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Yesterday, I was a grouchy anti-social bitch in pain.

Today, I am no longer in pain but I am still somewhat grouchy.

Bah. I'm just not having a good time of it at the moment. Good thing it's all almost over. I have one party to go to next week, then it is my boyfriend's father's birthday and I shall be expected to go along with whatever social thing their family has planned, then it's my birthday in exactly two weeks (I still dread my boyfriend's family realising lest they insist I do something to celebrate) and then my boyfriend's nephew's birthday and then IT'S ALL OVER.

Until summer.

Ross says the next anime/furmeet is April 4th but that's Easter Sunday, isn't it? When everything will be closed? So I wonder what they're all going to do for it. I want to go along but I'm not sure I will. I need the money to buy presents for people. I'll have to do something else to make it up to Ross for skipping out on him for the second time in a row. Maybe work on the next chapter of that story? XD I need to do that anyway...

Oh, but I need to go to his house at some point to pick up the picture his friend drew for me... And return the DVDs I borrowed months ago, forgot about and recently discovered in my brother's bedroom.

Speaking of my brother - saw him last Friday for the first time since Christmas. Without his shadow girlfriend, too. o.o I was shocked and amazed. Not that I don't like her but it does grate on me a bit that they are hardly ever apart. How have they not killed each other yet?

But... I had a bit of a fight with my boyfriend that night. I forget what was said now but... He was upset I think that I got so caught up in seeing my brother again and catching up that I was late in going over to his. He phoned up and we argied a bit and he hung up. A couple minutes later, my phone battery died so I charged it incase he called back but he didn't. Instead, I spent the night with my family and went over to his in the morning to patch things up.

Sunday was spent at his nieces christening. Normally, that is a long and boring ceremony but this time it was at a different church so there were different people in charge and... it felt more like the gathering of an obscure cult than a christening. Not to mention, the priest guy was going on before it began about PROFIT and LOSS, going on about what would happen if you lost all your possessions in a flood or an earthquake - which seems ridiculous to me. I know there has been a recent earthquake in Haiti but... who ever heard of an earthquake in North East England? The whole thing seemed to be a huge hint about getting people to donate money to the church.

After that, everyone went back to my boyfriend's sister's except there were so many people I didn't know that I just couldn't relax. So I started stressing. And then my arm felt really itchy and... well... now I have this long, sore scratch on my arm. It's getting better, I just can't touch it. Other places are beginning to itch too, whcih means my eczema is on it's way back. I should still have a little cream left over from last time it was bugging me. I jsut have to remember to apply it. >_< Goddamn. I refuse to let it get as bad as last time though. I swear - both arms, both legs, a patch on my stomach - all sore from scratching so much. >.< Because I was too stubborn to go to the doctor and get some proper cream for it. E45 doesn't do enough, plus the handwash smells awful. >.> My mother hasn't seen my latest scratch though and I don't plan on showing her. I just have to wear long, loose sleeves...

Anyway, I felt awful yesterday so I spent another night with my boyfriend. Damn hormones got me this month worse than usual - my legs were jelly, my head ached, I felt nauseous and just wanted to go to bed. I didn't think I'd be alright alone on the bus though so I stayed. Now it seems I'm going to catch another cold though. My boyfriend got manflu at the moment - coughing, sneezing, blowing his nose constantly and whinging about being unable to think/breathe/do anything himself (though what's new about that? XD) and when I went to get him some medicine, he complained. Ungrateful little brat. I didn't have to go get it for him.

But then he went out and I got to play Dragon Age for a bit~ I've started a whole new game again. He found my first save data, where I was doing an awful job of surviving but not my second save data, where I had done better. So I started all over again - same character - Elven mage - but did things a bit differently. Instead of going straight to Redcliffe from Lothering, I went to see the Dalish elves instead and fought werewolves. And helped out a rhyming tree. XD That was fun. I still have more to do there but the main quest bit is over and the elves have agreed to help against the Archdemon. I'm not sure if I should head out to Redcliffe now or pay a visit to the Circle of Magi or the dwarves. Or I could go and get the stone golem, visit Soldier's Peak or...there's something else to do but I can't remember what.

>.> Need to play Dissidia some more too. Been playing a bit of The World Ends With You as well, mostly training and getting money. Re-read Into the Nightside too and wish I could find the next book. I need more. ;-; And there are so many things I need to do but I don't want to do any of them, mostly because it is late.

...Maybe I'll go on Oblivion for a bit. >.> I had a dream a couple nights ago that I was my Oblivion character. I became an alcoholic to deal with the horrors I witnessed through the Oblivion gates.

I also had a dream the world was ending so I spent some time hanging with my boyfriend, then buying up all the books I wanted to read and then hung out on my bed at my gran's house with Eco, who had flown over to see me for the End Days and we sat reading for hours until my gran called us down to eat. o.O It was odd but I woke up feeling really good. ^_^;;;
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Another mostly sleepless night last night. God. What is wrong with me?

I had another bizarre dream too but I can't remember what it was. I think there was a tentacle monster involved...

Wait. i got it. There was an alien tentacle monster thing in a spaceship hovering above Earth trying to wipe out human lust.



Hello, brain, what the fuck kinda drugs you been taking and why wasn't I in on it?

But I spent the first half the night after I logged off unable to sleep so I put a game on. Limited only to PS1 games, I had two digimon games, Final Fantasy 8 and Koudelka to choose from. I should have gone for Koudelka. -_- I put FF8 on first only to have it crash the moment I left Balamb Garden and got into a battle. Maybe I'll try again later.

But I want to play Jak games later...

And I already started a FF2 game last week I should continue.

Not to mention the work I should be doing for my NaNo novel...

Should be doing that now actually. I need to write a rather gruesome death scene for chapter 9 and then fit another couple deaths into chapter 10. Can't let myself fall behind on my word count. I need at least another 1000 words to keep myself happy today. Should start now actually...

Letting myself fall back into RP yesterday was fun but now all I want to do is continue that plot. But I have to make it wait until December before I get Sephy involved again. He can stay in the basement, plotting things while the others play on without me and him. XD

Anyway. NaNo calls me and I really must kill these characters. <3
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Procrastinating once again over NaNoWriMo. Yeah, I'll be doing that a lot this month. Who wants to bet I'll fail? 8D

But I wrote over 1000 words last night before I went to bed, which isn't bad considering the distractions I had. <3

I've got a few things to work on today though so I probably shouldn't have spent this morning playing Final Fantasy II. I just woke up this morning with a sort of game plan for it. Normally when I play, I just equip whatever and go for it. Except I got a bit stuck and then...well, this morning out of nowhere comes this plan to do all the characters properly and stuff...


I had some wierdass dreams lately.

First of all, I was sitting with Sephiroth, just enjoying a quiet moment when all of a sudden, Genesis bursts into the room and starts demanding that Sephiroth love him, why won't he love him wahwahwah. They start aguing so I move away into another room. And Sephiroth follows me. And Genesis follows him. So this argument is following me everywhere and they won't shut up.

Then there was some strange creature/person thing that was trapping people's hearts with chains and the only thing that could cut the chains was a keyblade. Which I just so happened to have. Cue much slashing of chains and fight scenes like I just jumped straight out of a magical girl anime. I even had a team of bishounen to back me up, tell me where to go next and everything. XD We battled our way to the bad guy's castle and found all the doors and servants and things chained up in much the same way. So I start cutting everything, running up the chains to cut them at the top of the friggin huuuuge doors. But I woke up before I got to even see the end boss so I have no idea who or what was behind it all. o.O

Well, I think that's enough procrastinating for the moment~

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I finished Infinite Undiscovery today~ <3 Yay me~Capell's come a long way from the whiny coward he initially seemed to be at the start of the game. I really liked him by the end. I'm very tempted to play him somewhere too...but. Where? XD Gods but I'm an idiot. I like doing this to myself far too much.

Next week, I'll be working on Lost Odyssey or The Darkness. And then I'll go back to The Last Remnant. >_> LO needs to go back to Ross at some point and The Darkness is quite cathartic. Nothing relieves stress like a perfectly timed headshot, after all. <3
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The following conversation just took place between me and my mother.

Me: Well, Eco's been accepted to play Vincent at [community profile] piecesofworlds but Vincent's kind of stuck in the basement until someone can get him out...
Her: *laughs* Well, don't forget the creaky floorboard!
Me: ...Yeah...I just got up to writing that part.
Her: *laughs louder*
Me: Seph's cleaning the mansion and he found the clues so now he's searching for the numbers to the safe.
Her: *more thoughtfully* ...39, 10, 59, 97?
Me: *doublechecks* ...Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97.
Her: One wrong number. That's not too bad.
Me: And how long has it been since you last went lookng for Vincent Valentine?
Her: ...I have no idea.

>_> Y'know...I think it's maybe a couple years since she last played FF7. XD And yes, I do discuss RP with my mother. <3
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So I have actually played a bit more VTM today. Except I completely forgot which bits I was up to. One character is in the warehouse - that would be my Tremere vamp but like hell can I remember her name. I have absolutely no idea whereabouts she is either. I loaded up the game and everything was WHOAUNFAMILIARWHERETHEHECKAMIANDWHEREAMIGETTINGSHOTFROM!?!?!?!?!?! So I kinda...died within the first couple minutes. No biggie, I'll do better next time I play. Probably later. >_>

My other character is Malkavian. Completely off his rocker in the good way. XD I called him Spooks but I can't remember why now. I did a lot more with him today, since he was in the middle of the Tutorial bit. He's got two quests he can do at the minute. One is going to the Ocean House hotel thing. I'm torn between looking forward to that and being too scared to go. I know all the bits where the ghosts appear and the crazy shit that happens but it still scares the crab out of me. Especially since last time, I experienced some stuff I didn't see before, like the husband's ghost appearing on the left with his axe when you just enter and when I investigated the other side, turned around and saw him just standing right behind me. And Theresa told me ghosts can't hurt. Well maybe so but the pans fucking do! Christ... >_>

And he's got to go kill that Chinese vamp in Foxy Boxes too. Not looking forward to that either because he jumps around all the friggin' time like he's in some anime where gravity doesn't exist and people can leap around on telephone wires and stuff. Dude needs to hold still and let me use a couple Disciplines.

I might go play again soon. I forgot how enjoyable it was when I'm not getting my ass kicked. >_> Malkavians are so much fun~ But...I can't understand what my character says half the time. XD Makes me want to write vampire stories though. With lots of blood and death and other freaky things in the night. Except I like my vamps able to come out in daylight. Without the sparkles though. XD


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