not had a dream this detailed in quite a while.
sabulana: (all mad here) maybe watching all the YouTube videos yesterday was not entirely good for my sanity.

Last night, I dreamed about being stuck in a house with Vincent and Demyx. Vincent was ill and bed-ridden so he was utterly bored. I found a TV for him to watch but it didn't work properly and he ended up bitching on LJ about how bored he was all the time. Demyx just wandered around spouting the randomest of things and though the words were English, the sentences made no sense whatsoever. And for some reason, none of the lights worked. >_<

...and then... I had another dream, proving that I spend too much time on Daisychain. I dreamt Aerith (the KH version, my dream was incredibly specific about that) came to heal Sephiroth. And when I finally get online this morning? I find this on Zack's journal. O.o


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