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I cme home from Iain's house yesterday to find my brother has had his hair trimmed again, dyed completely black again and wearing a chinese-style dressing gown of our mothers with his pj bottoms.

He looked remarkably like Count D.

Now we just need some proper chinese clothes and an anime convention so he can cosplay in public. XD

Also, Lolly now comes running to me every time I come out of my room or move from the computer. It's so cute! But why does she only play with pink string? It's the only thing she'll touch.

Meanwhile, Raz is now putting all of his colourful, rattle balls back under every peice of furniture.

Fun times

Oct. 15th, 2007 09:31 am
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I was hanging out with my brother and his girlfriend most of the weekend. It was really fun! I'm kinda glad I'm getting to know her better because it's they've been together so long and all I really knew about her was that she had a lot of pets (six cats, three guinea pigs and a horse, I think).

But now I know she's a lot of fun to be with. We had a kinda sleepover party on Saturday night, but we tried to minus the sleep. XD It didn't work. Steph was out after Advent Children, I crawled onto the sofa and passed out about 6:00am and Adam was sleeping by the time I awoke at about 8:30am. I probably would have slept longer but my mtoher doesn't even try to be quiet on a morning. The number of times I've been woken up because of her thumping around the house... Sometimes I wake before her but I always try to be quiet...

Anyway, I hung out with them more on Sunday too. I was supposed to be tidying my room but then they came in to hang out and we ended up throwing bits of paper at each other in a no-holds-barred free-for-all paper war! We even had protective headgear! lol! Well, I had an upside-down tin tied to my head with a ribon, Adam had an old witches hat from a Halloween a few years ago and Steph had a brightly-coloured summer hat from when I was really little. XD It was completely hilarious! And childish! But fabulous! 

We let Spike out of his cage to run around a bit as well and went "catting" - like fishing, but trying to catch cats instead! There's a bamboo pole my mother uses to bang on the ceiling and she tied a mouse on the end of a length of string to it and I was using it to play with the cats. 

So, yes, my weekend was a lot of fun. 

This morning, I tohught I was going to be late for work because I'd missed the bus I was supposed to get. But instead, my dad drives past me on the way to the bus stop and I got a lift in! I arrived early! Despite the fact I'd been running around getting ready and then chasing Raz when he got out! Stupid cat...

But I've had a generally good time. Which is good because last week wasn't that great for me. So now I'm kinda balanced in the good/bad department. Now I need to get back to work!
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My urge to kill is at an all-time high.

First off, it's winter suddenly. What the fuck happened to autumn?! 

Secondly, I slept in yesterday, got to work late and had to go back home afterwards to get my stuff. And what happens?

Bloody Raz gets out and I spent twenty minutes chasing him around in the fucking rain! And he was meowing so much because he didn't like the wet stuff falling from the sky but would he go back inside? Hell no.

Then mother gets home. And Raz gets out again.

Despite the fact that he hated it when he got out half an hour before!


Then I'm waiting for the bus back to town, one of my earphones isn't working and there's a group of loud chavs standing in the bus shelter. I opt to stand in the rain, away from them and ponder if anyone will mind if I cut them open and use their innards to warm my hands.

By the time I get to Iain's, I either wanted to kill someone or be hugged.

He opted to hug me.

Also, it's his birthday today. And William's. Iain was complaining because William seemed to be getting more attention than he was. William though, seems to be turning into a little brat. He apparently kicked someone in the face the other day and was running around threatening to break legs. For fucks sake, the boy has just turned three! He shouldn't be spouting things like that! If he hits me, I'm so yelling at him.


Back to work then. Where I have to decide which of FOUR ethnicity codes to put down for some kid who was apparently born in four places at once. O.o 

Only good thing about today? I get to use a Reno icon. *points*

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Raz is hurt. It's Adam's fault too but has that little bastard come back from his girlfriend's house to look after him? Hell no!

And why would he? After all, these are only the cats he spend more than two months beging to bring home as soon as he was told he could have one if our mother allowed it. And after discussing it with me, he was. So tell me, why would he bother to look after them?

Argh! I really just want to rip his head off!

Oh, but I haven't said how Raz got injured yet...

When Adam went back to his girlfriend's house, he left his bedroom window open. Our windows open on an angle from the bottom so for any creature trying to get in or out of that, it's not going to be easy. Raz has succeeded once, landed with the loudest bang on the conseratory roof. Poor thing was so terrified that as soon as I opened the window properly, he jumped right back inside. But this time he wasn't to lucky. He got stuck and started yowling really loudly. My mtoher told me she thought it was a child crying at first. But no, shhe goes upstairs and finds Raz stuck in the window. He's walked with a limp ever since.

His leg doesn't seem to be broken though and we can't afford any vet's fees so we can't take him to get checked out. But he's limping less and less every day. I didn't see him right after the accident so I don't know how bad it was but he seems improved from yesterday. With luck, he'll be better soon.
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Cats are idiots. Really strange idiots.

For instance, Raz preffers to try to steal my chips instead of eating the supposedly delicious Cod and Plaice flavour catfood I just put down for him. Meanwhile Lolly likes to hunt dirt and invisible things. Both will meow loudly for attention and then promptly ignore me when I look at them and every time I walk in the front door, they're both sitting on the chest of drawers as though they've spent the entire time they've been alone in the house there, waiting to greet me, in Lolly's case, or make a break for freedom in Raz's. (I'm sure I've already mentioned the reason we don't let them out of the house - a nasty, cat-mauling fox that's already killed next door's cat and probably more in the neighbourhood.)

I really can't remember what life was like before these cats. I'm glad we got them because otherwise my days spent home would be a lot less entertaining.

Anyway, my mother's gone out to drink with her friends from work so I don't expect her back anytime soon. I knew she'd stayed behind for some reason since she was already late when she called but I've had to feed myself. Yay for oven chips and bacon otherwise I'd starve. And now I'm just left to read fanfiction, finish my doll of Tephras (why must armour be so hard to shade!? WHY!?) and watch Ouran High School Host Club. I'm up to episode 20 I think. >_> The Loberia girls scare me. O.o


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