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There's thunder and rain outside. It rained so hard earlier it sounded like it was going to crack the glass in the conservatory. O_O If I had anyone to talk to, I'd have had to shout to be heard!

And...Ross phoned up about the Furmeet thing tomorrow. I don't have the money but he said he'll give me what I need. 

But if the weather's as crappy tomorrow as it is today, I'm not leaving the house. O_O Everyone else is out - my mother in town, Adam and Steph at her grandparent's house - and they're all either caught in it or gonna get caught in it coming back. And I will laugh. And offer coffee to warm them up :D Because I am nice like that. Sometimes. >_>


OMGFADEREPLYALREADY~SOECOCAN. >_>*has no ulterior motives...* <- is a lie.

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I am feeling somewhat insane today. Goddammit.

For the love of god, will someone please talk to me. >_< I swear, no one is online. *shiffs* I'm lonely, goddammit. 

And yeah, okay, there are things I need to do.



Apart from Iain, I feel really cut off from everyone. I really did want to go see Ross last week but I kept missing his calls. I kinda...lost my phone under the bed somehow and I didn't find it until the alarm went off and realised there were three or four missed calls and I always feel terrible when I miss any calls. >_<

And I've got another fucking headache. I've been getting lots of them recently. I hate it. They make me grumpy when I notice them and I get snappy. Sometimes it takes me a while to realise that the pounding isn't someone's music in the distance though. O_O Is that normal? Or does my head ache in time to the beat somehow?

I want to play Crisis Core, Rune Factory and The World Ends With You. And really, who the fuck came up with the battle system for that game? It's fucking difficult and confusing as hell. I still don't know which screen I should look at and when so I just mash buttons and scribble frantically and hope the Noise die. And really - Noise? *snorts* The plot seems to be on crack half the time. And is Rhyme male or female? O_O Will Shiki ever shut the fuck up? Who came up with the 'trends' thing? Yeah, I like the bonuses that come with wearing the correct colothes but that is the only reason to care at all. Personally, I think Shiki needs a new fashoin sense and Neku is fine just the way he is. That Prince guy can go fuck himself. 

...Yeah, some stuff really winds me up about that game but I still play. ...I like the soundtrack, damn it. And the art style.
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Today going to be good. I was sure of it. I'd wake up and come on the computer and mess around for a bit.

But no.

Daisychain has taken over my entire weekend, which sucks because NO ONE IS ON, DAMMIT! I replied to the Lucy-Seph thread and...that's it. Fucking hell. I dreamed about replying to Daisychain comments as Sephiroth. Like hell do I remember what was said but I remember quite clearly checking my yahoo mail, seeing the comments and typing replies.

And that sorta happened. I had one reply to type, a comic strip to read, a couple people to add to Seph's flist and that's it. I messed around some. Stumbled across two instances of random tentacle-themed fanfiction, which if it hadn't happened before, would probably be a lot more traumatising.

Now I'm bored out of my fucking mind. I have no one to talk to, unless I want a 10 year old who uses unreadable sparkly letters all the time.  I can't be bothered with that so I'm not going to bother. She'll insist on playing games over MSN and get upset if I win. It's Rock, Paper, Scissors! i have no idea what she'll choose! i can't control if I win or lose, dammit, but if i win, Iain tells me off!

And I may or may not be upset because I just finished getting through Surgeon General's Warning and it's one of the best things I've ear read and I didn't want to get to the latest chapter. But there should be at least one more. Sora has to fix Riku and Axel and Roxas have to get together. >_<

Goddamn it. I'm going to try to watch anime now. Somehow. The speakers are too goddamn quiet, my mother's playing music and hoovering at the same time.

And I'd write something but all my stories are on the busted up PC in my room and no one will help because my brother is being fucking unreachable. Dammit. Seriously, the only way I have to contact him at the moment is through Second Life. I don't even know if he logs on there any more. I certainly don't know what usernames he uses across the internet. Fucking hell.

And I'll kill him if Steph's mother's had her baby and he hasn't bothered to tell me. I'll skin him alive. That's the kind of thing I have to know, dammit and last time I saw them, Steph had got a phone call saying her mother might be going into labour and she'd have to wait up for a call. No word since then. Dammit, don't keep me in the dark!

Okay, calming down...or attempting to.

Fucking hell. I just feel so...wound up today. I want to do something. Write or something. But I was so far on the second chapter of Somewhere I belong (which I am seriously starting to hate the title of now but I fail at thinking up titles anyway) and I don't fancy starting again. Demyx and Zexion were..well, interacting. I'm not sure how I was gonna move things from where they were. Well, I did. But. Well. There's more stuff and I don't know how I can make it work anymore. I just need someone to talk to and either put up with me babbling nonsense at them or distract me. Probably distract me. I know everyone gets really fed up with me babbling about all the crap I'm overthinking. Really, the number of times I've babbled to Eco and Ross about Sephiroth on Daisychain, they probably deserve a medal for not telling me to shut the fuck up.

As does anyone who's read this rant, I guess. I should stop taking up people's friend pages with this crap, huh?

Dammit, I'm sick of eighties music! Argh!
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Third post today. New layout, not finished editing yet. Credit should be at the side <---

Man, I need to get me a hobby. I can't stop checking my email.


Also, Eco is somehow my child. XD I love my baby! *cuddlesqueeze and stuffs full of cookies*
<s>We are perfectly sane, thank you.</s>

Also, I is a dork.

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Don't ask me how but I've managed to get 92.4GB worth of files on to a 4GB memory stick. O.o WTF?! And all the file names are gibberish and inaccessible. O.o All I was doing was copying a few Naruto files. Now I gotta take everything that I want to keep off it, format it and then move it all back because I cna' simply delete these miracle files.


And I've somehow convinced Ross to buy WoW. Um...I told him it was his descision really and yes, I've played and it was sorta fun until Iain took over my character (seriously, don't EVER take my character and level it up. It's what the whole fucking game seems to be about so why would you do that to me?!). Don't ask me how that comvinced him. I guess he wants to let me play it on his computer. Would get me to visit a little more often. ...Does anyone else go round there? I know he's got other friends but sometimes it seems like he's calling me and Iain all the time. Not a bad thing because I like hanging out with Ross but Iain just can't do it all the time. He starts muttering about how Ross seems to think we're at his beck and call but I don't think it's that way - he just wants to spend some time with his friends is all. *sigh*

And my mp3 player has been taking over 2 hours now to delete 11 tracks. WTF is going on there? And I can't disconnect it because then I'll loose all my music.

Fucking computer.

This just isn't my weekend at all.

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I've been filling out my application for Daisychain and asking Ross for help since Eco's gone offline but I think I broke him. I've been explaining my different theories about various aspects of Sephiroth - bits of his past that we are not told about in any of the games, when should I snatch him from his world etc and I killed his brain. >_>

Look, Sephiroth and Final Fantasy VII has been my obsession since I first played it around the age of 10 or 11. That's 10 years, people. I've had a lot of time to come up with this stuff and it's only been expanding since Advent Children and the newer games. All right, I need a little mroe time to focus on the parts that involve Genesis and Angeal, not to mention revise a few things about Zack and Cloud but still, I've had a long time. And I only played Crisis Core for the first time on Wednesday (I'm already up to the Nibelheim mission. I cannot tell you how badly I don't want to finish the game and yet I must know what happens next. And then replay and replay...much like I did with FF7 originally).

...Apparently, I am possibly over-thinking everything and making it much more complicated than it needs to be. But really, I do meed to think about whether I snatch Sephiroth from his world or have him as a native Manhattanite who was reincarnated there after his defeat in Advent Children. But in all honesty, I'm going with taking him from the canon world. More fun that way. For me, anyway. I've already got one AU project in the works and I don't need to rewrite Sephiroth's history as an American citizen now. My Kingdom Hearts story is all the AU I need right now.

Still, I'm working very hard on my application.

...reminds me...I need to find jobs. RL jobs. >_>
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I've been shopping this week. Ross is a pretty good shopping buddy. XD It was pretty awesome. We made a complete girly day of it. *cackles madly* Clothes - none of which are black by the way - and shoes. And a smoothie each from the stand in the Bridges. Ross also got his ear peirced. He's got a blue stud in his ear. XD So of course we had to go and buy him a couple more to wear.

I bought GTA IV too. It looks like fun but it will be a while before I play it. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn has pretty much my full attention. XD Gods, it's pretty. I just wish I had Path of Radiance as well. Next time I get money I think I'll just order it online if I can find it. There are a bunch of other games I want to get too so I'll just try to find them next time I have money on my card. XD

I'm going to go see my gran tomorrow in my new clothes just to see what she says. My mother says she's going to come too. XD I half wish Adam and Steph were here too to see what they say but they won't be back for a while yet. I've been invited over to Steph's again on her next holiday and I go want to go. It's fun there and the cats are so cute. But if they ask me one more time if I'm okay sharing a bed with Steph I might snap. Yes, it's fine. Why wouldn't it be fine? She's a friend and the bed is comfortable even if we're squeezing two people on to a single. It was fine the last two times and it'll be fine in future.

...I hope it's sunny tomorrow.
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So....anyone watch Torchwood? *grins* I have to say... I'm glad James Masters is in for at least another episdoe. The bit at the end had me going "You complete bastard!" He told Jack some clearly important news but he held it until right at the last minute. I wonder what he meant though. Still, it was aweseom seeing his face when Jack appeared after he chucked him off a roof!

And Jack asked Ianto out on a date! My inner fangirl was cheering wildly at that! I would have done it for real except I'd already been fighting with Iain because I asked him not to saing while I was watching one of the only two shows I want to watch this year.  (Apparently when I say "Iain, can you please stop singing?" he hears "Shut up.") So I missed half the episode until he would let me actually watch it but I saw it again when I got home - thank the gods my mother recorded it.

Also, I have all these ideas for a city and characters living in it and around it...but no plot. It's really quite annoying.

Ross has also discovered how wonderful FMA is. About time... He's missing the last DVD though. And yes, he cried when Maes died and reacted with shock and horror at the chimera. Now...I'm gonna love to see his reaction at the end of the series. XD

...And I want to watch it again now.

I still need a mouse for what is now my computer. ...It feels strange writing that. I can use the keyboard to get around but a mouse would make everything easier. I've also transferred all my mother's files so I can get on with deleting her account tonight. Then I'm going to uninstall everything I don't need. Get Adam's files and transfer them over to his account downstairs and delete his account then then... I'll have a lot more room for my anime. XD Yay!

I already have Yami no Matsuei. I'm working on getting Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0 (nobody laugh. >_> Season 0 is darker than the stuff that's shown on TV over here. Though Im probably going to get around to getting that anyway because I started watching it and I remember liking the animation and the character designs and stuff, even if it is plenty cheesy...) and Tales of Eternia. Then I want Pretear again. And other stuff. I have a list somewhere. Ouran High School Host Club. Other stuff. Also music. >_<
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At the new jobsearch location today. What fun, huh? Hehe...

Got a little lost on the way but I knew it would happen and planned ahead. I still managed to arrive early though. Because my sense of timing tends to be awesome like that. XD

It's a cool place, from what I've seen so far. IIt's wierd-shaped though. Hexagonal and the roof is wonky. XP

The staff are friendly though. The woman when we first came in seemed nice and then there's...Steven, I think his name is. He was friendly. Had to switch my computers around because he's doing some kind of maintinence or something. 

My shyness seems non-existant today. Which is cool. I may actually get around to phoning places for jobsearch. And I have to go to the bank too. I need money!!!!! But to get money, I need a bank card that's valid. Then I'm going and getting something to eat! And perhaps a new book.

I'm rereading Good Omens at the moment. Iain came home yesterday with the new Terry Pratchett book too. XD And "How to do Almost Everything". It seems interesting. And has a few recipies in it I think.  I only read the contents and flicked through it quickly. Iain didn't give me time to read through it properly because he was showing off the other stuff he bought.

Makes me want to go on a shopping spree but I have o get him a birthday present too. At least I'm limiting what he can spend, since I've got food and travel to think off once I get access to my money. And a DVD. 

I still need new LJ icons. I'll search tonight. 

I hear Ross is getting kicked out for real. Something about accidentally leaving the oven on from 1am to 8am. *eye roll* I tihnk his dad's over-reacting personally. I leave the oven on all the time or the hob and my mother just sighs, turns it off and tells me I left it on. If he's in need of a place, he could come to mine for the weekend but I dunno about him stayig longer than that. I know that he's asked if that if he moves out into his own place, will Iain and I live with him. I say yes, because I know that a) Iain wants to move out of his parents house too sometimes and b) Ross will need the company. I can go visit my family any time I like as well. If we live in town, it'll be easier for me getting jobs there too. >_< I dun wanna go to South Shields! I don't know my way around and I'll get lost.

Also, I've officially given up on "the gateway ficcy" that inluded Ross's character. He may be disappointed but there's no way I can get a decent plot that works. I'll keep the character notes and perhaps they'll appear in another story. Now my main priority is my ghost story, the one set in the school. I've ben working on writing about Danny's first day, which includes chemistry (need to find the teacher's name..), lunch, some other classes... >_> I wrote ot timetables for all three characters with codes for who shares each class...


I really want a new manga now. I may settle or a new DVD though. My mother's seen all my current Studio Ghibli collection so now I need to find something else for her to watch. Perhaps Laputa Castle in the Sky or Nausicaa Valley of the Wind. Or I ay get something different. Continue a series I havne't finished yet.

...Makes me want to watch Kino's Journey and King of Bandit Jing again. 

And that reminds me. I WANT MY EXCEL SAGA DVDS BACK!!!! I lent them to Adam and Steph and I haven't seen them in weeks. (Emphasis means it's most likely months but I can't remember when I let them borrow them).

I can't think of anything else to babble about. My train of thought was interuppted by actual jobsearch stuff.
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 I am feeling rather...defiant today. Dunno why. 

If Ross wants to know why I wasn't on Second Life, it's because my computer sucks.

I've replied to our RP thread though. Wolfcub's gonna burn. Quite literally.

Morden: *cackles* That'll teach ya to stab our Sabby!!!!

Shar: @_@

Sabulana: X_X *stabbed and dying*

Also, I have Stacie's Mom stuck in my head.

And my current obsession is Demyx. I probably shouldn't have read that Leon/Demyx fic. It started the whole thing.


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