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Here's your birthday fic~ I hope you like it. <3

Title: Gaia's Pack
Characters: Zack, Sephiroth, Aerith, others
Rating: PG
Warnings: AU with the characters as wolves.
Summary: A birthday request for Eco. The forests of Midgar are ruled by ruled by the wolves. Nothing goes on that the Alpha, Sephiroth, does not hear about - or so he thinks, until he discovers a wolf pup he's never encountered before within the forest borders.

Gaia's Pack
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I have no voice today.

Why is it that when I am sick, I am still running around, trying to get my boyfriend well again? Where is my help? Why don't I get any care?

Oh. That's right.

It's because I'm not home. Seriously. When I get sick, only my mother or my gran has ever taken care of me. (I do not count slipping pills into my coke a form of care, as I recall my dad doing. Soluble paracetamol is nasty enough in water, never mind ruining a perfectly good glass of coke with it for a headache.)

But anyway. I have no voice. Well, sometimes I do but it's croaky and hoarse. I have been able to eat more today though so I think I should be getting better faster. I need to be well by Friday to finish the christmas shopping that we have been unable to do because we're ill and then get home by 6:30 at the latest.

But I get to spend the meantime watching X-Men Evolution~ Man, I love this show~ <3 It's been forever since I last watched it. Kurt is totally my favourite. Who can't adore a fuzzy blue elf? XD

Anyway~ Meme time~

Day 05 - Your favorite Final Fantasy City/Town.
Ah... now this is hard... I like... the idea of Midgar - the whole metal city suspended in the air and stuff. The idea of it is pretty cool. Alas, but the reality of it is not so cool. The slums kinda eliminate it for me. There there is Treno. I always likes going there, and the Black Mage's village in FF9 but they're still not favourites. Besaid and Kilika are pretty in FFX/X-2 but... still not what I would call favourites.

Hm... at the moment, I think it is a contest between Rabanastre, Bhujerba and...Palumporom and Nautilus.

final fantasy meme )

Day 05 - Ship with the least chemistry

*goes to collapse and die instead of answering this question*

Myaybe next time, I'm not up to this anymore.

shipping meme )
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My boyfriend is really ill today. Barely functioning ill. He's come down with it quite suddenly - I think it's flu but I'm not sure - and now I'm starting to feel ill. But what really bugs me is that he's still got to go into work or he'll be fired. He's had one sick day and he missed a day of mandatory overtime because he didn't know it was mandatory - and why is overtime mandatory anyway? I thought overtime was a voluntary thing? But the souless people that run Nissan don't care that people get sick unextectedly, it seems. So he's got to go into work, go to the medical centre and see if they can declare him unfit for work. If that happens, he's got to get a note from them and then take it to his line manager - who will apparently be disappointed that my boyfriend cannot work tonight. Apparently if one can stand, they can work. Nevermind that my boyfriend could barely manage to dress himself to go out to work. He's not eaten anything either, despite me and his mother trying to persuade him.

Anyway. Memes.

Day 03 – Your favorite Final Fantasy theme/song.
Now, I suspect people may assume that OWA is my favourite, right? It's not. This is:


FF meme )

Day 03 - Ship you need to happen now
Um... I have no idea. Just... pick any one of my fave pairings! ^^; I've got no idea, can't really think of any at the moment but... hmm... *gazes around for inspiration* Perhaps Alice/Tarrant from Alice in Wonderland? Or.... nevermoind. I'm out of ideas for the moment. fffff *goes back to tidying bf's room while he's out*

Shipping meme )
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Uh... y'know how I was doing NaNo and all and then fell behind...?

This is what I did instead of catching up.

Title: The Morning After
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII/Alternate Universe 
Characters: Sephiroth, Cloud,
Rating: PG-13ish
Genre: romance, fluff, sorta angsty a bit I guess.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.
Warnings: Mentions of sex and alcohol.
Summary: Cloud POV. After getting really drunk at a club, Cloud wakes up next to a complete stranger.
Words: 2630

The Morning After )
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Today is not really a good day. My boyfriend made himself ill last night and he's sleeping it off today. I hope he can sleep through the night too or his shift at work on Monday morning is going to be hell. I'm not letting him skip it either. He's already got a cold but he did not have to drink so much...

He also apparently did and said some really stupid things to his oldest friend. >.< I'll make sure they make up later - properly and sincerely, because my boyfriend saying stupid things while drunk is no reason to break up a 20+ year friendship.

And now all I want to do is play Final Fantasy 13 some more but I can't because it might wake my boyfriend. I have commentaries though. Lots of goddamn commentaries. Since I have nothing much else to do (something like...two tags or something. >.>), here you go.

When I last left off, I was in the middle of Lake Bresha still. This goes on until I reach the Whitewoods.

This game keeps leaving me breathless )

Now...I really should go do the few tags I need. Then... maybe play some BBS. I've been neglecting that game too much in faour of RP and FF13.
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More commentaries~ Because I was bored.

First up, some more FF13, from in the middle of the Pulse Vestige to Lake Bresha.
This game confuses me so much. The pretty distracts me from the story. )
Time for a break~

Working on BBs commentaries now. Eco's convinced me to go through Ventus's story first. <3 No doubt I shall be spamming up flists with that later.
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Apparently getting my hopes up that a text message letting me know what time my boyfriend will be back means he has not left his keys is not a good idea. Have searched high and low for them now and still cannot find them.

If he doens't have them, we're kinda fucked if we can't get them back by Saturday.

Spammin' your flists because I can. Be grateful for the cuts. <3 )


ffff Bored now. More tomorrow.
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Slight change to my plan. I can't go out and get BBS and ACC since I can't find the front door key. I can only hope my boyfriend took it with him...

Instead, I shall be playing FF13. Have some random game commentary as I play. <3 Everything is written pretty much as I experience it.
This can all be blamed on Eco. <3 )

Aaaand that's all for now. I'm going out. Yet another change of plans. Wonderful. >.> Getting sick of the inconsistency though. And also my sudden inability to type... *just had to rewrite the last couple sentences three times*

- I am loving this game so far.
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Man, plotting is complicated. Remind me why I do it?

Oh yeah.

Sometimes things need to be planned. Sephiroth can't just spontaneously take over Zack's mind and attack Nautilus. That would create all kinds of OOC backlash I don't even want to think about.


Still, I shall deal with it. There are more people wanting to get involved now. Good thing I have lists or I'd never keep track of them. At least Sephiroth isn't utterly alone against all these people who are going to want to smack his ass back down. >.> He's got Zack - albiet brainwashed - and Blackarachnia too.

Yeah, that's another goddamn spider in my life now. XD

But she'll prove useful until Seph regains his sanity.


In othe, non-RP news, it looks like I'll have to sign on again. No new jobs from the agency, which I'm vaguely grateful for at the moment. I don't think I could handle a job and this plot at the same time - hence I want to just rush through it all before I get another job but I can't do that because there must be build-up.

Anyway. I'm going to call the jobcentre in the morning. Better do it before I run out of money.

Been inspired to work on a couple old stories lately too, or at least to work with old characters. Perhaps over the weeked? I'll have to put the files on to my memorystick so I can work on them on the laptop. Might as well try to get something productive done over the weekend rather than read manga. I've been buying so much of it lately. At least I managed to finish one of my series, even if the end did throw me into a funk for the rest of the day. Is a happy ending too much to ask for? D: Especially one where the cute younger male and the hot older guy end up together and happily in love for the rest of their days rather than said older guy turning out to be a sociopathic magic-wielding assassin who vowed years before to kill the cute younger man? *facepalms, sobs*
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I finally have a copy of Dissidia Final Fantasy. It is wonderfully addictive but I kinda suck. At least for the moment. Once I've leveled the characters, I'll do better I think. But I'm seeing advertisements for Final Fantasy XIII everywhere and I can't afford it yet. ;-; I wonder if my mtoher was serious about getting a XBox 360 to play it on? PS3s are too expensive so she was asking about 360s earlier but they're still a bit expensive for us at the moment.

...I sort of want a PS3 more though.If we get a 360, then I can introduce my mother to all the awesome games on it... But PS3 has blu-ray which means I could get Advent Children Complete to watch with her...

Bah. It's not really my decision and it might not happen anyway. >.> But the fact that she even asked about getting a 360 at all just for FF13 makes me happy. <3 It is awesome, having a mother who plays the same videogames I do.

Adam's birthday on Friday. I haven't got him a present. No idea what to get him. Tried emailing him but he has no idea either so... I'm not even sure if he's coming back this Friday at all. He'd better though. Mom'll get upset if he doesn't. He missed her birthday and Gran's already so he sure as hell better come back on his or I swear I'm going to kill him. He's all but abandoned us for his girlfriend's family. He follows everything they do or say like it's the fucking gospel and never goes anywhere without his girlfriend. Yeah, she's nice and we get along but for once I wish they would just spend some fucking time apart. Bah. It's not even fully their fault. My brother is built to be a follower. Even when he pulls his pretentious elitist bullshit act, it's only following what he's aready been told by them.
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Well~ Christmas has come and gone and honestly went a lot better than I expected. I managed to head of my gran from her trip upstairs since she was coming to find me. That meant no room inspection. :D

Spent much time just hanging around, talking to people. My aunt stayed longer than expected, which is good ebcause she missed out for the last two years due to health problems. The food was good - my mother really outdid herself this year and my brother wasn't annoying at all.

Presents so far (apparently I have a pile waiting at my boyfriend's house from his family):

Pretty black handbag - will likely never see use but it is pretty nevertheless
Devil May Cry DVD set - omfgsopretty *_* I'm so glad I got my mother into anime now. XD
A new watch - is very pretty and sparkly~
Lizard brooch - I never seem to wear brooches since mostly they seem... old-lady-ish but this one is nice and simple enough that I feel I could wear it often.
Money - about £60 total and will likely go towards buying a Nintendo DS. <3

So all in all, not a bad day. After my gran and aunt left, me and my mother sat down to watch DMC together but by the end of the first disc, I was having trouble staying awake. ^^; Might watch the last two later.

But despite that, I was still up until a bit after midnight playing FF12. I guess I just needed something that would make me think more than staying at the screen does. XD But I'm pretty much through the Nam-Yensa Sandsea now. I was going to go mark-hunting but I'm too weak to go for the lowest ranked mark available at the moment. I can either train up and defeat it or I can get on with the storyline... >.> The FAQ I found reccomends being about level 30 and I'm about level 22-23... I'mma just go play the storyline...
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Another mostly sleepless night last night. God. What is wrong with me?

I had another bizarre dream too but I can't remember what it was. I think there was a tentacle monster involved...

Wait. i got it. There was an alien tentacle monster thing in a spaceship hovering above Earth trying to wipe out human lust.



Hello, brain, what the fuck kinda drugs you been taking and why wasn't I in on it?

But I spent the first half the night after I logged off unable to sleep so I put a game on. Limited only to PS1 games, I had two digimon games, Final Fantasy 8 and Koudelka to choose from. I should have gone for Koudelka. -_- I put FF8 on first only to have it crash the moment I left Balamb Garden and got into a battle. Maybe I'll try again later.

But I want to play Jak games later...

And I already started a FF2 game last week I should continue.

Not to mention the work I should be doing for my NaNo novel...

Should be doing that now actually. I need to write a rather gruesome death scene for chapter 9 and then fit another couple deaths into chapter 10. Can't let myself fall behind on my word count. I need at least another 1000 words to keep myself happy today. Should start now actually...

Letting myself fall back into RP yesterday was fun but now all I want to do is continue that plot. But I have to make it wait until December before I get Sephy involved again. He can stay in the basement, plotting things while the others play on without me and him. XD

Anyway. NaNo calls me and I really must kill these characters. <3
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Procrastinating once again over NaNoWriMo. Yeah, I'll be doing that a lot this month. Who wants to bet I'll fail? 8D

But I wrote over 1000 words last night before I went to bed, which isn't bad considering the distractions I had. <3

I've got a few things to work on today though so I probably shouldn't have spent this morning playing Final Fantasy II. I just woke up this morning with a sort of game plan for it. Normally when I play, I just equip whatever and go for it. Except I got a bit stuck and then...well, this morning out of nowhere comes this plan to do all the characters properly and stuff...


I had some wierdass dreams lately.

First of all, I was sitting with Sephiroth, just enjoying a quiet moment when all of a sudden, Genesis bursts into the room and starts demanding that Sephiroth love him, why won't he love him wahwahwah. They start aguing so I move away into another room. And Sephiroth follows me. And Genesis follows him. So this argument is following me everywhere and they won't shut up.

Then there was some strange creature/person thing that was trapping people's hearts with chains and the only thing that could cut the chains was a keyblade. Which I just so happened to have. Cue much slashing of chains and fight scenes like I just jumped straight out of a magical girl anime. I even had a team of bishounen to back me up, tell me where to go next and everything. XD We battled our way to the bad guy's castle and found all the doors and servants and things chained up in much the same way. So I start cutting everything, running up the chains to cut them at the top of the friggin huuuuge doors. But I woke up before I got to even see the end boss so I have no idea who or what was behind it all. o.O

Well, I think that's enough procrastinating for the moment~

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Once upon a time, Sabby ended up being talked into joining a roleplay. Her first on LJ, since the last forum-based game she was in died. She sucked at that anyway. But Sabby was better now, and trying very hard. She liked this new game and had a lot of fun playing. There were ups and downs, of course, but overall it was very enjoyable.

Then the Endgame came. At first, Sabby was excited to be a part of it. But then everything got so big and confusing. It seemed like people were splitting off into their own groups and Sabby, never incredibly social and not playing the most social of characters, started feeling left out. And the feeling was getting worse and worse...and it still is.

I refuse to drop out so close to the end. I want to see this through to the very last. But...I'm not really enjoying it anymore. It's becoming too stressful. I can't even think of tagging the one thread on Day One I still have going with Sephiroth. I'm faring no better with Tasslehoff either. logs elsewhere... The thing with Vincent and Seph in the musebox is a lot more fun. And I'm getting Seph started on his little plot thing in [info]piecesofworlds - which I need to tag back. [info]regenesisrpg needs a little more interest though. I got an email from someone about it and responded but nothing else. Still, it's early days yet and I need to exercise a little patience.

And...the little...AIM RP that's sprung up with Arwen and Tana. o.o I swear, I cannot control Sephiroth at all. I'm just his typing monkey. None of it was ever planned - at least in my mind - but it still works. And...speaking of this little RP, here's a very short fic I'm dedicating to Arwen, since she helped to inspire it. >_>

A little background info for anyone reading this who doesn't know - Seph has a bit of a crush on Rinoa. With Genesis' help, they've managed to get further than simply being friends but it's still at beginning stages. Sephiroth is still getting used to dealing with emotions and he and Rinoa are still learning about each other. It's so sweet sometimes, I'm getting cavities.

Title: Preparation
Characters/Pairing: Sephiroth/Rinoa
Disclaimer: Don't own these characters, never will. Except for my Sephiroth Play Arts figure. <3
Warnings: Fluff of the hetero kind. And it might not make complete sense. >_>
Summary: Sephiroth recieves some unexpected news~


Preparation )
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Title: Comfort
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Sephiroth, Zack
Rating: G/U/K
Genre: Romance, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.
Warnings:'s awful? >_>
Summary: I...have no idea. A story I started writing a while ago. It was intended to be a birthday fic for Eco but it's...kinda late. >_> Sorries~ Anyway. Zack has a nightmare. Sephiroth is creepy and watches chases it away.

Comfort )


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Sometimes, I read fanfiction so bad I regret being in the fandom.

Other times, I read fanfiction so bad it's hilarious and I don't know whether I regret being in the fandom or now.That's how I feel now after being sent a link to Chocobo Nights. o.o The, ah, dramatic reading on makes it so much better to. XD

Psst. If you don't like yuri, really bad smut or both, don't follow the links. I refuse to be held responsible if you do. XD
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Title: Come Here Often?
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII/Crisis Core
Characters: Zack, Cloud
Rating: G
Genre: Romance, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.
Warnings: Fluff, fluff and more fluff. And maybe a little angst on Cloud's part.
Summary: Cloud's secret hiding place isn't so secret after all.

Hey baby. )
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So apparently the Sims 2 brings out my...overly creative side.

Been playing FF7 lately. Got up to Nibelheim. Wandered around making a rough sketch of the Shinra Mansion so I can create it on Sims 2.


I'll upload pics when I'm done.

Of course, that will be after I finish the Seraphim Towers castle. <3 My own design and it's stupidly hard and no Sim I've got at the moment will likely make enough money in their lifetime to afford it. Unless I use cheats and things but I don't want to.

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I've been filling out my application for Daisychain and asking Ross for help since Eco's gone offline but I think I broke him. I've been explaining my different theories about various aspects of Sephiroth - bits of his past that we are not told about in any of the games, when should I snatch him from his world etc and I killed his brain. >_>

Look, Sephiroth and Final Fantasy VII has been my obsession since I first played it around the age of 10 or 11. That's 10 years, people. I've had a lot of time to come up with this stuff and it's only been expanding since Advent Children and the newer games. All right, I need a little mroe time to focus on the parts that involve Genesis and Angeal, not to mention revise a few things about Zack and Cloud but still, I've had a long time. And I only played Crisis Core for the first time on Wednesday (I'm already up to the Nibelheim mission. I cannot tell you how badly I don't want to finish the game and yet I must know what happens next. And then replay and replay...much like I did with FF7 originally).

...Apparently, I am possibly over-thinking everything and making it much more complicated than it needs to be. But really, I do meed to think about whether I snatch Sephiroth from his world or have him as a native Manhattanite who was reincarnated there after his defeat in Advent Children. But in all honesty, I'm going with taking him from the canon world. More fun that way. For me, anyway. I've already got one AU project in the works and I don't need to rewrite Sephiroth's history as an American citizen now. My Kingdom Hearts story is all the AU I need right now.

Still, I'm working very hard on my application.

...reminds me...I need to find jobs. RL jobs. >_>


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