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The doctor finally cleared my mother for work last time she went. She had her first day back on Monday. Still gets exhausted easily but her boss organised some stuff to make it easier, like getting a lift from the bus station in Durham to work so she didn't have to walk. I've never met him but he seems like a pretty cool guy and I know he and my mother get along well so I appreciate that he's tried to help her.

But this morning, she's completely wrecked. She couldn't managed to get out of bed until after 11. Managed to text the guy who picks her up about 7 but she hadn't slept well at all. When I got up just a few minutes after her, I could hear how exhausted she was from the top of the stairs. When she first got sick, walking down the stairs made her feel like she had run a marathon. This morning, she looked like she had.

Problem is, there's nothing that can really be done about it. I've done some research too. Post Viral Disorder can last for years in some cases. This is really not good for a woman who likes to spend seven hours a day digging holes. At least her boss can give her the easier, less strenuous jobs to do, plus with winter coming up, I don't think they'd be outside for too much longer anyway.

Anyway, after I came down this morning and talked to her a little, I sent her to sit down, made coffee and we watched the Gilmore Girls together. (And a bit of In the Night Garden, which is much more fun with my mother than with the twins. XD). I guess I'm back on Gopher Duty. >_>

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So...I felt mostly alright this morning. Still a bit woozy and lethargic. If my mother wasn't home, I'd have attempted to go to work and gotten sent home by now. So I had breakfast, went back upstairs to play some KH2 - I know, I know, I should have played P4 but I wanted some Soratiems~

Headache started getting worse. Turned it off just after beating Jafar and decided to make my headache worse by coming on the computer. <3

[ profile] piecesofworlds  opens today so I've made my first post there. I already had it written so no worries about "thinking ICly gives me headaches!". I should probably come off hiatus at DC and reply to posts in Ragnarok but~ still taking it easy today.

The game I mentioned in my last post? Still working out the kinks there. Arwen helped with the FAQ last night, coming up with some questions I'd not thought of and helping me decide what the answers should sometimes but I'd appreciate any other help. this space? XD

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I need to stop trying to think ICly. Sephiroth hurts my head and the left alone. Especially Tasslehoff, who rarely shuts up once he gets started.

But it comes and goes in waves. Ten minutes ago, I felt okayish. Now I have a splitting headache and barely have the energy to even type.

But I have food now. I'll be better soon.

Although I may never eat seafood again thanks to Tana.

Still not thinking ICly for a few days. Not going to work either apparently.
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Got a call from my boyfriend earlier. He no longer seems upset that I'm ill but more about that he won't get to see me for a while. It seems he is spending the next week with his old childhood friend and then the weekend after with a mutual friend of ours from college. Why that means I will not see him, I have no idea. Unless they're going drinking in which case I'm not too interested. Especially since I'm sick.

Anyway. Spend most of the day playing games and reading. I came online to do research but haven't done much. I'm only just getting around to it. Really though...I should be watching Naruto.

The worst part about being sick like this? I want to write but I seriously cannot spell. I've corrected myself about fifteen times since I started typing this. I've had to be very careful while talking on AIM and even then some mistakes slip through. Thank god for spell check, I guess. But I have lots of inspiration at the moment, mostly for a post-apocalyptic fantasy but also for a sort of urban fantasy too. I want to continue Nightwind's story too but I can't yet, not until I get a reply from Ross about a few details I need. Well, I guess I could skip ahead to the next chapter when such details would not be as important but...uh...that doesn't work out well whenever I do it. >_< Guess I'll have to wait for the reply then.
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So...'twould seem my boyfriend is unhappy with me because I am ill and won't go to visit him and infect him and his family with this flu I've got. -_- Yeeeeeaaaaah. Currently too drained to care. I'm the one being sensible here and staying home. Alright, so I went to work but it was only a half-day and I felt really bad at the end. But I know he'll be on at me for 'breaking a promise' but...I haven't. The promise I made was that I would go over to his house but not the to his sister's unless I felt ill, in which case he would not see me at all. If I had not felt ill, I would have gone to see him but still not gone to see the kids because I could still have had the virus spreading through me, just not at illness levels yet. Except it turns out I am ill and if he's going to be grumpy about, well tough. I'm too tired and headachey to deal with him like that. -_-


Aug. 6th, 2009 08:04 pm
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I seem to be coming down with flu. Damn it all. At least it's happening before Saturday though. I was supposed to go to my boyfriend's sister's house because the twins are turning two. I think that's this weekend anyway. But I wasn't going to go even if I wasn't ill in case I still had the virus and passed it on to them. I'd have still gone to my boyfriend's house though but now I'm not sure I'll even be able to do that. I'm not even sure if I'll make it in to work tomorrow either. At least I was almost done with everything I had to do. Just a little photocopying to do in preparation for next week and then filing and that was it. I'd probably have finished it early too. Now, it will probably have to wait until Monday or...well. Later. If Nic can't find anyone else to do it for him. I'm sure he can though so I'm not really worried.

...Gonna watch some Naruto now.

Eco - if it seemed like I just vanished on AIM, I'm sorry. My computer doesn't always let me know when I lose the connection and I can take a while to notice if I'm distracted. Or ill. ;_;

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Today had the potential to be a very good day when I woke up. But then, all days have that potential. However~ I'm starting to stray from the point already so...

I felt alright at first. A bit sleepy - not surprising when I've just woken up. Except that it just got worse and worse. By the time I reached my work placement, I knew I have a full-blown cold and today just woasn't going to go well for me. My head feels like it's been padded with cotton wool - especially around my nose. My throat is sore, I have an awful-sounding cough, my eyes are stinging and I keep sneezing. Not my usual quiet, half-sneezes either but huge explosive ones that make everyone look at me. >_<

And there I was, witrh the clock ticking ever closer to 1:00 and I'm thinking, "At least today is a half-day..." as I make up some blank client files for next week. I finish up and head out...and then get a phone call from my ever-loving boyfriend, saying he needs to do stuff in town. Stuff that involves travelling back and forth to a camping shop for socks and standing for half and hour in Grainger Games while he tries to decide what to play - and no, he has not finished the games he got there last time. Gods. I was about ready to burst into tears or stomp out or something but all I really wanted to do was go to sleep. But noooo. If I slept, I'd not be able to sleep later.

Right. That's not how it works when I get a cold. I am always drowsy. You'd think after four years - four and a half, really, - that he'd remember that. But I suppose I shouldn't complain. At least he remembers my middle names and my birthday now.

And now I'm babbling. I should be using this valuable computer time to tag back what I didn't manage yesterday or work on the story for Ross, since he's paying me to do itbut right now, my brain doesn't work and I just want to relax and not think at all. Too bad most of what I do on the computer doesn't involve me doing just that. >_< I could go and read after all. I'm still revising Tasslehoff's canon but the print is so small it's hard to concentrate on, as much as I love the little guy. Still, I'm not going to intro him on DC until Monday. A shame because I saw a couple posts on there that he really wants to respond to. Oh well. It'll have to wait.

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But after you find out why, you probably won't want to. XD

I'm sick. Godsdamn cold. It sprang up overnight. I didn't get much sleep at all (blanket hog struck again) and then when the alarms went off I felt awful, tired eyes, sore throat, nose like a leaky tap, bad-sounding cough and my voice has gone all rough. That's in the space of 24 hours since I held the one I suspect gave me this damned illness. Not that I can hold it against her. >_>

But now I have no sense of smell and I can barely taste anything. The only way I knew I was eating curry tonight was the burning sensation on my tongue from the spice.

But...I have a new story in the works. Gonna get it typed up over this weekend. I estimate about 10 chapters but last time I did that it kinda turned into more... And UL is still not finished. >_< I just...can't do it. I've lost my passion for the Jak fandom, I think. *shrugs* It happens.

Ah well... I did get myself some chocolate to cheer myself up earlier but if I can't staste it, what's the point?
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So, did everyone have a nice Christmas? Mine wasn't bad. Chocolate, money and KH2.

Then my grandad went into hospital in intensive care with pneumonia.

My uncle had to come up from Wales and he was supposed to come with his family later in January. Now he, Alison, Gran and my mother have all gone to the hospital to meet with the consultant. It's definitley serious stuff if David had to come up from Wales on such short notice.

I'm a little worried. Well, more than a little worried. According to my gran, who remembers stuff like this, my grandad is the same age his father was when he caught pneumonia and died. My gran has a morbid memory. And okay, so I never really liked my grandad Jim all that much. He's chauvanistic and arrogant and thinks he's the best at everything he does. What he doesn't realise is that nobody can read his writing, everyone gets carsick when he drives and I don't understand spanish anymore. But he's family, so I do have a certain amount of love for him.

I'm not feeling too good either. Sore throat, cough, blocked nose and I threw up last night. I have a temperature so my mother won't let me out of th house and I was supposed to got and see Iain. ;_; I wanna see Iain. But I'm going over tomorrow no matter what.

Well, I'm going to go get a drink because I cna't stop coughing. I could rant for ages on KH2 but I won't bore you with "OMG Axel has the prettiest eyes!" and "Atlantica! O_O Singing! And who told Sora that he could dance!?"

But the game is a lot of fun. And Sora makes the CUTEST lion cub I've ever seen.

Anyway...need drink...


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