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I am feeling an increasing need to just say 'FUCK EVERYTHING' and becime a total reculse for a while. No going out, no internet, nothing.

Just me, a pile of books to read and a notebook for when I feel like writing.

Oh, and a massive pile of chocolate too.

But I won't, because I have obligations to fulfil. Work to do, tags to write and other such things. I also have characters I want to app even though I don't know how I'll manage because I am failing so badly with just two at the moment. But I do have... drafts, at least, for the Sephiroth tags I owe, both in [ profile] thewake_rp and [ profile] piecesofworlds. I'm gonna type those out now properly, post them and then... maybe write some backstory for my OC, Michael or the other story set in the same world or watch Sanctuary or play Vampire the Masquerade.
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I didn't get much sleep last night. I want music but am supposed to be listening out for the door just in case everone closer to it fails to hear the bell. I want to write but not for NaNoWriMo. I've never felt so discouraged about a fic. It sucks. ;-;

So have some random stuff that's cheered me up today.
Cut for pics, a video and Shinra-related insanity )
...And I think this is possibly enough procrastination for the day.
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Still procrastinating over my NaNo novel today. I had to go out earlier and it threw off my schedule. Even though I knew I had to go out. >.> Stupid jobcentre appointment getting in the way of my typing.

Anyway, before I left this morning, I was quickly browsing the internet for anything I could put in the little diary thing they gave me. I came across an ad on the website for a trainee sales position. Since I've got no experience in sales but am supposed to be looking for work in that area, I thought 'what the hell, it's something to write down on the diary thing' and clicked to apply.

That was this morning, at about 10am.

Earlier this afternoon, I got a phone call from the company...

Cut for length! )

I've talked about it with my mother too, when she came home from work and she doesn't think I should go either. I guess that settles it then.

In other news, I almost set fire to the house again today. :3 I tried lighting oil burners to cover the small of burned lasagne from yesterday and... well...
ALSO CUT FOR LENGTH. Aren't I considerate: :D )
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If you answered 'procrastinating' you'd be right. XD

I am Mew!

...ffff Not too bad, I think.


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