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I downloaded some new stuff for The Sims 2 a couple days ago and ever since, the game hasn't worked right. Every time I try to go into a Lot, occupied or not, the game freezes. I've found an FAQ which might help but I don't have time to run through every step of it now. I'm doing some of it though, backing up my user files and things. Kinda taking a while though... I also found a list of likely files that could have caused this problem and I've deleted them. I'm not sorry to do so if it means I can't play my game. I never got to test them out anyway so what do I care? I've deleted a bunch of other stuff I decided I didn't want any more. That takes me downloaded custom content folder from... um... almost 3GB to about 2.5GB. Maybe a little less, I have to check.

Also messing around with all my music too. I've got 32.21GB of music now - 5408 songs. I need to clean these out soon, I think. I rate them as I listen to them, then delete the stuff I don't like and the duplicates later. Syncing my iPod kinda takes a while though. I'm a little surprised I haven't got a phone call asking where I am yet. I'm supposed to be going out, after all.

I've got an appointment to get my hair cut on Tuesday morning and then on Wednesday, I'm off to spend an hour in the Jobcentre. I can't find my CV anywhere - well, I can't find the memory stick with it on anywhere. It kind of sucks. That was the newest version. >_<

I have a bunch of tags to make in The Wake after Aziraphale got... well. Not chatty. More...sort of horrified at everything ever in The Wake. XD But I'm not sure if it's a good idea to try to get down to tagging when I'll be heading out soon. ffff I was up late enough tagging back as it is. Why is The Wake most active when I should be sleeping?! It was 3am before I got to bed last night. ;-; I'll probably get the chance to tag over the weekend a bit though.
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I spend some time away from the computer and what do I find? >_> Augh, it makes me crazy sometimes. And I'm not even involved.

So I think I should post good, happy stuff.

I was at a christening earlier. My brother's girlfriend's sister, Pippa, was getting baptized. She's an adorable little thing. <3 And she hissed at the priest. XD Mostly, it was awkward afterward because the only people I knew at all were Steph's parents. But since my mother went along, I went too otherwise she'd have felt worse on her own. But we got to have a nice talk with Adam and Steph. They're really good together, y'know. In a way that makes me really happy to know them.

Hmm...what else? My mother is playing Star Ocean again. She's now further than she's ever been before. But she doesn't have Albel in her team so I can't watch her run through as an excuse to brush up even more on his characterisation.

I finished my 'castle' on Sims 2. It costs somewhere close to 400, 000 simoleons. XDDDD My Sims are either going to have to work very hard to move in or I'm going to have to use the money cheat Steph gave me. XD

I've been recording bits and peices of Seph and Zack stuff too, and uploading it to YouTube. I've had a YouTube account for a little over three years though and today is the first time I've ever tried to upload anything on to it. XD

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So apparently the Sims 2 brings out my...overly creative side.

Been playing FF7 lately. Got up to Nibelheim. Wandered around making a rough sketch of the Shinra Mansion so I can create it on Sims 2.


I'll upload pics when I'm done.

Of course, that will be after I finish the Seraphim Towers castle. <3 My own design and it's stupidly hard and no Sim I've got at the moment will likely make enough money in their lifetime to afford it. Unless I use cheats and things but I don't want to.

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I spent eight hours playing Onechanbara yesterday. Eight hours.



The only reason we stopped playing was because I was bored. And it was late. We could have kept going so much longer. But we let it count up all the points afterwards without skipping. That alone took more than ten minutes. XD

I had an appointment at Sencia earlier. They're going to find me a work placement sometime soon. I go along to the induction day on June 1st. Wish I'd taken my time coming back though, because Iain just keeps babbling nonsense and it's kinda starting to bug me.  But if I say anything, he'll go into a huff. >_> Child.

I did get a couple new expansion packs for Sims 2 though. Mansion Stuff and Teen Stuff I think. I'll install those on Friday when I go home. ^_^ Sephiroth's home is going to get a bit of an upgrade~ Once I stop creating lots of Sims. >_< I have more than I know what to do with and I'm actually really attached to them all. But there's always room in Neo Midgar for more. <3

Also, I want to bring Tasslehoff back to Daisychain. >_> He can annoy Raistlin and Kang. XD  But I'll have to read the books again. Or the comics, since Raistlin-mun said he'd send them. I'd watch the movie again but I don't think I can take two viewings of that terrible animation in one lifetime. >_> Although there were a few moments I enjoyed. Mostly between Raistlin and Tas.


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