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I used to like my job. Sorta. I mean, it was a bit dull but I liked going in. Now I'm dreading Monday morning.

It started about two weeks ago. Someone at HQ in York noticed that the company was losing money. It was traced back to our office and this contract we have with a certain charity. We buy the bags from the charity to deliver and then claim the money back based on our returns and routes delivered. Or so I understand it.

But the bosses have been taking out the routes with poor results from the reports so it looks as though they haven't been completed - and yet we've paid them because they have been delivered. Maybe we only got one or two bags, maybe we didn't get any - but if someone phones up and asks why they haven't been paid for a route they've delivered, either Alison or Susan will tell me to pay them.

I've only been taking over doing the pays for a few months, not the whole time we've been delivering these bags. But since last May, the company has lost about £30k (or so I gather from listening in on phone conversations). All through routes that have been paid but not put on the reports. Only routes with good results get put on the reports so taking out the poor routes makes the company look better, which is all the bosses were concerned about.

Until they realised the company had been losing money.

Cue mad panic to find out how and why and where the money had gone. :| Bosses were in danger of losing their jobs, apparently.

So in the attempt to reclaim some money, they fired me.

For doing my goddamn job.

Which is such bullshit, it makes me speechless with rage. What the actual fuck?!

But my aunt campaigned on my behalf and got me my job back - working less hours and only three days a week but it's better than signing on at the job centre again. :| I just... wish I didn't have to go back now. It's going to be all awkward and stuff. Plus I'm still pretty angry at how this has all turned out.

And the worst thing is, I knowif Susan apologises, then I'll accept it and move on. If she bitches at me for not doing anything in work, then I'm going to tell her that it's only because I don't have enough to do - the job she was supposedly giving me to do was taken back by her without even telling me. Plus, there's only so much time I can spend filing before it's all done. :| So of course I'm going to sit and write fic on my phone. I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO UNTIL YOU HAND ME THE PAPERWORK I NEED. And I can't just take it from her because she needs it first. She needs to input it into the computer (supposedly my job except she won't let me do it) although I suppose that comes after she goes dress shopping online.

No, seriously. She looked up a dress online, supposedly for some event, and sent one of our drivers to pick it up from the shop. :|

But I can't sit and write out a couple hundred words of fic in my downtime. Peacefully. Not disrupting anyone.

I just. Augh.


Shutting up now. Not looking forward to work. Taking my time to get there in the morning, I think.
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Oh man, I've been in a terrible mood most of the day. With my boyfriend's parents away, I'm staying with him and his two brothers. It isn't bad when they keep to themselves and keep the noise down (which is unfortunately not often enough) but one of them, possibly both, decided to divide up the chores list without any input from me and my boyfriend so they could give us the worst jobs.

Problem is my boyfriend doesn't have the time of the energy after coming home form work - expecially not after the 10km race last Sunday. He's still a bit sore and his joints are stiff. Plus, he's sunburned, poor thing. So asking him to do the most phyisically demanding jobs around the house is kind of unfair. He jjust can't manage it at the moment.

So pulling an attitude because he hasn't gone over half the house with the vacuum cleaner when all the brother in question has to do is open the fucking curtains in the front room and feed the fish is just not on. I swear I will punch him in the face if he keeps this up. With my rings on. I want to see that fucker bleed.

Anyway, this morning, he starts shouting for my boyfriend several hours after he's gone out (and surely any attentive sibling living in the same house would be aware even distantly of their brother's work schedule. Hell, I don't see my brother very often and even I have an idea how is college/work is going) and he sounds pissed. No doubt about the kitchen, where he spends most of his time.

I mean really, if you spend several hours in the kitchen, watching TV and 'working' on a laptop (I have my doubts about how much actual work is getting done), why not take ten minutes - less than that, even - to vacuum the floor in there? But no, he's a lazy little twat so he leaves it for everyone else to do. Heaven forbid he risk getting his hands dirty. >_> He might hurt his fingers or something and then he won't be able to work on his computer, doing whatever the fuck it is he does.

Once he was gone, I went over the kitchen with the vacuum cleaner, locked up and went out. Then I texted my boyfriend to let him know it was done and that his brother was acting like a prick again andalso told him I would approvve if he punched his brother (because if he doesn't, I will).

Just now, I got a text saying thanks and he might just do that. Suddenly, my day seems so much better for that little laugh. I hope I'm there to see it if it does happen.

I've got no respect for this brother whatsoever (The other is okay, kinda cool when he's not being a flake), never have and I don't think I ever will. We do get along ut I have to make an effort to do so but I've never really liked him. When I first met him, my first impression was that he was an arrogant little tosser and that hasn't changed. He seems to be under the impression he's a special snowflake or something - and I suppose in a way he is, with his gluten intolerance and the way milk will kill him so his mother has to buy super expensive glten and dairy free stuff to feed him. Maybe he wouldn't be so bad if he didn't make sexist and homophobic remarks all the time. Or listen to U2 at a deafening volume. Or watch Top Gear almost religiously (my guess is he thinks Jeremy Clarkson is some kind of god when really, he's just an obnoxious prat as well, albiet an occasionally entertaining one).

I don't think I can ever see my boyfriend's brothers as anything but 'boys' though, when really, given their ages, I suppose I should be thinking of them as men. One is nearly 30, I think and the other is a little past the 30 mark. So yes, they should be men but I will forever think of them as boys - just children who cling to their mother's apron strings. Augh, they make me so mad!
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It is dark outside. Like. Pitch black apart from the street lamps dark. Not that the street lams make much difference in the back gardens - where some noisy neighbour is busy playing with his goddamn power tools, making all kinds of racket. What the fuck is so important that it can't wait until daylight? Who decides to play in their shed at night, when it is cold? GO INSIDE AND SPEND TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR NASTY, YAPPY LITTLE DOG PLEASE.

Irritable Sabby is irritable.


Now he's hammering. I hear him banging around out there.

Also. This 'LJ Times' thing that pops up when I'm logged in as Sephiroth? That's fucking pissing me off too. The pages aren't loading properly, the comments get cut off half way, everything runs slowly and I cannot make it go away. AUGH. Whoever designed that thing needs to be made to undo it and then they and all the people responsible for it's creation need to be taken out back and shot.


Why yes, I am in a bad mood. What gave it away?

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Yesterday, I was a grouchy anti-social bitch in pain.

Today, I am no longer in pain but I am still somewhat grouchy.

Bah. I'm just not having a good time of it at the moment. Good thing it's all almost over. I have one party to go to next week, then it is my boyfriend's father's birthday and I shall be expected to go along with whatever social thing their family has planned, then it's my birthday in exactly two weeks (I still dread my boyfriend's family realising lest they insist I do something to celebrate) and then my boyfriend's nephew's birthday and then IT'S ALL OVER.

Until summer.

Ross says the next anime/furmeet is April 4th but that's Easter Sunday, isn't it? When everything will be closed? So I wonder what they're all going to do for it. I want to go along but I'm not sure I will. I need the money to buy presents for people. I'll have to do something else to make it up to Ross for skipping out on him for the second time in a row. Maybe work on the next chapter of that story? XD I need to do that anyway...

Oh, but I need to go to his house at some point to pick up the picture his friend drew for me... And return the DVDs I borrowed months ago, forgot about and recently discovered in my brother's bedroom.

Speaking of my brother - saw him last Friday for the first time since Christmas. Without his shadow girlfriend, too. o.o I was shocked and amazed. Not that I don't like her but it does grate on me a bit that they are hardly ever apart. How have they not killed each other yet?

But... I had a bit of a fight with my boyfriend that night. I forget what was said now but... He was upset I think that I got so caught up in seeing my brother again and catching up that I was late in going over to his. He phoned up and we argied a bit and he hung up. A couple minutes later, my phone battery died so I charged it incase he called back but he didn't. Instead, I spent the night with my family and went over to his in the morning to patch things up.

Sunday was spent at his nieces christening. Normally, that is a long and boring ceremony but this time it was at a different church so there were different people in charge and... it felt more like the gathering of an obscure cult than a christening. Not to mention, the priest guy was going on before it began about PROFIT and LOSS, going on about what would happen if you lost all your possessions in a flood or an earthquake - which seems ridiculous to me. I know there has been a recent earthquake in Haiti but... who ever heard of an earthquake in North East England? The whole thing seemed to be a huge hint about getting people to donate money to the church.

After that, everyone went back to my boyfriend's sister's except there were so many people I didn't know that I just couldn't relax. So I started stressing. And then my arm felt really itchy and... well... now I have this long, sore scratch on my arm. It's getting better, I just can't touch it. Other places are beginning to itch too, whcih means my eczema is on it's way back. I should still have a little cream left over from last time it was bugging me. I jsut have to remember to apply it. >_< Goddamn. I refuse to let it get as bad as last time though. I swear - both arms, both legs, a patch on my stomach - all sore from scratching so much. >.< Because I was too stubborn to go to the doctor and get some proper cream for it. E45 doesn't do enough, plus the handwash smells awful. >.> My mother hasn't seen my latest scratch though and I don't plan on showing her. I just have to wear long, loose sleeves...

Anyway, I felt awful yesterday so I spent another night with my boyfriend. Damn hormones got me this month worse than usual - my legs were jelly, my head ached, I felt nauseous and just wanted to go to bed. I didn't think I'd be alright alone on the bus though so I stayed. Now it seems I'm going to catch another cold though. My boyfriend got manflu at the moment - coughing, sneezing, blowing his nose constantly and whinging about being unable to think/breathe/do anything himself (though what's new about that? XD) and when I went to get him some medicine, he complained. Ungrateful little brat. I didn't have to go get it for him.

But then he went out and I got to play Dragon Age for a bit~ I've started a whole new game again. He found my first save data, where I was doing an awful job of surviving but not my second save data, where I had done better. So I started all over again - same character - Elven mage - but did things a bit differently. Instead of going straight to Redcliffe from Lothering, I went to see the Dalish elves instead and fought werewolves. And helped out a rhyming tree. XD That was fun. I still have more to do there but the main quest bit is over and the elves have agreed to help against the Archdemon. I'm not sure if I should head out to Redcliffe now or pay a visit to the Circle of Magi or the dwarves. Or I could go and get the stone golem, visit Soldier's Peak or...there's something else to do but I can't remember what.

>.> Need to play Dissidia some more too. Been playing a bit of The World Ends With You as well, mostly training and getting money. Re-read Into the Nightside too and wish I could find the next book. I need more. ;-; And there are so many things I need to do but I don't want to do any of them, mostly because it is late.

...Maybe I'll go on Oblivion for a bit. >.> I had a dream a couple nights ago that I was my Oblivion character. I became an alcoholic to deal with the horrors I witnessed through the Oblivion gates.

I also had a dream the world was ending so I spent some time hanging with my boyfriend, then buying up all the books I wanted to read and then hung out on my bed at my gran's house with Eco, who had flown over to see me for the End Days and we sat reading for hours until my gran called us down to eat. o.O It was odd but I woke up feeling really good. ^_^;;;
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I put [info]regenesisrpg on RPS. Not sure if that was the best of ideas but Regenesis doesn't seem to have generated much interest in other places I've put ads up. Maybe I need to find more. I know I didn't post everywhere I could have... Bah. I'm just being impatient. Perhaps I set the opening date too close? October 5th, people! OCTOBER 5TH. Also I'm altering part of the FAQ regarding character death.


Giving the Endgame one last shot with an FFVII meet-up thread. Including Eve, since she's tagging along with Seph. Who knew the guy liked kids? XD Well, he likes quiet, obedient kids.

Looks like out washer/dryer is going to be fixed soon too. British Gas sent a man round to fix it a couple weeks ago. He said he'd order the part and be back the next Wednesday. Couple days before he's due, he phones up and says he can't get the part on time and someone else will come round with it when it arrives because he's going on holiday. Guy comes round, doesn't have the part and claims they can't get it. He clearly doesn't want to be doing this anyway.

Next thing, British Gas phones up and says they can't get the part and we can either have a voucher for Curry's to get a new one or our money back. My mother says she'll think about it and goes online to check some stuff out. Turns out the manufactuer for our pasher/dryer keeps parts on hand for old models for ten years after they stop making them. Our model is six years old. Can't get the part, my arse. -_-

My mother, not pleased with the way this is going, emails the manufacturing company and gets a reply saying that yes, they do have the parts we need in stock. Hurray! So she then emails British Gas to complain about the way we are being treated. This morning we get a call from them saying that they can get the part and a guy will be round on Friday to fix it. XD Meaning we no longer have to fork out £400 for a new washer/dryer after all.

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The bank's been charging me 'maintenance charges' for the last couple months but I finally sorted out why. Apprently some time last December/January, I went overdrawn so I was charged for that. I can't remember going overdrawn though or how...might have been if Iain used my account to buy something online or something. I know I can't go overdrawn if I just withdraw money myself so tht much be it. But when they took the charges, I went overdrawn again. So I'll get charged one more time for that but afterwards, I'm gonna be leaving a little mroe in my account each time, just to be sure.

Glad to have that sorted...

I just have to not spend any more than I need to next Wednesday. I need about £60 to give to other people, another £10 for travel and...I just realised there won't be enough left... GODDAMMIT.


I'll just have to give everyone half of what I owe them. Then I'll be in the clear.

And Iain can't use my account to buy stuff online for a while. All he wants at the moment is a lot of discount DVDs to burn everything he's downloaded to. He's started that nasty habit of downloading too much crap that he'll never actually watch again. He's got 180 films and I don't know how many TV series. And he says that we'll watch them together. Like hell. >_> He never waits for me to get back to watch them or he'll watch through the night when I'm asleep. I wouldn't care so much but he won't put the episodes that I missed on because he's already seen them.

It's a crappy thing to get upset about but...damn it. If he says he wants to do something with me, why can't he wait until I'm there?

...How did this turn from a rant about the bank to ranting about my boyfriend? Ugh...

And there goes my good mood.

Aaaand...Lucky Star has stopped working. Fantastic. -_- I got sound but no picture. Fucking hell, I'm just not allowed to be happy at the moment, am I? I swear to any and all gods that are listening, Monday better be much better or there will be blood shed. The kitchen is full of sharp pointy objects and I know I can find some very creative uses for them...

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Augh! So goddamn pissed off today! I wanted to get back early, maybe catch Eco on AIM but a call to go and babysit for what was supposed to be maybe an hour or so. We got there just after five, Pauline returns about quarter past six and Iain and I don't leave until after eight. Fuck. I lvoe the kids and all but...their house is so noisy, plus I was hungry and just wanted to come home.

Except I figure it's too late for me to get anythng to eat at home and stay at Iain's a little while longer to get something to eat there. That's fine. I don't mind that. It was just a quick, simple meal and I thought we'd just dash off afterward...which we sorta did...except that Iain forgot his wallet and he was supposed to lend me money to get home. We had to walk all the way back to his to get it and so I didn't get home until about half ten.

So not happy about that. I like being back early because I have tags to make and I'm just too goddamn tired and pissed off to bother now. -_- My music player also decided that it had a low battery for half thw way home - complete rubbish, of course because I fully charged it before I left. I think it was just trying to tell me it was too cold but I got it working for the last ten minutes of so of the trip. Pisses me off though, when I have to ride the bus without music though because then I have to put up with other people. At least it was too late for any screaming kids to be around. I swear I would have just snapped if there had been.

I think I'm starting to calm down now though but FUCK, I want to kill something. I think I'll go on Oblivion or Vampire: The Masquerade and find something to slaughter before I get off the computer tonight. Then I'll go and find something wonderfully violent to play in my room. Did Adam bring back DMC or is that just wishful thinking on my part? If so, then I suppose it'll have to be Darkwatch or something. >_> Kinda want to play Saints Row 2, just for the chance to shoot random people. It's so much more fun than GTA.
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When I was still new to fanfiction, I didn't mind seeing the odd japanese word or phrase if it was based on a anime/manga/game set in Japan. I kinda saw it as a way to learn a little Japanese. But since I pretty much only learned otaku-speak Japanese, that got old really quickly.

And now it just annoys me. Why, when the rest of the story is in English, would you bother to put in Japanese words? Unless it is not set in Japan but one of the characters happens to be from there. Then I can accept it. Providing there's a translation.

But when a story has absolutely no apparent connection to Japan at all (save for it being the origin of the anime/manga/game), why bother having a character randomly say it?

Sorry, this just sprang out of nowhere. I'm happily reading an AU Kingdom Hearts fic (never as good as Eco's stories) when suddenly Zexion, for no apparent reason is suddenly speaking Japanese after bursting into song (Teenagers by MCR... >_<) with Demyx and Axel. Moments later, he's telling Demyx "I need someone to love me. Please will you love me?"

The OOCness is now killing me.

I wonder if there are any Demyx shounen ai fics where he actually seems to be in character? >_> Or maybe I've been reading too many fics by Xanvirash?

Rawr again

Nov. 21st, 2007 10:48 am
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My NaNo novel is running out of ideas. I am at the point where I will put any crap down in order to fill up the word quota. I don't think I'll post much more online anymore. You can read what's there (link should be further down the page, I can't be bothered to find it agai). Not that anyone is reading it anyway.

But cmes December 1st, I'm going to start rewriting it, making it better. It won't be finished by then, but because I've got more ideas for where I want the story to go after the main three characters show up, it should be better. I'm also going to change a few names. I keep typing Lestat instead of Lesant and it's irritating the hell out of me. I don't think it suits him so much anymore either... 

But half the characters seem to have split personalities anyway. 

So when I go back  to Iain's later, whenever that happens to be, I'm going to type up what I wrote at Ross's last night and then just continue from there.

I just hope Lesant is still as fast as he was when he was younger. I don't know about Relia though and Aleron is probably going to end up squashed. Poor thing probably should be dead by now but I do't care. 

And that reminds me that I need to find my favourite generator sites again... ^^;;;
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Also crazy-psychotic this morning. There was a kid next to me at the bus station swinging his leg in a circle and I wanted to rip it off and beat him to death with it. The lady sitting next to me was reading the Sun and I wanted to choker her with it just for having it. Glanced over while she was reading the "Please help me, I'm a stupid fucker" pages and saw the main letter was from a guy who keeps cheating with girls he doesn't facny. I wanted to either hunt him down and beat him up or develop the power to ensure he lives a life of lonliness, pain and misery.

Was going to be sorting more bloody ESF forms but I'm about 2 sheets away from trying to slit someone's throat with the paper. Hus gave me something else to do instead. It's less infuriating and I get to mess around online at the same time.
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I knew today wasn't a good day from the moment I woke up. Argh! 

First, instead of playing the CD, my alarm switched a boring news radio show. Ugh.

Then I was dashing round getting ready when the Agonizing Stomach Pains started.

Got on the bus anyway and put my earphones in. Two stops later a girl in a St. Anthony's uniform gets on andsits in front. The music from her earphones drowns out my own.

WHAT THE FUCK?!  O_O Can she even hear her lessons during the day or is she mostly deaf?!

So I turn mine up and blast Dir En Grey and Rammestein into my own ears. Can't hear her now.

Get chocolate for my lunch, today is looking up. Then on the bus to work is a screaming girl child having a tantrum for no apparent reason and throwing her toys all over the place. Her mother ignores her and just drops the toys back on top of the pink-clad brat.

Gods, I've never been so glad to get off a bus in my life. Even at full volume I could hear the brat over my music.

And it's not even half nine yet. That icon doesn't convey just how pissed off I am with the world right now.


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