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My boyfriend's next door neighbours have a truly terrible taste in music. I can hear it through the walls. It is all I can hear.

Last night I dreamed I adopted a robot kitten. It was he fluffiest thing ever and it was grey. I thought it was real at first and it was a stray so I took it home but then I found out it had a hard drive inside it. I took it out and found out that it belonged to a family down the road but they didn't take proper care of it. I was trying to decide whether to take it back and lecture them on proper kitten care or keep it for myself when I woke up.

Also I wrote a fic.

I'll link to it/post it or whatever later. I'm feeling lazy right now.


Jul. 12th, 2008 10:11 pm
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My mp3 player crashed last night. In the middle of a song. Just stopped playing for no apparent reason. The screen faded but the lights on the buttons remained on. No clue what to do, nothing I tried worked. I thought I'd leave it for the battery to wear down but after twelve hours I gave up and gave in to the urge to press the reset button. I didn't do it before in case it wiped my music but dammit, I was getting desperate.

And it worked.


My music is still there, it is no longer crashed and it works. I wish I'd done it earlier but at least now I know what to do if it happens again.

...Still waiting on a reply from Lucrecia. I' m hesitant to prod the mun because I know people do other things that roleplay online. That and I'm terribly shy and don't know her well enough to pop a random hello on her. >_<



And I'm considering Daisychain-themed stories. O.o Um. If I ever write any, they'll only be posted on LJ but I dunno...

And I do kinda want to make another Sephy post but not until he's done talking to Lucrecia. On the plus side, he's been talking to others on his existing journal post and I may have the opportunity to RP with people not of the FF7 fandom, which would be totally awesome. Whether their from a fandom I know or not, it would be pretty cool to get Sephy interacting with people who have no clue who he is.

And you may have guessed I'm posting this out of boredom but so what? If I get off the computer now, by the time I have the attention span for it again, it'll be too late to get online. I'd rather wait for my mother to go to bed anyway. Then I can take the PS2, even with the broken controller. I can still watch DVDs, dammit. I really want to watch Advent Children again. And maybe Petite Cossette. And Kingdom Hospital. Casshern. Anastasia. An American Haunting. >_> Yeah, I think I'll have a movie-fest when I 'go to bed'. >_> Bet I end up asleep on the floor again. Oh well. It's not that uncomfortable really.

...I thnk I'm gonna play some music now. ^^


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