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Slightly experimental. Also short. It started out as a drabble. Now it is 650 words long.
Title: Don't Leave.
Fandom: FFVII/Daisychain-verse.
Rating: PG-13/12A/whatever else system you wanna use.
Characters: Sephiroth, Zack
Genre: Friendship, angst
Warnings: Bit of blood but that's it.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. I'm just playing around.
Dedication: Written entirely for Eco. <3
Summary: Sephiroth worries needlessly over Zack. -_-


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So...DC mods got ack tome. Now I gotta decide if and when I want Tas's expedition thread to take place. Ideally I'd like to know how many would come though, or help out in the prep stages.

I really want Eco to come online so I can talk to her about it. I feel weird bothering anyone else on AIM. >_<

Finally catchng up with tags though. I hope I haven't missed any. Seph tagged Ratchet and Asuma already and still waiting for a reply from Toki.


Should really go email the mods back now.

Oh, and I won't be on tomorrow from 6pm, I think. Maybe a bit before then. No idea when I'll get back either. And I have no idea what time this corresponds to in Eco's time zone because I kinda have no idea where she lives. >_< So...yeah. If I'm not around tomorrow, it's because I'm off doing the social thing and I'll let you know how it goes when I get back. XD

Also, the icon? Is new. I just wanted to use it because I think I'm developing some kind of Hojo fetish...

But seriously, that icon is adorable!

To Eco

Aug. 4th, 2008 05:06 pm
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Okay, never did get around to giving you the instructions for that bit on CC... when you're standing at the entrance, wait for the guard from the left to walk away. Sometimes a guard walks down there from the right so you'll have to wait until he goes too. Dash down and get the chest, turn and run back up. Hide behind the big pipe thing - the guards never noticed me there. When the coast is clear, run straight across to the opposite wall and up next to the building. There's a bit where a ramp goes up and a chest next to it. Get the chest - the guards didn't notice me when I was there, doing squats to keep warm. XD When the guard next to Zack's head moves away, you should be able to just run up the ramp, turn left and head down into the complex.

Hope this help a bit. Sorry if I'm not too clear.

But hey...I managed to sneak on and post this anyway~ And catch up with DC. >_> *is pretending that wasn't her main reason for getting online*
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Today going to be good. I was sure of it. I'd wake up and come on the computer and mess around for a bit.

But no.

Daisychain has taken over my entire weekend, which sucks because NO ONE IS ON, DAMMIT! I replied to the Lucy-Seph thread and...that's it. Fucking hell. I dreamed about replying to Daisychain comments as Sephiroth. Like hell do I remember what was said but I remember quite clearly checking my yahoo mail, seeing the comments and typing replies.

And that sorta happened. I had one reply to type, a comic strip to read, a couple people to add to Seph's flist and that's it. I messed around some. Stumbled across two instances of random tentacle-themed fanfiction, which if it hadn't happened before, would probably be a lot more traumatising.

Now I'm bored out of my fucking mind. I have no one to talk to, unless I want a 10 year old who uses unreadable sparkly letters all the time.  I can't be bothered with that so I'm not going to bother. She'll insist on playing games over MSN and get upset if I win. It's Rock, Paper, Scissors! i have no idea what she'll choose! i can't control if I win or lose, dammit, but if i win, Iain tells me off!

And I may or may not be upset because I just finished getting through Surgeon General's Warning and it's one of the best things I've ear read and I didn't want to get to the latest chapter. But there should be at least one more. Sora has to fix Riku and Axel and Roxas have to get together. >_<

Goddamn it. I'm going to try to watch anime now. Somehow. The speakers are too goddamn quiet, my mother's playing music and hoovering at the same time.

And I'd write something but all my stories are on the busted up PC in my room and no one will help because my brother is being fucking unreachable. Dammit. Seriously, the only way I have to contact him at the moment is through Second Life. I don't even know if he logs on there any more. I certainly don't know what usernames he uses across the internet. Fucking hell.

And I'll kill him if Steph's mother's had her baby and he hasn't bothered to tell me. I'll skin him alive. That's the kind of thing I have to know, dammit and last time I saw them, Steph had got a phone call saying her mother might be going into labour and she'd have to wait up for a call. No word since then. Dammit, don't keep me in the dark!

Okay, calming down...or attempting to.

Fucking hell. I just feel so...wound up today. I want to do something. Write or something. But I was so far on the second chapter of Somewhere I belong (which I am seriously starting to hate the title of now but I fail at thinking up titles anyway) and I don't fancy starting again. Demyx and Zexion were..well, interacting. I'm not sure how I was gonna move things from where they were. Well, I did. But. Well. There's more stuff and I don't know how I can make it work anymore. I just need someone to talk to and either put up with me babbling nonsense at them or distract me. Probably distract me. I know everyone gets really fed up with me babbling about all the crap I'm overthinking. Really, the number of times I've babbled to Eco and Ross about Sephiroth on Daisychain, they probably deserve a medal for not telling me to shut the fuck up.

As does anyone who's read this rant, I guess. I should stop taking up people's friend pages with this crap, huh?

Dammit, I'm sick of eighties music! Argh!
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Third post today. New layout, not finished editing yet. Credit should be at the side <---

Man, I need to get me a hobby. I can't stop checking my email.


Also, Eco is somehow my child. XD I love my baby! *cuddlesqueeze and stuffs full of cookies*
<s>We are perfectly sane, thank you.</s>

Also, I is a dork.

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...Because EcoJak needs to be worshipped. XD

Seeking members for the cult of Eco!

:iconecojak: is an amazing person who must be worshipped as the goddess she is!

Anyone interested? Pleasepleaseplease! Go visit her dA page and anywhere else she can be found online. XD (But um...try not to be all scary-stalkerish? Ehehehe... >_>;)

Her FFN page - [link]

So...anyone interested, leave a comment. XD I'll get back to ya once I've sorted stuff out and know there's a few people interested.

P.S: Eco, I toldja I'd spam everywhere with this. XD


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