Jun. 14th, 2012 10:18 pm
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It's been a while since I posted anything here. :/ And now I return in order to vent some stuff.


Venting beyond the cut )
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I'm not sure if the title is entirely sarcastic or not but what the hell, it's a title. >_>

So far this week, I've been to visit Carrie (and was not mauled by her cat though he did try to climb up my skirt) and been out socialising with Iain's family without him. Pauline had a girlie night out in early celebration of her birthday next Monday. There were 17 people in total and not all of them I knew but it was a laugh anyway. Not that I said much. I also may or may not regret telling Ann to ask me on the Brownie Pack Holiday next year though, since I said I couldn't go this year - honestly, it was a bit short notice. The pack holiday is next week.

Anyway, I ended up shopping for more clothes to wear for this girlie thing. We were at a restaurant in Chester Road. Pauline seemed to get quite drunk but I have to remember she is a Page and thi kind of thing is to be expected from them. XD So I have more girly clothes, some of which were picked out by Iain. I also have high heels but I need to get a pair of insoles for them. >_<

Earlier today I was helping Pauline and Hazel mind the twins while the other kids played outside. I even took the twins out because they were crying and stuff. It was alright until Keiran realised he wouldn't be allowed out into the back street to play. Poor thing. But I tried to keep him occupied and took him back indoors to distract him from the open gate. Of course, I failed to realise his feet would be black when I picked him up. Black feet + white skirt = dirty white skirt. It's new as well. >_< Oh well...

I had to leave early to get the bus to the jobcentre too. I stopped at home, gave myself what I thught would be enough time to drop stuff off and run back to the bus stop. But of course, the world plans against me. The fact that it has been lovely and sunny today means there were people everywhere and the bus didn't turn up in the half hour I waited at the bus stop around he corner. I went to the next stop to see if I would have more luck there and the bus I thought I would have missed turned up twenty minutes late - ten minutes after my jobcentre appointment. >_< Argh. So I'm panicking, wondering if I'll get in trouble or not get my money or something. When I got there, I don't think there was anyone else waiting to be seen so I just walked up to the desk, explained what happened and was oout five minutes later. If I wasn't getting money for this, I'd say it was a waste of time. >_<

The planes for the airshow have been practicing today too. It's far too noisy but they're not going to go away until Monday morning. I was tihnking about going around to my gran's this weekend to sunbathe in her back garden, just in the morning when I can't see the computer screen for the glare of the sun but if the airshow's on I don't think I'll bother. It'll be noisy and the streets will be crowded with cars trying to find places to park around there, even when they're not allowed to. My mother wants me to work in the garden though and I might do that instead. Wait 'til she sees the shorts I bought. XD I wouldn't mind, as long as she helped out or told me what to do. I'm in that kind of mood lately. I want to do stuff to help others. >_< May even finish tidying up my bedroom tonight or tomorrow.

...probably not. The internet, she calls to me. >_> I need to do something more on Daisychain. >_< I've already tagged all I needed to, Seph's about done with his conversation with Lucrecia and can continue being lost with Anise without me owndering about that now. Then I should try to set something up with Loz...and Yazoo, perhaps, since he's in the game now. XD And Seph also needs to talk to Vincent, but that can wait a while until Eco's not as busy.  I'd hate to overload her. ^_^

But since I can't do anything right now, I'm going to have another attempt at putting new music onto my mp3 player. Every time I do lately, it says "skipping -track whatever-" as though they're already on the damn thing when I know full well they're not. Argh.


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