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Here's your birthday fic~ I hope you like it. <3

Title: Gaia's Pack
Characters: Zack, Sephiroth, Aerith, others
Rating: PG
Warnings: AU with the characters as wolves.
Summary: A birthday request for Eco. The forests of Midgar are ruled by ruled by the wolves. Nothing goes on that the Alpha, Sephiroth, does not hear about - or so he thinks, until he discovers a wolf pup he's never encountered before within the forest borders.

Gaia's Pack
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Still procrastinating over my NaNo novel today. I had to go out earlier and it threw off my schedule. Even though I knew I had to go out. >.> Stupid jobcentre appointment getting in the way of my typing.

Anyway, before I left this morning, I was quickly browsing the internet for anything I could put in the little diary thing they gave me. I came across an ad on the website for a trainee sales position. Since I've got no experience in sales but am supposed to be looking for work in that area, I thought 'what the hell, it's something to write down on the diary thing' and clicked to apply.

That was this morning, at about 10am.

Earlier this afternoon, I got a phone call from the company...

Cut for length! )

I've talked about it with my mother too, when she came home from work and she doesn't think I should go either. I guess that settles it then.

In other news, I almost set fire to the house again today. :3 I tried lighting oil burners to cover the small of burned lasagne from yesterday and... well...
ALSO CUT FOR LENGTH. Aren't I considerate: :D )
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So...we had a power cut earlier. Eco~ I'm sorry about vanishing mid-conversation with you!

Thankfully, the power is back on now and I can get on with finishing my tags. I have to get done today because I go back to my boyfriend's tomorrow and I won't get a chance to tag until I get back.

Unless I go join the library, which I might do. I get a little sick of running out of things to do at his.

But he said he'll sort out my account on his 360 so I can maybe finish playing Lost Oddysey now. And Infinite Undiscovery. I'm not very far on that game yet. O_O It's kinda of...huge. The maps are big like woah and it's so easy to get lost! But I adore it~ Even as Capell winds me the hell up. Stop whining and get on with it, boy!


But...tagging. I need to. >_> Sephiroth owes 3 tags on logs and 1 on journals, Qwark owes 2 tags on logs. I think.So I'm gonna go get on with that now.

Oh~ But the powercut thing wasn't all that bad. Apart from worrying about Eco thinking I'd abdoned her, I managed to have a bit of a laugh with my mother. We lit candles in the lounge and watched the cats try to inspect them. XD It was kinda funny. They tried to sniff but it was too hot and they had to back away.

Then we put the bathroom radio on Radio 4, just for the background noise. >_> We need more things to run off batteries in this house! XD Radio wasn't too bad. I normally don't listen but the show we were listening to was pretty funny. Last comment I heard was someone - Paul Merton, maybe? - making a comment about bulletproof cravats that even dolphins could wear. XD We need more of that kind of madness.
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Augh. I need to be going out Um. Twenty minutes ago. I'm nowhere near ready because I slept in and decided to come online instead of showering and getting ready to go. I swear I only meant to post the little semi-haitus-thing note since I'm sure I'm going to miss the Activity Check from the 4th onwards. >_<


That question from Zack - I'm not ignoring it. I jsut need a little time to sort out Jenova theories in my head. I'll have Seph get back to him soon as, okay? <3


May. 2nd, 2007 01:40 pm
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New ficcage.

Title: Rachael
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: G
Summary: Riku has had an accident. He's been hit with a blitzball. Now he's lost his memories and thinks he's a girl. A girl who wants to date Sora. XD Cross-dressing, shounen ai, RikuSora

Rachael )



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