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I downloaded some new stuff for The Sims 2 a couple days ago and ever since, the game hasn't worked right. Every time I try to go into a Lot, occupied or not, the game freezes. I've found an FAQ which might help but I don't have time to run through every step of it now. I'm doing some of it though, backing up my user files and things. Kinda taking a while though... I also found a list of likely files that could have caused this problem and I've deleted them. I'm not sorry to do so if it means I can't play my game. I never got to test them out anyway so what do I care? I've deleted a bunch of other stuff I decided I didn't want any more. That takes me downloaded custom content folder from... um... almost 3GB to about 2.5GB. Maybe a little less, I have to check.

Also messing around with all my music too. I've got 32.21GB of music now - 5408 songs. I need to clean these out soon, I think. I rate them as I listen to them, then delete the stuff I don't like and the duplicates later. Syncing my iPod kinda takes a while though. I'm a little surprised I haven't got a phone call asking where I am yet. I'm supposed to be going out, after all.

I've got an appointment to get my hair cut on Tuesday morning and then on Wednesday, I'm off to spend an hour in the Jobcentre. I can't find my CV anywhere - well, I can't find the memory stick with it on anywhere. It kind of sucks. That was the newest version. >_<

I have a bunch of tags to make in The Wake after Aziraphale got... well. Not chatty. More...sort of horrified at everything ever in The Wake. XD But I'm not sure if it's a good idea to try to get down to tagging when I'll be heading out soon. ffff I was up late enough tagging back as it is. Why is The Wake most active when I should be sleeping?! It was 3am before I got to bed last night. ;-; I'll probably get the chance to tag over the weekend a bit though.
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My iPod finally started syncing at about 2am last night.



I was so tired but I didn't want to stop it so I left the computer on with a few notes taped to it for my mother's benefit. She didn't wake me before she left so I guess all is good.

Man, I am addicted to Nintendogs so very much. XD I swear, my puppy acts just like his namesake! If I ever go silent on AIM, assume I am playing with him. >_> Although... when I wash him, he starts sparkling. ...

And now for a meme~
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I have never really liked iPods. I resisted getting one for the longest time but now I have one, I'm wondering why I waited so long. Alright, so I don't like the design - don't really know why, it just...bugs me - and I have this thing about deliberately trying not to fit in to a crowd - I never wanted to be just 'another pair of white headphones in the crowd' - but... it's so much simpler to use than any of my other mp3 players have been. Plus, there is a certain joy that comes with legally downloading music with iTunes. Hey, why not? All the work that goes into making music I enjoy, I should give something back, right? I've only bought a couple tracks so far - trying not to go overboard while I still owe £179.99 but I should be able to get that paid off on Wednesday anyway. <3

And now I'm just waiting for everything to sync up. I need to rename it though... My boyfriend synced it with his computer originally and named it one of my more embarrassing nicknames so I need to change it. >.> Though whatever name I put on it, it will always be 'Sephiroth' in my head. It's sleek and silver, plus useful and stuff. >.> So it is now Sephiroth. My Nintendo DS is Genesis, since it is red. <3

I finished 358/2 Days a couple days ago. I felt a bit sad at the end. I felt so sorry for poor Xion... I didn't expect to like her at all but she just sort of grew on me.

And now it's raining again so much that I can barely hear my music over it. Most of the snow is gone now. I woke up yesterday and pretty much all of it had melted in the night and there is less of it now. It was nice while it lasted, except for when I fell over in it. My feet slipped out from under me one the way to the bus stop and when I put my hands out to catch myself, the shock when straight up my arm to my shoulder. My wrist hasn't felt quite right since and this was right after Christmas. My shoulder hurt a little at first but seems healed up now. My elbow also hurt for a few days but not any more. It's just my wrist giving me trouble and then usually only if I exert some force on it, like when I hit my boyfriend. :P It's fine when I type though, thankfully. <3

Gonna go have a nice, relaxing bath now. I feel the need to pamper myself a bit. ^_^
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Stumbled across this on YouTube. Man, this song brings back some fond memories. Too bad Cradle suck now. D:



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*flails* Yes, yes, I should be finishing the Qwark app. I only have until Sunday to send it in and I'm pretty sure I don't have that long on the computer. >_> christmas present from Iain arrived! XD It's a mp3/mp4 player, kinda big and clunky but I love it. >_> I named it Angeal too. I need some stickers or something to jazz it up a bit because Iain got one just the same and I need to make mine look different. I'm gonna see if I can find any angel stickers. >_>

I'm currently putting my music on him but it's taking...a while. >_> There's a bit over 9GB to transfer, after all. XD
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Argh...what is wrong with me lately?

I'm addicted to SL, but now I'm nervous about signing in when I'm on my own. I spent most of Firday night hanging out with DroShakar (Adam) and Skriiven (Steph) on Firday night but they haven't been on since. It's ashame, because we had good times. Even after they logged out and I was hanging out with Guysoft. ^_^ We visited som Van Gogh exhibition where someone had made 3D versions of some of his paintings. That was awesome. XD

I've also been sorta hired as a dancer at some new club thing called The Cheetah. They let humans and furries there, which is cool. XD Awaken, the woman who invited me, said I can dance for tips and stuff. ^^ Should be fun. As long as my mtoher doens't walk in. XD She saw my outit on Friday and said I look like a hussy! Bwahahahaaa! That was in a little red dress. XD Now I'm in a black skirt with a lacey top and I look evem more like a hussy.

Also, I have a HUGE need for the GazettE lately. I adore them!

Also, I need a new mp3 player. The wire which lets me do things like charge it and put music on it is damaged. I can still use it but I'm going to have to be careful about it. And the battery barely lasts now. It's so annoying. When I first got it, I could listen to it on the way to Iain's and back for several journeys if I didn't listen to it at all in between. Now I'm lucky if I can make the journey there and back again when I don't listen to it during the week. >_< And I'd just put new music on it too...

...What else is going on? Hmm... Well, I'm trying to write more often now. I'm working on a novel sotra thing but that's all hushhush for now as far as info about it goes. I may take it into my head to work on some short stories too. I know I owe some friends some stories. ^^; Better get working on those...

I need someone to talk to. Really badly. Someone I don't get stupidly nervous talking to...

Aw hell, I'm gonna go upstairs and work on some stories. I'll be back online later but probably only on Second Life.

EDIT: My mother's just been freaking over the fact that someone she knows appeared on Antiques Roadshow.

"I know him! He lives in Canada! He was in the year above me in college! He came to Ingram loads of time! He used to do our cooking!"

And then, to finish with...

"I've got a picutre of him dressed up as a woman!"

...Mom, I love you. XD You've got some mad friends, and you're completely mad yourself. I adore you!

..and for those interested, the dress is pink, blue and yellow in a kinda tartan/check pattern O.o

She assures me there was a reason for it though.

Panic Over

Feb. 9th, 2008 03:12 pm
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Whoo! It took a while but finally it says all my songs are back! XD


...But some of them are in a slightly different order. Nothing major. Just things like "A Dangerous Mind" are at the bottom of the A's while "Action" is at the top instead of somewhere further down. But all songs are there, including those transferred last night!

Gods, I'm so happy now! Yaaaay!


Feb. 9th, 2008 01:00 pm
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Disaster has struck.

My mp3 player has wiped it's datebase.


That means all my songs are gone. Including the ones I transfered last night.

My only hope is transferring some files I found on the old computer last night that are to do with my mp3 player. If that doesn't work, I have to download everything again.
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I knew today wasn't a good day from the moment I woke up. Argh! 

First, instead of playing the CD, my alarm switched a boring news radio show. Ugh.

Then I was dashing round getting ready when the Agonizing Stomach Pains started.

Got on the bus anyway and put my earphones in. Two stops later a girl in a St. Anthony's uniform gets on andsits in front. The music from her earphones drowns out my own.

WHAT THE FUCK?!  O_O Can she even hear her lessons during the day or is she mostly deaf?!

So I turn mine up and blast Dir En Grey and Rammestein into my own ears. Can't hear her now.

Get chocolate for my lunch, today is looking up. Then on the bus to work is a screaming girl child having a tantrum for no apparent reason and throwing her toys all over the place. Her mother ignores her and just drops the toys back on top of the pink-clad brat.

Gods, I've never been so glad to get off a bus in my life. Even at full volume I could hear the brat over my music.

And it's not even half nine yet. That icon doesn't convey just how pissed off I am with the world right now.


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