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My mom left a magazine open on my bed with an interview with E. L. James, the author of 50 Shades of Grey.

She'd circled the bit where the woman talked about getting her fanfiction published.

I tihnk my mother is trying to give me a hint and I'm fucking terrified. :| She used to read my fanfiction when I left it lying around. It led to the most awkward conversation I have ever had:

Mom: Why do all the boys in your stories end up gay?

Me: Uh, well.... it's........cute? *runs the fuck away*

But I have been working on other stories that I would like to get published. Ones that are not related to my fanfiction in any way. I've done some research on how to get published when I've finished the novel, plus I've looked up magazines that might accept the collection of short stories I've also been working on.

Also  I'm setting up a separate tumblr from my main one for my personal things and writings. My main one remains for the purposes of fandom and reblogging. It's not quite finished et but I'll post a link when I get started on posting on it. But I'll probably cross-post everything here anyway.

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So... I was supposed to be back on Monday...

And then my boyfriend's brother-in-law fell ten foot off a girder, broke his leg and is now is hospital. That means me and my boyfriend are on Emergency Babysitter Standby until he's out incase they need someone to look after the kids.

Fucking lucky though. He was twenty feet up when he fell and could have landed in the middle of a busy road. But the guy must have a guardian angel or something because he got caught between scaffolding and girder and somehow landed on the roof of the building he was working on. So he's got a broken leg - heard it snap too - and there were two ambulances and three fire engines come to get him down. Held up all the traffic in the town centre for an hour an a half on a busy Monday afternoon. Traffic was backed up all the was from the train station to Wearmouth Bridge in one direction and most of Park Lane Interchange ground to a halt too.

And now I feel kinda guilty because I spent most of yesterday moping about because I want to go home. I want my eczema cream - it's been driving me crazy for almost two weeks now - and to see my mother and our cats and clean clothes because I feel iffy about letting my boyfriend's mother do my laundry and I WANT TO TALK TO MY FRIENDS DAMN IT. AND RP AGAIN. FUCK I MISS IT.

And having the info and time I need to phone up the jobcentre to sign back on would help too. >_> But I have no idea when I'll be back. ;-;
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Glitter Text Generator

I'm 23 today~ ...No comments about me getting old please. -_-

So far, so good too. Nobody asked me what I want to do for my birthday, which is awesome because I've not had to explain for the millionth time that I do not want to do anything special on my birthday. I'm a year older. So what? The biggest celebration I've had planned is that sparkly text up there.

Mostly seem to have been getting chocolate. My mother got me pocky and chocolate covered coffee beans - with the warning not to eat many at once or I'll be bouncing off the walls. XD Also got a jewelery case - means I gotta find my jewelery now - and a handbag that doesn't match anything I own. XD Also received a book voucher I am very tempted to spend right now online and some money that I'm gonna save until the end of the month when I go to Newcastle.

Last week was... I guess a bit more eventful than usual. Carrie had her engagement party, which was... alright. Nothing much happened except the DJ was rubbish. His laptop broke and took an hour to fix. Saw a few people I've not seen in ages too, like Stacey, Danielle and Garth. Not that I talked to them much in the end. I sat next to Ross mostly and ended up leaving early because my boyfriend was getting sleepy. XD I swear, he fell asleep on my shoulder at one point. <3

Doctor Who is back on TV~ New Doctor too. I've had enough of hearing how much of a 'tit' Matt Smith is. I just don't see it. I like him as the Doctor. Including the bow ties. XD Sure, I'm sad to see David Tennant go but I got over that at the end of the last series. Now I'm willing to give this new guy a chance and so far, I like what I see. I like the new assistant too. Can't wait to see more~ I keep rereading the Radio Times article on it. XD Wantwantwant~

Which reminds me.

No one is to send me any news of any games I have yet to play that I may want. This includes KH, FF and ...well. Any Squenix games. I'll drive myself mad with want. No movie ads either because I'll never get around to seeing half the movies anyway. I'm just sick of seeing things I'm not going to be able to get for ages and ages, even after they're available. I can drive myself mad with the want but I'd rather people not help me. Seriously. The ad on TV for FF13 is almost painful to watch, I want it that badly. >.>
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Yesterday, I was a grouchy anti-social bitch in pain.

Today, I am no longer in pain but I am still somewhat grouchy.

Bah. I'm just not having a good time of it at the moment. Good thing it's all almost over. I have one party to go to next week, then it is my boyfriend's father's birthday and I shall be expected to go along with whatever social thing their family has planned, then it's my birthday in exactly two weeks (I still dread my boyfriend's family realising lest they insist I do something to celebrate) and then my boyfriend's nephew's birthday and then IT'S ALL OVER.

Until summer.

Ross says the next anime/furmeet is April 4th but that's Easter Sunday, isn't it? When everything will be closed? So I wonder what they're all going to do for it. I want to go along but I'm not sure I will. I need the money to buy presents for people. I'll have to do something else to make it up to Ross for skipping out on him for the second time in a row. Maybe work on the next chapter of that story? XD I need to do that anyway...

Oh, but I need to go to his house at some point to pick up the picture his friend drew for me... And return the DVDs I borrowed months ago, forgot about and recently discovered in my brother's bedroom.

Speaking of my brother - saw him last Friday for the first time since Christmas. Without his shadow girlfriend, too. o.o I was shocked and amazed. Not that I don't like her but it does grate on me a bit that they are hardly ever apart. How have they not killed each other yet?

But... I had a bit of a fight with my boyfriend that night. I forget what was said now but... He was upset I think that I got so caught up in seeing my brother again and catching up that I was late in going over to his. He phoned up and we argied a bit and he hung up. A couple minutes later, my phone battery died so I charged it incase he called back but he didn't. Instead, I spent the night with my family and went over to his in the morning to patch things up.

Sunday was spent at his nieces christening. Normally, that is a long and boring ceremony but this time it was at a different church so there were different people in charge and... it felt more like the gathering of an obscure cult than a christening. Not to mention, the priest guy was going on before it began about PROFIT and LOSS, going on about what would happen if you lost all your possessions in a flood or an earthquake - which seems ridiculous to me. I know there has been a recent earthquake in Haiti but... who ever heard of an earthquake in North East England? The whole thing seemed to be a huge hint about getting people to donate money to the church.

After that, everyone went back to my boyfriend's sister's except there were so many people I didn't know that I just couldn't relax. So I started stressing. And then my arm felt really itchy and... well... now I have this long, sore scratch on my arm. It's getting better, I just can't touch it. Other places are beginning to itch too, whcih means my eczema is on it's way back. I should still have a little cream left over from last time it was bugging me. I jsut have to remember to apply it. >_< Goddamn. I refuse to let it get as bad as last time though. I swear - both arms, both legs, a patch on my stomach - all sore from scratching so much. >.< Because I was too stubborn to go to the doctor and get some proper cream for it. E45 doesn't do enough, plus the handwash smells awful. >.> My mother hasn't seen my latest scratch though and I don't plan on showing her. I just have to wear long, loose sleeves...

Anyway, I felt awful yesterday so I spent another night with my boyfriend. Damn hormones got me this month worse than usual - my legs were jelly, my head ached, I felt nauseous and just wanted to go to bed. I didn't think I'd be alright alone on the bus though so I stayed. Now it seems I'm going to catch another cold though. My boyfriend got manflu at the moment - coughing, sneezing, blowing his nose constantly and whinging about being unable to think/breathe/do anything himself (though what's new about that? XD) and when I went to get him some medicine, he complained. Ungrateful little brat. I didn't have to go get it for him.

But then he went out and I got to play Dragon Age for a bit~ I've started a whole new game again. He found my first save data, where I was doing an awful job of surviving but not my second save data, where I had done better. So I started all over again - same character - Elven mage - but did things a bit differently. Instead of going straight to Redcliffe from Lothering, I went to see the Dalish elves instead and fought werewolves. And helped out a rhyming tree. XD That was fun. I still have more to do there but the main quest bit is over and the elves have agreed to help against the Archdemon. I'm not sure if I should head out to Redcliffe now or pay a visit to the Circle of Magi or the dwarves. Or I could go and get the stone golem, visit Soldier's Peak or...there's something else to do but I can't remember what.

>.> Need to play Dissidia some more too. Been playing a bit of The World Ends With You as well, mostly training and getting money. Re-read Into the Nightside too and wish I could find the next book. I need more. ;-; And there are so many things I need to do but I don't want to do any of them, mostly because it is late.

...Maybe I'll go on Oblivion for a bit. >.> I had a dream a couple nights ago that I was my Oblivion character. I became an alcoholic to deal with the horrors I witnessed through the Oblivion gates.

I also had a dream the world was ending so I spent some time hanging with my boyfriend, then buying up all the books I wanted to read and then hung out on my bed at my gran's house with Eco, who had flown over to see me for the End Days and we sat reading for hours until my gran called us down to eat. o.O It was odd but I woke up feeling really good. ^_^;;;
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I finally have a copy of Dissidia Final Fantasy. It is wonderfully addictive but I kinda suck. At least for the moment. Once I've leveled the characters, I'll do better I think. But I'm seeing advertisements for Final Fantasy XIII everywhere and I can't afford it yet. ;-; I wonder if my mtoher was serious about getting a XBox 360 to play it on? PS3s are too expensive so she was asking about 360s earlier but they're still a bit expensive for us at the moment.

...I sort of want a PS3 more though.If we get a 360, then I can introduce my mother to all the awesome games on it... But PS3 has blu-ray which means I could get Advent Children Complete to watch with her...

Bah. It's not really my decision and it might not happen anyway. >.> But the fact that she even asked about getting a 360 at all just for FF13 makes me happy. <3 It is awesome, having a mother who plays the same videogames I do.

Adam's birthday on Friday. I haven't got him a present. No idea what to get him. Tried emailing him but he has no idea either so... I'm not even sure if he's coming back this Friday at all. He'd better though. Mom'll get upset if he doesn't. He missed her birthday and Gran's already so he sure as hell better come back on his or I swear I'm going to kill him. He's all but abandoned us for his girlfriend's family. He follows everything they do or say like it's the fucking gospel and never goes anywhere without his girlfriend. Yeah, she's nice and we get along but for once I wish they would just spend some fucking time apart. Bah. It's not even fully their fault. My brother is built to be a follower. Even when he pulls his pretentious elitist bullshit act, it's only following what he's aready been told by them.
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Just got back from my night out. My mother met a whole bunch of people she's not seen in more than ten years and enjoyed herself a lot. I'm glad of that. I was a little worried she might feel awkward but there was no awkwardness at all. A good time was had by all~ The food was good, the drink was good, the company and the conversation - all good. Just hope I can remember enough later when I am inevitably quizzed by Pauline about it. ^^;;;

I'm still feeling really full though. The main course was huge. o.o I'm glad I skipped the starter or I'd never have been able to manage it. I think there were a few people surprised by how much I eat. Apparently I eat more than I look like I should be able to. o.O And I had room for desert afterward but not the birthday cake.

I got to hear about what the kids had been up to though and discussing how Aiden loves Indiana Jones and wanted to know more about archeology from my mother. XD He's got the toy whip and the hat and everything apparently. And he knows about the Egyptian trick of yanking brains out through the nose with a hook. I wonder if he realises real archeology is more about kneeling in a muddy pit for hours every day and not running from boulders and avoiding traps? Sweet kid though.

The story of the first time I met Pauline and her family was told again as well. I remember it as being very awkward and Megan kept asking questions about shampoo. >_< But it's all good. My mother had a few stories of her own to tell, particularly about the time Iain tied me to his sofa bed and texted her to say he wasn't going to let me go home (yes, it was all a joke but embarrassing!) and my mother texted back to say "I know all your family and so do my friends. Be very afraid." The first time she met him, she went through the list of his aunts and uncles to narrow down whose offspring he was. She was all "Well, it's not Dave and it's not Ronnie... Not Pat or Ann either..." and he went so pale so very quickly. XDDDDD But on the plus side, my mother also said that as soon as she knew which family he was from, I would be safe with him. It's good to know she approves so much, even after I've been with him for five years.

So tonight has been a lot of fun. I'm really glad my mother and I went along. If we hadn't, it would have been a night in on the sofa with some DVDs. Iain's mother was pleased to see us as well. She had no idea we were coming. Initially, I'd said I wanted to spend the day with my mother because it is her birthday but then we got that phone call inviting us out and it was all kept secret. ^_^ Apparently, Iain's mother was a little disappointed I'd said no to going out, which was why Pauline invited my mother as well. It was much better than just staying in anyway.

On the whole, today has been an excellent, if a bit hectic. I had to make two trips into town because I forgot to buy chinchilla food for Spike. He ran out two days ago and I had to keep him going on the last of the biscuit treats yesterday. >_< I still have to get my gran a present for her birthday on Tuesday as well (Why are there so many people born in March? Geez... give my bank account a break, please!) and a present for Adam for his 21st on the 19th. I have no idea what to get either of them. I couldn't think of anything for my mother either so I just ended up with a box of chocolates and some bath bombs from Lush - they do awesome handmade cosmetics and things, so it's a bit expensive but also really unique, which I knew my mother would love. She got a lot of chocolates for her birthday though. XD There's three different boxes, all varying sizes on the table right now. She was looking at them earlier, saying "My diet is really going to suffer..." but I know she doesn't mind in the least. Hell, she even suggested chocolate when I asked her what she wanted. XD

Wow, I've rambled here... ^^ Must be the wine I had. Someone kept topping up my glass but I didn't want to leave it unfinished on the table... XD

So. Uh. tl;dr - awesome times were had by all.

And there will hopefully be more awesome times to be had on Sunday when I shall hopefully go to the anime/fur meet. ^_^
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Plans are made and finalised~ No getting out of this now!

My mother meets my boyfriend's family this Friday. She's met some of them before - used to be drinking buddies way back before I was born - but not everyone. She spent an hour on the phone talking to his sister yesterday. XD And she phoned again today to get our orders for the restaurant on Friday. I haven't yet planned what I'm wearing but I'll find something. ^_^

I've got my next couple Jobcentre appointments sorted out now. I met my New Deal Advisor today - the same woman I had a couple years ago as it turns out. They didn't give me a name when I was given the time of the appointment. But we know each other and get along well enough that I have no problems at all so far. I have two application forms to fill in for the same job - it's a library assistant thing but it's in two different locations but for the same university. I'll hav eto fill them in tomorrow and take them back to the Jobcentre for my next appointment - which is Friday morning. It's that or I pop in on Monday and do it. I don't know what the closing date is but since it has to be faxed and posted I figure sooner is better than later.

I have to get a birthday present for my gran soon too but I have no idea what to get her. I thought about getting another little crystal sculpture thing since I know she likes those but I didn't see any in town. My last hope of getting one is if I can find one on Sunday when I go to the meet up in Newcastle with Ross. Looking forward to that so much by the way. Last time was awesome even though I didn't get to stay very long. But I'm double-checking now to make sure it's okay for me to go. >.> I should go anyway but still. I should. Just...because.

Gah. So many things happening lately~ It's making me both happy and anxious. I hope everything goes well over the next week. Month. Better make that for the rest of the month. Once my gran's birthday is over, I have to think about my brother's birthday, then the next fanbbs meetup, my friend's engagement party, my boyfriend's dad's birthday and then his nephew's birthday.

Oh, and my birthday. I almost forgot about that. I'll be 23 in about a month. Crap.
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Well~ Christmas has come and gone and honestly went a lot better than I expected. I managed to head of my gran from her trip upstairs since she was coming to find me. That meant no room inspection. :D

Spent much time just hanging around, talking to people. My aunt stayed longer than expected, which is good ebcause she missed out for the last two years due to health problems. The food was good - my mother really outdid herself this year and my brother wasn't annoying at all.

Presents so far (apparently I have a pile waiting at my boyfriend's house from his family):

Pretty black handbag - will likely never see use but it is pretty nevertheless
Devil May Cry DVD set - omfgsopretty *_* I'm so glad I got my mother into anime now. XD
A new watch - is very pretty and sparkly~
Lizard brooch - I never seem to wear brooches since mostly they seem... old-lady-ish but this one is nice and simple enough that I feel I could wear it often.
Money - about £60 total and will likely go towards buying a Nintendo DS. <3

So all in all, not a bad day. After my gran and aunt left, me and my mother sat down to watch DMC together but by the end of the first disc, I was having trouble staying awake. ^^; Might watch the last two later.

But despite that, I was still up until a bit after midnight playing FF12. I guess I just needed something that would make me think more than staying at the screen does. XD But I'm pretty much through the Nam-Yensa Sandsea now. I was going to go mark-hunting but I'm too weak to go for the lowest ranked mark available at the moment. I can either train up and defeat it or I can get on with the storyline... >.> The FAQ I found reccomends being about level 30 and I'm about level 22-23... I'mma just go play the storyline...
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Today has been rather...bipolar. I started off this morning with no energy and feeling like I was faking every emotion (Hey! I turned into a Nobody! XDDD). That changed this afternoon. Filing was killing me so I stopped to take some paracetamol - turned out I forgot it - but had a bit of a laugh with another placement-girl at Sencia and from then on, everything has been pretty much rainbows and unicorns.

My boyfriend came to meet me after work today too.We had a little talk about what's been bothering me and I mentioned that I wasn't going to spend anywhere near as much on him anymore. His response? " wuv me~ and I need things~" (all in his 'cute little boy' voice...not fooled.) to which I said, "Pfft. No, you don't." And then the conversation switched to other things. But he has been warned. Next time we're shopping, I'm putting my foot down so he knows absolutely that I'm serious about this.

But it left me feeling a bit empowered. I thought it was going to be awkward and lead to arguments but I guess we were both in too good a mood for that. I've let him know how I feel though and that is the main thing.

Heh... Once upon a time, not so long ago really, I would have been a lot more nervous about revealing  stuff like that. My boyfriend can be pretty scary when he's mad even though I know he'd never hurt me. But I guess I've been feeling a lot better about myself recently and that's boosted my confidence so goddamn high. Couple months ago, I'd be terrified of strangers and I hated answering the phone but now everything is better.

Family is visiting from Wales. My aunt and uncle and probably my cousins too. They arrived last night so I'm home over the weekend to see them and be social among my family and stuff. I remember last time they were visiting and my cousins - they're only young so they can't be blamed for this - wanted to play with the cats so much and were chasing them around the house. My mother thought they'd get scratched for sure but nothing happened. They just went and hid upstairs. XD


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