Jul. 12th, 2008 10:11 pm
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My mp3 player crashed last night. In the middle of a song. Just stopped playing for no apparent reason. The screen faded but the lights on the buttons remained on. No clue what to do, nothing I tried worked. I thought I'd leave it for the battery to wear down but after twelve hours I gave up and gave in to the urge to press the reset button. I didn't do it before in case it wiped my music but dammit, I was getting desperate.

And it worked.


My music is still there, it is no longer crashed and it works. I wish I'd done it earlier but at least now I know what to do if it happens again.

...Still waiting on a reply from Lucrecia. I' m hesitant to prod the mun because I know people do other things that roleplay online. That and I'm terribly shy and don't know her well enough to pop a random hello on her. >_<



And I'm considering Daisychain-themed stories. O.o Um. If I ever write any, they'll only be posted on LJ but I dunno...

And I do kinda want to make another Sephy post but not until he's done talking to Lucrecia. On the plus side, he's been talking to others on his existing journal post and I may have the opportunity to RP with people not of the FF7 fandom, which would be totally awesome. Whether their from a fandom I know or not, it would be pretty cool to get Sephy interacting with people who have no clue who he is.

And you may have guessed I'm posting this out of boredom but so what? If I get off the computer now, by the time I have the attention span for it again, it'll be too late to get online. I'd rather wait for my mother to go to bed anyway. Then I can take the PS2, even with the broken controller. I can still watch DVDs, dammit. I really want to watch Advent Children again. And maybe Petite Cossette. And Kingdom Hospital. Casshern. Anastasia. An American Haunting. >_> Yeah, I think I'll have a movie-fest when I 'go to bed'. >_> Bet I end up asleep on the floor again. Oh well. It's not that uncomfortable really.

...I thnk I'm gonna play some music now. ^^
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Don't ask me how but I've managed to get 92.4GB worth of files on to a 4GB memory stick. O.o WTF?! And all the file names are gibberish and inaccessible. O.o All I was doing was copying a few Naruto files. Now I gotta take everything that I want to keep off it, format it and then move it all back because I cna' simply delete these miracle files.


And I've somehow convinced Ross to buy WoW. Um...I told him it was his descision really and yes, I've played and it was sorta fun until Iain took over my character (seriously, don't EVER take my character and level it up. It's what the whole fucking game seems to be about so why would you do that to me?!). Don't ask me how that comvinced him. I guess he wants to let me play it on his computer. Would get me to visit a little more often. ...Does anyone else go round there? I know he's got other friends but sometimes it seems like he's calling me and Iain all the time. Not a bad thing because I like hanging out with Ross but Iain just can't do it all the time. He starts muttering about how Ross seems to think we're at his beck and call but I don't think it's that way - he just wants to spend some time with his friends is all. *sigh*

And my mp3 player has been taking over 2 hours now to delete 11 tracks. WTF is going on there? And I can't disconnect it because then I'll loose all my music.

Fucking computer.

This just isn't my weekend at all.

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Argh...what is wrong with me lately?

I'm addicted to SL, but now I'm nervous about signing in when I'm on my own. I spent most of Firday night hanging out with DroShakar (Adam) and Skriiven (Steph) on Firday night but they haven't been on since. It's ashame, because we had good times. Even after they logged out and I was hanging out with Guysoft. ^_^ We visited som Van Gogh exhibition where someone had made 3D versions of some of his paintings. That was awesome. XD

I've also been sorta hired as a dancer at some new club thing called The Cheetah. They let humans and furries there, which is cool. XD Awaken, the woman who invited me, said I can dance for tips and stuff. ^^ Should be fun. As long as my mtoher doens't walk in. XD She saw my outit on Friday and said I look like a hussy! Bwahahahaaa! That was in a little red dress. XD Now I'm in a black skirt with a lacey top and I look evem more like a hussy.

Also, I have a HUGE need for the GazettE lately. I adore them!

Also, I need a new mp3 player. The wire which lets me do things like charge it and put music on it is damaged. I can still use it but I'm going to have to be careful about it. And the battery barely lasts now. It's so annoying. When I first got it, I could listen to it on the way to Iain's and back for several journeys if I didn't listen to it at all in between. Now I'm lucky if I can make the journey there and back again when I don't listen to it during the week. >_< And I'd just put new music on it too...

...What else is going on? Hmm... Well, I'm trying to write more often now. I'm working on a novel sotra thing but that's all hushhush for now as far as info about it goes. I may take it into my head to work on some short stories too. I know I owe some friends some stories. ^^; Better get working on those...

I need someone to talk to. Really badly. Someone I don't get stupidly nervous talking to...

Aw hell, I'm gonna go upstairs and work on some stories. I'll be back online later but probably only on Second Life.

EDIT: My mother's just been freaking over the fact that someone she knows appeared on Antiques Roadshow.

"I know him! He lives in Canada! He was in the year above me in college! He came to Ingram loads of time! He used to do our cooking!"

And then, to finish with...

"I've got a picutre of him dressed up as a woman!"

...Mom, I love you. XD You've got some mad friends, and you're completely mad yourself. I adore you!

..and for those interested, the dress is pink, blue and yellow in a kinda tartan/check pattern O.o

She assures me there was a reason for it though.

Panic Over

Feb. 9th, 2008 03:12 pm
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Whoo! It took a while but finally it says all my songs are back! XD


...But some of them are in a slightly different order. Nothing major. Just things like "A Dangerous Mind" are at the bottom of the A's while "Action" is at the top instead of somewhere further down. But all songs are there, including those transferred last night!

Gods, I'm so happy now! Yaaaay!


Feb. 9th, 2008 01:00 pm
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Disaster has struck.

My mp3 player has wiped it's datebase.


That means all my songs are gone. Including the ones I transfered last night.

My only hope is transferring some files I found on the old computer last night that are to do with my mp3 player. If that doesn't work, I have to download everything again.


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