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My mom left a magazine open on my bed with an interview with E. L. James, the author of 50 Shades of Grey.

She'd circled the bit where the woman talked about getting her fanfiction published.

I tihnk my mother is trying to give me a hint and I'm fucking terrified. :| She used to read my fanfiction when I left it lying around. It led to the most awkward conversation I have ever had:

Mom: Why do all the boys in your stories end up gay?

Me: Uh, well.... it's........cute? *runs the fuck away*

But I have been working on other stories that I would like to get published. Ones that are not related to my fanfiction in any way. I've done some research on how to get published when I've finished the novel, plus I've looked up magazines that might accept the collection of short stories I've also been working on.

Also  I'm setting up a separate tumblr from my main one for my personal things and writings. My main one remains for the purposes of fandom and reblogging. It's not quite finished et but I'll post a link when I get started on posting on it. But I'll probably cross-post everything here anyway.

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Just got back from my night out. My mother met a whole bunch of people she's not seen in more than ten years and enjoyed herself a lot. I'm glad of that. I was a little worried she might feel awkward but there was no awkwardness at all. A good time was had by all~ The food was good, the drink was good, the company and the conversation - all good. Just hope I can remember enough later when I am inevitably quizzed by Pauline about it. ^^;;;

I'm still feeling really full though. The main course was huge. o.o I'm glad I skipped the starter or I'd never have been able to manage it. I think there were a few people surprised by how much I eat. Apparently I eat more than I look like I should be able to. o.O And I had room for desert afterward but not the birthday cake.

I got to hear about what the kids had been up to though and discussing how Aiden loves Indiana Jones and wanted to know more about archeology from my mother. XD He's got the toy whip and the hat and everything apparently. And he knows about the Egyptian trick of yanking brains out through the nose with a hook. I wonder if he realises real archeology is more about kneeling in a muddy pit for hours every day and not running from boulders and avoiding traps? Sweet kid though.

The story of the first time I met Pauline and her family was told again as well. I remember it as being very awkward and Megan kept asking questions about shampoo. >_< But it's all good. My mother had a few stories of her own to tell, particularly about the time Iain tied me to his sofa bed and texted her to say he wasn't going to let me go home (yes, it was all a joke but embarrassing!) and my mother texted back to say "I know all your family and so do my friends. Be very afraid." The first time she met him, she went through the list of his aunts and uncles to narrow down whose offspring he was. She was all "Well, it's not Dave and it's not Ronnie... Not Pat or Ann either..." and he went so pale so very quickly. XDDDDD But on the plus side, my mother also said that as soon as she knew which family he was from, I would be safe with him. It's good to know she approves so much, even after I've been with him for five years.

So tonight has been a lot of fun. I'm really glad my mother and I went along. If we hadn't, it would have been a night in on the sofa with some DVDs. Iain's mother was pleased to see us as well. She had no idea we were coming. Initially, I'd said I wanted to spend the day with my mother because it is her birthday but then we got that phone call inviting us out and it was all kept secret. ^_^ Apparently, Iain's mother was a little disappointed I'd said no to going out, which was why Pauline invited my mother as well. It was much better than just staying in anyway.

On the whole, today has been an excellent, if a bit hectic. I had to make two trips into town because I forgot to buy chinchilla food for Spike. He ran out two days ago and I had to keep him going on the last of the biscuit treats yesterday. >_< I still have to get my gran a present for her birthday on Tuesday as well (Why are there so many people born in March? Geez... give my bank account a break, please!) and a present for Adam for his 21st on the 19th. I have no idea what to get either of them. I couldn't think of anything for my mother either so I just ended up with a box of chocolates and some bath bombs from Lush - they do awesome handmade cosmetics and things, so it's a bit expensive but also really unique, which I knew my mother would love. She got a lot of chocolates for her birthday though. XD There's three different boxes, all varying sizes on the table right now. She was looking at them earlier, saying "My diet is really going to suffer..." but I know she doesn't mind in the least. Hell, she even suggested chocolate when I asked her what she wanted. XD

Wow, I've rambled here... ^^ Must be the wine I had. Someone kept topping up my glass but I didn't want to leave it unfinished on the table... XD

So. Uh. tl;dr - awesome times were had by all.

And there will hopefully be more awesome times to be had on Sunday when I shall hopefully go to the anime/fur meet. ^_^
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Plans are made and finalised~ No getting out of this now!

My mother meets my boyfriend's family this Friday. She's met some of them before - used to be drinking buddies way back before I was born - but not everyone. She spent an hour on the phone talking to his sister yesterday. XD And she phoned again today to get our orders for the restaurant on Friday. I haven't yet planned what I'm wearing but I'll find something. ^_^

I've got my next couple Jobcentre appointments sorted out now. I met my New Deal Advisor today - the same woman I had a couple years ago as it turns out. They didn't give me a name when I was given the time of the appointment. But we know each other and get along well enough that I have no problems at all so far. I have two application forms to fill in for the same job - it's a library assistant thing but it's in two different locations but for the same university. I'll hav eto fill them in tomorrow and take them back to the Jobcentre for my next appointment - which is Friday morning. It's that or I pop in on Monday and do it. I don't know what the closing date is but since it has to be faxed and posted I figure sooner is better than later.

I have to get a birthday present for my gran soon too but I have no idea what to get her. I thought about getting another little crystal sculpture thing since I know she likes those but I didn't see any in town. My last hope of getting one is if I can find one on Sunday when I go to the meet up in Newcastle with Ross. Looking forward to that so much by the way. Last time was awesome even though I didn't get to stay very long. But I'm double-checking now to make sure it's okay for me to go. >.> I should go anyway but still. I should. Just...because.

Gah. So many things happening lately~ It's making me both happy and anxious. I hope everything goes well over the next week. Month. Better make that for the rest of the month. Once my gran's birthday is over, I have to think about my brother's birthday, then the next fanbbs meetup, my friend's engagement party, my boyfriend's dad's birthday and then his nephew's birthday.

Oh, and my birthday. I almost forgot about that. I'll be 23 in about a month. Crap.
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Sunday was full of epic win~ 'Twas the second fanbbs meet and half the people who came last time couldn't make it but we got some new girls come along so there were only five of us. Still, it was pretty awesme. I still feel ancient though since I'm the oldest one there. XD But we all got along well and even the youngest members are mature enough that I don't have a problem getting along with them and don't feel wierd for hanging out with them.

Most people were a bit late and poor Becs was staindnig out in the cold for more than an hour. ;-; But~ All good. We wandered around the shops for a bit. Had to show 'Emma #2' how to read manga. >_> I made her feel a bit stupid though I didn't mean to. She just hadn't noticed the directions in the back of the books. Ended up in Forbidden Planet as well - was going to buy some manga but decided not to. I have others to but for at the moment. Birthdays coming up and things.

We went looking for China Town as well. Not that there is much of it. There are about two streets and one of them is all chinese restauants - except for the chinese supermarket at the other end, where they sell pocky~ Which was our entire reason for going there. XD I'll have to take more money next time and get lots. It's 45p a box, or thereabouts. ^_^

There was more wandering around as well, just going in random shops. Went into Doc Blacks because Emma #2 said her mother has never let her go in but she's always wanted to. It's so awesome. I want just about everything in there. ;-; So many awesome tops and dresses. The skirts are often more like belts though and I could never pull that look off. They had baby clothes too. I've never seen gothic baby clothes before. XD

Next meet is on the 21st of March. It's brought forward because one person continually misses it. It's just bad timing so we've moved the date to be able to meet them. Haven't told my boyfriend yet. I doubt he will be too happy...

I'm not sure I'll be able to go out next Sunday though to the anime/fur meet. It's his mother's birthday but...they're going out this Friday to celebrate. It's not too far from where I live so I could go if I wanted's my mother's birthday then. She's been invited to go as well but there was a distinct lack of enthusiasm when I told her so I think she'll say no. I have until Wednesday to let them know anyway. I'm not going to push it. My mother can be pretty shy sometimes - I get it off her - so I know how she feels. I'm a little more comfortable with the idea of going but that's because I see Iain's family quite a bit. My mother on the other hand, hasn't really met any of them since she lost contact with my boyfriend's Aunt Sandra. If she would rather not, then we can stay in and do something ourselves - which I might prefer since I don't really feel like watching my boyfriend's family get drunk. >_> Alright, it was pretty hilarious last time but still... it can feel a bit awkward. I'm not even sure how many and who is going anyway.

Well, even if we don't go, I'm determined to have a good time on Friday anyway. I can do something nice with my mother anyway. Have a girls night in or something. Watch DVDs or something. I'll think of something. Unless she comes up with her own plans. ^^;;;
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The doctor finally cleared my mother for work last time she went. She had her first day back on Monday. Still gets exhausted easily but her boss organised some stuff to make it easier, like getting a lift from the bus station in Durham to work so she didn't have to walk. I've never met him but he seems like a pretty cool guy and I know he and my mother get along well so I appreciate that he's tried to help her.

But this morning, she's completely wrecked. She couldn't managed to get out of bed until after 11. Managed to text the guy who picks her up about 7 but she hadn't slept well at all. When I got up just a few minutes after her, I could hear how exhausted she was from the top of the stairs. When she first got sick, walking down the stairs made her feel like she had run a marathon. This morning, she looked like she had.

Problem is, there's nothing that can really be done about it. I've done some research too. Post Viral Disorder can last for years in some cases. This is really not good for a woman who likes to spend seven hours a day digging holes. At least her boss can give her the easier, less strenuous jobs to do, plus with winter coming up, I don't think they'd be outside for too much longer anyway.

Anyway, after I came down this morning and talked to her a little, I sent her to sit down, made coffee and we watched the Gilmore Girls together. (And a bit of In the Night Garden, which is much more fun with my mother than with the twins. XD). I guess I'm back on Gopher Duty. >_>

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The following conversation just took place between me and my mother.

Me: Well, Eco's been accepted to play Vincent at [community profile] piecesofworlds but Vincent's kind of stuck in the basement until someone can get him out...
Her: *laughs* Well, don't forget the creaky floorboard!
Me: ...Yeah...I just got up to writing that part.
Her: *laughs louder*
Me: Seph's cleaning the mansion and he found the clues so now he's searching for the numbers to the safe.
Her: *more thoughtfully* ...39, 10, 59, 97?
Me: *doublechecks* ...Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97.
Her: One wrong number. That's not too bad.
Me: And how long has it been since you last went lookng for Vincent Valentine?
Her: ...I have no idea.

>_> Y'know...I think it's maybe a couple years since she last played FF7. XD And yes, I do discuss RP with my mother. <3
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I put [info]regenesisrpg on RPS. Not sure if that was the best of ideas but Regenesis doesn't seem to have generated much interest in other places I've put ads up. Maybe I need to find more. I know I didn't post everywhere I could have... Bah. I'm just being impatient. Perhaps I set the opening date too close? October 5th, people! OCTOBER 5TH. Also I'm altering part of the FAQ regarding character death.


Giving the Endgame one last shot with an FFVII meet-up thread. Including Eve, since she's tagging along with Seph. Who knew the guy liked kids? XD Well, he likes quiet, obedient kids.

Looks like out washer/dryer is going to be fixed soon too. British Gas sent a man round to fix it a couple weeks ago. He said he'd order the part and be back the next Wednesday. Couple days before he's due, he phones up and says he can't get the part on time and someone else will come round with it when it arrives because he's going on holiday. Guy comes round, doesn't have the part and claims they can't get it. He clearly doesn't want to be doing this anyway.

Next thing, British Gas phones up and says they can't get the part and we can either have a voucher for Curry's to get a new one or our money back. My mother says she'll think about it and goes online to check some stuff out. Turns out the manufactuer for our pasher/dryer keeps parts on hand for old models for ten years after they stop making them. Our model is six years old. Can't get the part, my arse. -_-

My mother, not pleased with the way this is going, emails the manufacturing company and gets a reply saying that yes, they do have the parts we need in stock. Hurray! So she then emails British Gas to complain about the way we are being treated. This morning we get a call from them saying that they can get the part and a guy will be round on Friday to fix it. XD Meaning we no longer have to fork out £400 for a new washer/dryer after all.

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I never realised just how strange my mother is until today. She's come home late, after taking shelter from the rain in the pub (unsurprising. I figured it was the rain that had delayed her.) and with plenty of tales about work.

First is the curious woman from across the road, wondernig what they're digging up. Once she realises it is skeletons - "YEERUGH!". She then comes back after lunch to take pictures. XD

And now I find out my mother hates...buttons.Once they're fallen off clothes, she will not touch them. When she's digging up skeletons with putreyfing flesh and other nasty stuff, there's no problem. But once she realises she's got a button?

"Ew!" *throws it away*


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So...we had a power cut earlier. Eco~ I'm sorry about vanishing mid-conversation with you!

Thankfully, the power is back on now and I can get on with finishing my tags. I have to get done today because I go back to my boyfriend's tomorrow and I won't get a chance to tag until I get back.

Unless I go join the library, which I might do. I get a little sick of running out of things to do at his.

But he said he'll sort out my account on his 360 so I can maybe finish playing Lost Oddysey now. And Infinite Undiscovery. I'm not very far on that game yet. O_O It's kinda of...huge. The maps are big like woah and it's so easy to get lost! But I adore it~ Even as Capell winds me the hell up. Stop whining and get on with it, boy!


But...tagging. I need to. >_> Sephiroth owes 3 tags on logs and 1 on journals, Qwark owes 2 tags on logs. I think.So I'm gonna go get on with that now.

Oh~ But the powercut thing wasn't all that bad. Apart from worrying about Eco thinking I'd abdoned her, I managed to have a bit of a laugh with my mother. We lit candles in the lounge and watched the cats try to inspect them. XD It was kinda funny. They tried to sniff but it was too hot and they had to back away.

Then we put the bathroom radio on Radio 4, just for the background noise. >_> We need more things to run off batteries in this house! XD Radio wasn't too bad. I normally don't listen but the show we were listening to was pretty funny. Last comment I heard was someone - Paul Merton, maybe? - making a comment about bulletproof cravats that even dolphins could wear. XD We need more of that kind of madness.
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Today was the last day of my Gateway 2 Work course. I feel a little sad. I enjoyed it there. Maybe not the circumstances but everyone I met was pretty friendly.

The other reason I'm feeling sad is that I have today and tomorrow morning left before I go on my haitus. >_< I'll be at my boyfriend's for four weeks while we're at the Royal Mail. I'm going to miss Eco and Daisychain so much! ;_; I'll be back ASAP, guys! I swear!

And...andandand...What else..?

Anime night tonight. Gonna stay up all night. I mean it. My brother and his girlfriend should be here. Mother's going out too so we'll have the house to ourselves. And if they don't show up for whatever reason, I'll stay up on my own. ^^; I want to rewatch Black Jack anyway. >_> And Lucky Star. Maybe the rest of season 1 of Junjyou Romantica if I have time but probably not. There's a lot of Black Jack to watch. >_<

And I wanted to do a little writing too. Been meaning to do it all week and really just added a sentence on here and there. I really should try to finish it. I just need to add the bit about Zexion and then Demyx and then that's the end of that chapter, all ready to post. ^_^

So...yeah, gonna make myself busy now~
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Aaaauuuuuugh! I'm so bored! *flails*

I've spent most of the day either replying to the Seph-Zack experiment thread (gods help me, Eco, I SHIP THEM NOW! >_> Sephiroth will kill me!) or watching Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Stupid Files. As random and funny as they are, I can't take any more though! >_< The Kingdom Hearts ones lack a bit of originality though.Same clips paired with the same sound clips over and over but there are some truly hilarious moments. XD

But now I have nothing to do. I'm just hanging around, waiting for my mother to go to bed so I can make off with the playstation. I have marks to hunt and then I'm on my way up Mount Bur Omicace. ...I think that's how it's spelled..? Except I think my mother wants me to play more KH2 because she got up to a certain point and needs me to get past that so I can tell her what to do. >_> And she finished Dragon Quest earlier this week too. Now she's moved on to FFXII. I'm running out of games for her to play! Though she did pick Prince of Persia as one of her choices earlier. She's not played anything not an RPG before...wonder how she'd handle it...

Hmm...what else? Been typing up bits of story. Not as much as I should, admittedly but at least I got a couple paragraphs done. I have chapters to finish. And if I could get off my lazy behind, I could finish one of my short stories very soon. But no...the internet must distract me though I am somehow doing very little online.

...I miss Eco~ But we can't talk 'til Monday...

...and my mother is off to bed! Yay!
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I just don't have any willpower at all today. Well, yesterday. I just realised it's after midnight and my mother is still playing KH2. Dammit, I want her to get off so I can go upstairs and play it myself. Grr!

Anyway, I was apparently arranged to go over to Steph's house today so we could go out tonight. Don't know why it didn't happen but I've had no contact from anyone so I just assume they forgot or something came up. Her mother is pregnant so the latter is very possible, I suppose. I guess I'll find out next week though. Adam said he'd come back because our mother phoned him and asked him when he was coming back. She said she'd make Key Lime Pie to bribe him a bit too. XD I look forward to next weekend already. At the very least, I'll get pie and answers.

Anyway, I decided that since I was getting no contact from anyone, I'd come online and maybe work on my Sephiroth app. and the KH fic. I've written maybe a paragraph of story in..oh...ten hours? >_> I just...can't get into the writing mindset. I've not done as much as I could have for the Sephiroth app. either. A couple paragraphs under 'Personality' and a few sentences under 'Weaknesses'. I want Eco to come back online and help out but she's been gone for a while. Might not be able to talk to her until...well...this afternoon? Since it's very early in the morning for me. XD

But I'm determined to stay online until after my mother's done. It's getting late so she should be done soon...right? Then I'm going to go upstairs and either train until I can beat Xaldin or go on my new game and finish up at the Olympus Coliseum. Maybe then I'll write for a bit. It's a shame I can't do the writing because I have a very rough draft (read: pile of crap) sitting in front of me, ready to be re-read, revised and typed up a thousand times better. I just hope I manage to keep Zexion in character.And Demyx. Aerith will not be so hard. She's pretty much set in stone in my head but Zexion is a complicated character and I have trouble not rushing everything to the romance scenes. And I realised that if I want to draw out the relationship building then I may have to make the story longer. *sigh* I can't just have Zexion fall head over heels for Demyx and vice-versa. It just...wouldn't happen. Maybe Demyx would crush on Zexion for a while but not say anything but Zexion...has a Past. XD It will deserve the capital. I just need to get around to explaining it. Hopefully I'll not get a bunch of Zexion fangirls flaming me for it.

...Dammit, I'm really starting to struggle with explaining Sephiroth's personality and weaknesses in the depth required. Eco, where are you? I need you!

You know, I'm almost disappointed that the LJ spell-checker doesn't try to replace 'Zexion' with 'Lexicon', like the computer does but the fact that the first suggestion is 'Sexing' makes up for it.


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