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Eco wished for commentaries on my playthrough of BBS. Since I have no will of my own... I spam your flists once again with videogame nonsense. :D

First playthrough, Standard Mode
All your fault, Eco. <3 )
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I have never really liked iPods. I resisted getting one for the longest time but now I have one, I'm wondering why I waited so long. Alright, so I don't like the design - don't really know why, it just...bugs me - and I have this thing about deliberately trying not to fit in to a crowd - I never wanted to be just 'another pair of white headphones in the crowd' - but... it's so much simpler to use than any of my other mp3 players have been. Plus, there is a certain joy that comes with legally downloading music with iTunes. Hey, why not? All the work that goes into making music I enjoy, I should give something back, right? I've only bought a couple tracks so far - trying not to go overboard while I still owe £179.99 but I should be able to get that paid off on Wednesday anyway. <3

And now I'm just waiting for everything to sync up. I need to rename it though... My boyfriend synced it with his computer originally and named it one of my more embarrassing nicknames so I need to change it. >.> Though whatever name I put on it, it will always be 'Sephiroth' in my head. It's sleek and silver, plus useful and stuff. >.> So it is now Sephiroth. My Nintendo DS is Genesis, since it is red. <3

I finished 358/2 Days a couple days ago. I felt a bit sad at the end. I felt so sorry for poor Xion... I didn't expect to like her at all but she just sort of grew on me.

And now it's raining again so much that I can barely hear my music over it. Most of the snow is gone now. I woke up yesterday and pretty much all of it had melted in the night and there is less of it now. It was nice while it lasted, except for when I fell over in it. My feet slipped out from under me one the way to the bus stop and when I put my hands out to catch myself, the shock when straight up my arm to my shoulder. My wrist hasn't felt quite right since and this was right after Christmas. My shoulder hurt a little at first but seems healed up now. My elbow also hurt for a few days but not any more. It's just my wrist giving me trouble and then usually only if I exert some force on it, like when I hit my boyfriend. :P It's fine when I type though, thankfully. <3

Gonna go have a nice, relaxing bath now. I feel the need to pamper myself a bit. ^_^
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Not having much fun lately. I want to go home.

Got my new DS though so I've been playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. I've spent most of the time shouting insults at Roxas though. I know he has no memories but sometimes he seems to be taking the 'dumb blond' thing a bit too far. >.> Also shouting insults at the characters in Mission Mode. Are there no really good characters to use? >.> Or maybe I just suck?

Liking Xion more than I thought I would. Actually quite tempted to RP her somewhere but I'll wait a while first, see if the muse sticks. Really want to get back to RPing but I have things to sort out first. Got £180 to pay off from when y boyfriend mucked up paying for his rowing machine. I've got more than half already though so I should be able to pay off the whole thing on Wednesday.

...There's a note on my boyfriend's desk telling him 'Do Note Kill SANDER COHEN' Who is Sander Cohen..?  /random
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NaNoWriMo is here and I should be working on that but procrastinating is so much more fun. How was everyone's Halloween? Mine was...dramatic. The kids - my boyfriend's elder neice and nephew, his young cousin and his niece's friend - went out trick-or-treating down the road but then his niece was persuaded by her friend to wander off in the direction of the park. Extremely bad idea! The boy and my bf's cousin came back since they had no idea where the other two had gone and Iain went out looking for them. There was so much trouble when they got back. I honestly thought Megan was smarter than to go off like that - especially when she didn't take her phone with her. Geez.

Anyway. Here's some quiz result things. KH Quiz results )
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So...I felt mostly alright this morning. Still a bit woozy and lethargic. If my mother wasn't home, I'd have attempted to go to work and gotten sent home by now. So I had breakfast, went back upstairs to play some KH2 - I know, I know, I should have played P4 but I wanted some Soratiems~

Headache started getting worse. Turned it off just after beating Jafar and decided to make my headache worse by coming on the computer. <3

[ profile] piecesofworlds  opens today so I've made my first post there. I already had it written so no worries about "thinking ICly gives me headaches!". I should probably come off hiatus at DC and reply to posts in Ragnarok but~ still taking it easy today.

The game I mentioned in my last post? Still working out the kinks there. Arwen helped with the FAQ last night, coming up with some questions I'd not thought of and helping me decide what the answers should sometimes but I'd appreciate any other help. this space? XD

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I just don't have any willpower at all today. Well, yesterday. I just realised it's after midnight and my mother is still playing KH2. Dammit, I want her to get off so I can go upstairs and play it myself. Grr!

Anyway, I was apparently arranged to go over to Steph's house today so we could go out tonight. Don't know why it didn't happen but I've had no contact from anyone so I just assume they forgot or something came up. Her mother is pregnant so the latter is very possible, I suppose. I guess I'll find out next week though. Adam said he'd come back because our mother phoned him and asked him when he was coming back. She said she'd make Key Lime Pie to bribe him a bit too. XD I look forward to next weekend already. At the very least, I'll get pie and answers.

Anyway, I decided that since I was getting no contact from anyone, I'd come online and maybe work on my Sephiroth app. and the KH fic. I've written maybe a paragraph of story in..oh...ten hours? >_> I just...can't get into the writing mindset. I've not done as much as I could have for the Sephiroth app. either. A couple paragraphs under 'Personality' and a few sentences under 'Weaknesses'. I want Eco to come back online and help out but she's been gone for a while. Might not be able to talk to her until...well...this afternoon? Since it's very early in the morning for me. XD

But I'm determined to stay online until after my mother's done. It's getting late so she should be done soon...right? Then I'm going to go upstairs and either train until I can beat Xaldin or go on my new game and finish up at the Olympus Coliseum. Maybe then I'll write for a bit. It's a shame I can't do the writing because I have a very rough draft (read: pile of crap) sitting in front of me, ready to be re-read, revised and typed up a thousand times better. I just hope I manage to keep Zexion in character.And Demyx. Aerith will not be so hard. She's pretty much set in stone in my head but Zexion is a complicated character and I have trouble not rushing everything to the romance scenes. And I realised that if I want to draw out the relationship building then I may have to make the story longer. *sigh* I can't just have Zexion fall head over heels for Demyx and vice-versa. It just...wouldn't happen. Maybe Demyx would crush on Zexion for a while but not say anything but Zexion...has a Past. XD It will deserve the capital. I just need to get around to explaining it. Hopefully I'll not get a bunch of Zexion fangirls flaming me for it.

...Dammit, I'm really starting to struggle with explaining Sephiroth's personality and weaknesses in the depth required. Eco, where are you? I need you!

You know, I'm almost disappointed that the LJ spell-checker doesn't try to replace 'Zexion' with 'Lexicon', like the computer does but the fact that the first suggestion is 'Sexing' makes up for it.
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But after you find out why, you probably won't want to. XD

I'm sick. Godsdamn cold. It sprang up overnight. I didn't get much sleep at all (blanket hog struck again) and then when the alarms went off I felt awful, tired eyes, sore throat, nose like a leaky tap, bad-sounding cough and my voice has gone all rough. That's in the space of 24 hours since I held the one I suspect gave me this damned illness. Not that I can hold it against her. >_>

But now I have no sense of smell and I can barely taste anything. The only way I knew I was eating curry tonight was the burning sensation on my tongue from the spice.

But...I have a new story in the works. Gonna get it typed up over this weekend. I estimate about 10 chapters but last time I did that it kinda turned into more... And UL is still not finished. >_< I just...can't do it. I've lost my passion for the Jak fandom, I think. *shrugs* It happens.

Ah well... I did get myself some chocolate to cheer myself up earlier but if I can't staste it, what's the point?
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I've lost one of my PS2 memory cards. Namely the one that is FULL. That's a lot of stuff to have lost. I can't remember everything that's on it but I know for a fact there is:

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts 2
Final Fantasy X
Jak - TPL
Jak II
Jak 3
Jak X
Chaos Legion
.hack Infection
.Hack mutation

and more. >_<

I need to find it fast. I have this huge need for Organisation XIII right now and I really do not want to have to start KH2 all over again. Defeating Demyx first time round was hard enough. *wails* Demyyyyyyyx! *sniffles* I adored him. :( I didn't want to beat him.

Also, I had an awful nightmare last night. I was supposed to be looking after the twins on my own but somehow they kept moving to different areas. I was doing my best to keep them in one place and stop them from crying and stuff but I also had to go outside and look after a bunch of random animals (including but not limited to goats, sheep, rabbits and a calf). It was winter and snowing so I brought the animals in but when I turned around, the twins were gone. I looked back outside and they'd somehow managed to get out through the closed doors and had already frozen to death.

It took me ages to get back to sleep after that.

And I have a col.d Ugh. So I feel crappy anyway. >_<


May. 2nd, 2007 01:40 pm
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New ficcage.

Title: Rachael
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: G
Summary: Riku has had an accident. He's been hit with a blitzball. Now he's lost his memories and thinks he's a girl. A girl who wants to date Sora. XD Cross-dressing, shounen ai, RikuSora

Rachael )


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So, did everyone have a nice Christmas? Mine wasn't bad. Chocolate, money and KH2.

Then my grandad went into hospital in intensive care with pneumonia.

My uncle had to come up from Wales and he was supposed to come with his family later in January. Now he, Alison, Gran and my mother have all gone to the hospital to meet with the consultant. It's definitley serious stuff if David had to come up from Wales on such short notice.

I'm a little worried. Well, more than a little worried. According to my gran, who remembers stuff like this, my grandad is the same age his father was when he caught pneumonia and died. My gran has a morbid memory. And okay, so I never really liked my grandad Jim all that much. He's chauvanistic and arrogant and thinks he's the best at everything he does. What he doesn't realise is that nobody can read his writing, everyone gets carsick when he drives and I don't understand spanish anymore. But he's family, so I do have a certain amount of love for him.

I'm not feeling too good either. Sore throat, cough, blocked nose and I threw up last night. I have a temperature so my mother won't let me out of th house and I was supposed to got and see Iain. ;_; I wanna see Iain. But I'm going over tomorrow no matter what.

Well, I'm going to go get a drink because I cna't stop coughing. I could rant for ages on KH2 but I won't bore you with "OMG Axel has the prettiest eyes!" and "Atlantica! O_O Singing! And who told Sora that he could dance!?"

But the game is a lot of fun. And Sora makes the CUTEST lion cub I've ever seen.

Anyway...need drink...


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