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I am feeling an increasing need to just say 'FUCK EVERYTHING' and becime a total reculse for a while. No going out, no internet, nothing.

Just me, a pile of books to read and a notebook for when I feel like writing.

Oh, and a massive pile of chocolate too.

But I won't, because I have obligations to fulfil. Work to do, tags to write and other such things. I also have characters I want to app even though I don't know how I'll manage because I am failing so badly with just two at the moment. But I do have... drafts, at least, for the Sephiroth tags I owe, both in [ profile] thewake_rp and [ profile] piecesofworlds. I'm gonna type those out now properly, post them and then... maybe write some backstory for my OC, Michael or the other story set in the same world or watch Sanctuary or play Vampire the Masquerade.
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Another mostly sleepless night last night. God. What is wrong with me?

I had another bizarre dream too but I can't remember what it was. I think there was a tentacle monster involved...

Wait. i got it. There was an alien tentacle monster thing in a spaceship hovering above Earth trying to wipe out human lust.



Hello, brain, what the fuck kinda drugs you been taking and why wasn't I in on it?

But I spent the first half the night after I logged off unable to sleep so I put a game on. Limited only to PS1 games, I had two digimon games, Final Fantasy 8 and Koudelka to choose from. I should have gone for Koudelka. -_- I put FF8 on first only to have it crash the moment I left Balamb Garden and got into a battle. Maybe I'll try again later.

But I want to play Jak games later...

And I already started a FF2 game last week I should continue.

Not to mention the work I should be doing for my NaNo novel...

Should be doing that now actually. I need to write a rather gruesome death scene for chapter 9 and then fit another couple deaths into chapter 10. Can't let myself fall behind on my word count. I need at least another 1000 words to keep myself happy today. Should start now actually...

Letting myself fall back into RP yesterday was fun but now all I want to do is continue that plot. But I have to make it wait until December before I get Sephy involved again. He can stay in the basement, plotting things while the others play on without me and him. XD

Anyway. NaNo calls me and I really must kill these characters. <3
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Seeeeeeph! Stop iiiiiiiiiiit!

I can't concentrate on my NaNo with this going on!

XD So, basically I decided to take a break from NaNoing for a while to RP and now I can't stop.

It's crazy. I'm loving it. I've got barely 500 words written all day but I'm loving it. XD

Posted up a couple chapters of my novel on FA but I still need to put them up on my writing journal. >.> I wouldn't take too much time but... Well. It means switching accounts. And I really do have to get on with typing... I'm in the middle of an awesome scene but I'm flailing over whether my character is...well... in character. Which is idiotic because he's the one in my head telling me how it's all going to go.

In RL news~ I've not been sleeping so well. I had a bizarre dream the other night about a pacifist dictatorship, vampires and a ventriloquist who kept making his shoes talk in order to tell me they were designer shoes from Italy. And I think I spent a lot of time looking our of a window. Or at a huge TV screen.

Um. I really should get on with my novel now...

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So...yesterday was randomly miserable. Completely miserable. I burst into tears for no reason I can think of at one point. >_> Right before dinner too, where I had to sit with my boyfriend's family and hope they didn't mention my eyes looking a little red.

I'm happier today though. I'm blaming all yesterday on hormones and a distincts lack of chocolate.

I've given up trying to keep track of Daisychain. >_> I still need to get Tasslehoff involved but I guess he'll have to wait a couple hours.

Also. I had a dream. Sephiroth, Genesis and random vikings! Hell yeah! XD Just wish I didn't keep waking up during it.

Anyway. Finally getting Seph's plot started in[info]piecesofworlds. Slowly. I'm building up to the main part. <3 And then after that... Regenesis. >3

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dskl;fjaj;k;aslkdjf They extended Day Two by another two days~ I am so frickin' relieved it's not funny. *flails* Since I haven't gotten either character involved in Day 2 yet. I think I need Eve to tag back on Day One. If that's not done by the time I get back, I'll give the mun a nudge. I want to get Seph's telepathy post done soon without backdating it too much.

I still haven't put Tas in Day 2 but I will do before I go - want to get him healed then he can do whatever.

Got to get my little plot going on Pieces too. >_>

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So...I felt mostly alright this morning. Still a bit woozy and lethargic. If my mother wasn't home, I'd have attempted to go to work and gotten sent home by now. So I had breakfast, went back upstairs to play some KH2 - I know, I know, I should have played P4 but I wanted some Soratiems~

Headache started getting worse. Turned it off just after beating Jafar and decided to make my headache worse by coming on the computer. <3

[ profile] piecesofworlds  opens today so I've made my first post there. I already had it written so no worries about "thinking ICly gives me headaches!". I should probably come off hiatus at DC and reply to posts in Ragnarok but~ still taking it easy today.

The game I mentioned in my last post? Still working out the kinks there. Arwen helped with the FAQ last night, coming up with some questions I'd not thought of and helping me decide what the answers should sometimes but I'd appreciate any other help. this space? XD

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The How's My Driving? Meme
It makes me nervous to do this. I've never done it before but...any way in which I can improve is good, right? >_> I both hope and fear that someone, anyone, will comment.

Managed to finish Albel's tags. Tasslehoff is all up to date too. I just have Sephiroth left, owing Cloud and Boriane. I know vaguely what I want to write but it will have to wait until I get home tonight. I won't be late, since it's 'Jobsearch Day'. I both look forward to and dread these days. One one hand, no stree of actual work. On the other, there is very little to do if I can't get on a computer. Plus, I think there's a new guy in my group and I get the feeling he's going to pester me about working in the same place as I do my course. He thinks I'm completely mad. Why would I want to come in every day, even if I am working and not sitting in a classroom environment, doing pretty much bugger all?

The secret is...I actually enjoy it. >_> Yes, I complain and I get stressed out and things but I still enjoy it at the end of the day. It's been a really good experience for me so far.

So...don't worry about me, alright? I'm fine.

Oh~ And Sephiroth got accepted into [ profile] piecesofworlds . I'll be finishing his other account tonight but the game isn't opening yet until there's at least one more player so I don't think it's going to be another distraction just yet. ...I still have to finish work on Cloud's app too. >_<
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I posted the app for Sephiroth at [ profile] piecesofworlds .

I guess that means I should finally get around to adding icons to his other journal.

Um. What was the username again..?

Anyway, it will have to wait until later. I am off to bed.

I'll tag back the three tags I currently have left in the morning. If I have time. I might not. Might get one done and then think about the rest for the rest of the day. ...This journal post is acting strange. I suddenly remember why I prefer updating my journal in Firefox but I don't want to log out of Sephiroth's journal on DC at the moment so I'm using Internet Explorer. *hisses* Evil thing. I hate it but it suits for tagging with my less acitve characters like Tasslehoff and Albel. I must admit though, that despite my infrequent posting with Albel, he is a strong muse. Tasslehoff is somewhat weaker but no less enjoyable. But now that I have canonmates with him, I fear doing the wrong thing more than before. I will not be put off this time though, I swear. I'll keep the little guy until the end. He'll not get killed off though. Reading his canon death broke my heart enough without having to write another version myself. Besides. What can top getting stomped on by Chaos? Although a decidedly less pretty version than the one Vincent turns into. XD

Anyway. I'm off to bed. Goodnight, all, whatever time zone you are in. <3

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My boyfriend has surprised me this weekend by allowing me to use his computer. But I suppose it means he does not have to allow me to use his 360. *sigh* I want to play The Last Remnant but until he lets me on, I can't. I got all the way up to exploring the Numor Mines with Emma last time I played but I forgot to save and took on more enemies than I could handle, only to find my last save game was in the catacombs. I'd like to get past that part now and get on with a few sidequests before heading back to Athlum and continuing the story...or I could just rush through it because I really do want to play Emma somewhere.

Anyway~ Due to my sudden;y having computer access, I've come off my hiatus at [info]daisychainrpg and have managed to catch up with most if not all of Sephiroth's tags - I'm still debating whether it is worth responding to a few journal comments but I believe all log posts have been responded to. I have also managed to intro Tas earlier than expected. Albel is all caught up in Ragnarok - although he only had a couple journal comments.

Since I do suddenly have some time to RP on my hands, I have also put down a reservation for [info]piecesofworlds for Sephiroth. I figure I've got enough time on my hands to manage it. It's not actually active yet, due to lack of players, but I like the concept behind it. Seph, when I finish his app, will be taken from Nibelhiem, just before he actually gets to read about the Jenova Project so he won't have actually gone crazy.

There are a number of other games I'd like to play at but I'll likely overload myself if I app at them all. Besides, I'm not even sure who I'd play. There are a number of characters I am interested in playing, not just Sephiroth. I just need to do canon reviews or finish the game before I app anyone. >_> Unless I attempt to app one of my OCs? I do have a few, some I've had for years that have had quite a lot of time to develop in my head. But they might just annoy people.

Goddess knows they annoy the crap outta me...

Anyway, I gotta be getting on with apps now. I'm still working on Cloud's app for
[info]ragnarokrpg  as well as Seph's app for [community profile] piecesofworlds


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