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Hmm... I'm feeling quite lonely today. No one to talk to. I signed into MSN briefly and it occurred to me that I don't actually know half the people on my contacts list. O.o I think some of them I got off Ross and his chats but I don't talk to them. He was a little pushy about us adding each other but no one actually talks to me on MSN besides him and Megan. >_<

As for AIM... really, Eco's the only one I talk to on there and she's not around at the weekends lately.

I totally could use this time to do something constructive but...meh, I'm feeling lazy. Besides, what do I work on? I have three stories - The Wyvern, Somewhere I Belong and an FF7 thing with an experimental title I'm not quite ready to reveal yet. Let me finish a couple chapters first, huh? But...I also want to maybe experiment with a new muse of mine who is pretty much batshit in a traumatised-but-fun way. O.o And I'll freely admit that a lot of inspiration from him came from the Malkavians.

I should probably have Seph go inspect the monster too... Yeah, I'll send him down. Offer him up to whoever wants to maybe discuss the future with him. ^^;
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Aaaauuuuuugh! I'm so bored! *flails*

I've spent most of the day either replying to the Seph-Zack experiment thread (gods help me, Eco, I SHIP THEM NOW! >_> Sephiroth will kill me!) or watching Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Stupid Files. As random and funny as they are, I can't take any more though! >_< The Kingdom Hearts ones lack a bit of originality though.Same clips paired with the same sound clips over and over but there are some truly hilarious moments. XD

But now I have nothing to do. I'm just hanging around, waiting for my mother to go to bed so I can make off with the playstation. I have marks to hunt and then I'm on my way up Mount Bur Omicace. ...I think that's how it's spelled..? Except I think my mother wants me to play more KH2 because she got up to a certain point and needs me to get past that so I can tell her what to do. >_> And she finished Dragon Quest earlier this week too. Now she's moved on to FFXII. I'm running out of games for her to play! Though she did pick Prince of Persia as one of her choices earlier. She's not played anything not an RPG before...wonder how she'd handle it...

Hmm...what else? Been typing up bits of story. Not as much as I should, admittedly but at least I got a couple paragraphs done. I have chapters to finish. And if I could get off my lazy behind, I could finish one of my short stories very soon. But no...the internet must distract me though I am somehow doing very little online.

...I miss Eco~ But we can't talk 'til Monday...

...and my mother is off to bed! Yay!
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I hate waiting for replies on DC. I really do.


And I'm trying oh so hard to keep Tas active because I don't want to drop him. I love him to bits, I really do. So I've posted a little bit on the RPG board and I'm waiting for replies. I'll take anyone, really. XD I suppose it's harder to get him into the game because he has no one else from his canon to talk to. I've been half-tempted to app Caramon simply to get Yazoo-mun to app Raistlin (Which I'm sure would be fantastically played since I adore her Yazoo to peices). But as lovely as that would be, I don't know if I could do his character so well. Maybe I could...but I'm not feeling the excitement for him that I did for Sephiroth and Tasslehoff. Ideally I'd only app characters I feel some kind of passion for. As much as I love Caramon, I don't feel it when I think about apping him. Maybe I should just keep reading the books and see what happens. Either way, I gotta wait until they open up for applications again.

And I know I should be working on various stories. I just...argh. Sod it. I'm gonna read ic_secrets some more (I'm tempted to post one of Sephy's secrets actually..) and maybe start typing. I've finally settled on a beginning that isn't horribly childish. >_< Just wish I had more notes. I'm redesigning some characters from scratch because I can't remember what they looked like first time around.
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Whew... Had a brief scare earlier.

I got a little notice about new updates for the computer so I installed them and restarted like it asked...but then it didn't get past the first loading screen. O_O Reset a couple times, still nothing.

So I fetched Adam and Steph to see if they knew what to do - then phoned her dad since they had no clue. He mentioned something on the inside we'd have to prod but we couldn't find it. We took it upstairs to have a better look, opened it up and stuff. Couldn't find it at all but when we tested it out again up there, it worked. O.o Dunno what we did but it worked. So we switched it off, switched over the RAM so this computer works faster now (which is better) and I'm now free to get back online. >_<

But the computer upstairs doesn't work so I may or may not have lost all my stories up there. Fuck.

I've got so much to rewrite.

Not including the door thingy.

Nightwind wanted a new character put in and I can come up with a vague design that is NOT ME. >_< He said something about the new girl being me or being like me. She wears glasses, plays videogames a lot andruns away from bullies a lot too. I can also see where she fits in and stuff. But like hell can I find a name.

OI NIGHTWIND! Whenever you see this, can you tell me more what you wanted for her? Also, I've been playing around on and coming up with character designs to start off with. I want to show you them and then find little ways of changing them.

Anyway...Now I'm off to check emails again, start writing stories again and try to continue that database thing. >_<
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*screams in frustration*

I am so freaking bored!

And I know I have things to do but I just don't have the motivation. I've got three stories to work on, a database of all my characters because I'm starting to find it hard to keep track of them all yeah, looking for costume inspiration because I can't remember what kind of outfit Jonathon is supposed to wear... >_> I've also got to come up with a name for a new female character who has been bouncing around my head since Monday (damn you, wolfcub!) and second costume designs for her and another female character.


*rips hair out*

And I think I'm supposed to be staying up all night to watch anime with Adam and Steph but the computer upstairs doesn't work properly. I forgot to tell them the sound and DVD tray no longer work. I don't know what they did but it happened after they took out the graphics card to find out what was wrong with it.

So they'll have to come down here, but that's alright because I have anime here to watch. Or we could put on a DVD or something. Or make a repeat of the time Steph and I sat and talked until 5am. XD

...On the plus side, if they come down then I should be available for RP for longer than usual. Except that no one seems to be on. >_<

Still waiting for a chance to RP Tas some more. >_> Poor little guy gets no action.

And Seph...has had a somewhat civil conversation with Cloud. Who still hates him. Maybe even more considering Sephiroth's absolutely terrible sense of humour. I suspect that part of his characterisation comes from the really evil part of me that would totally start blasting songs like "Burn Baby Burn" and "Time to Burn" in the middle of Nibelheim...

And I just thought of a question to ask Nightwind but he's not here. Damned wolfcub. Why'd he have to go to Germany? I've got no one to talk to online much...

Ah hell. Might slip on SL for a while. I hear I have a new bed to check out. >_> Tomorow my FA account will probably be bombarded with new screenshots from there.
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Iain's parents have gone away for a few days. I have no idea when they're getting back because when they left I was mostly asleep and didn't think to ask. Neither did Iain. So I'm staying at his until they do get back - can't imagine they would be away past Sunday but all the same, I don't know. So I have no idea when I'll next be able to get online. I'm just sorta sneaking on now since I came home for fresh clothes and stuff on my way to the jobcentre.

So all the things I was supposed to do this weekend have to get put back indefinitely. >_< I was hoping to finish my Sephiroth app. too. Oh darn...

But on the bright side, I'll have lots of time to think and write drafts and lots of stuff to type when I get back. My KH story has another chapter finished on paper and I'm working on the third.
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I just don't have any willpower at all today. Well, yesterday. I just realised it's after midnight and my mother is still playing KH2. Dammit, I want her to get off so I can go upstairs and play it myself. Grr!

Anyway, I was apparently arranged to go over to Steph's house today so we could go out tonight. Don't know why it didn't happen but I've had no contact from anyone so I just assume they forgot or something came up. Her mother is pregnant so the latter is very possible, I suppose. I guess I'll find out next week though. Adam said he'd come back because our mother phoned him and asked him when he was coming back. She said she'd make Key Lime Pie to bribe him a bit too. XD I look forward to next weekend already. At the very least, I'll get pie and answers.

Anyway, I decided that since I was getting no contact from anyone, I'd come online and maybe work on my Sephiroth app. and the KH fic. I've written maybe a paragraph of story in..oh...ten hours? >_> I just...can't get into the writing mindset. I've not done as much as I could have for the Sephiroth app. either. A couple paragraphs under 'Personality' and a few sentences under 'Weaknesses'. I want Eco to come back online and help out but she's been gone for a while. Might not be able to talk to her until...well...this afternoon? Since it's very early in the morning for me. XD

But I'm determined to stay online until after my mother's done. It's getting late so she should be done soon...right? Then I'm going to go upstairs and either train until I can beat Xaldin or go on my new game and finish up at the Olympus Coliseum. Maybe then I'll write for a bit. It's a shame I can't do the writing because I have a very rough draft (read: pile of crap) sitting in front of me, ready to be re-read, revised and typed up a thousand times better. I just hope I manage to keep Zexion in character.And Demyx. Aerith will not be so hard. She's pretty much set in stone in my head but Zexion is a complicated character and I have trouble not rushing everything to the romance scenes. And I realised that if I want to draw out the relationship building then I may have to make the story longer. *sigh* I can't just have Zexion fall head over heels for Demyx and vice-versa. It just...wouldn't happen. Maybe Demyx would crush on Zexion for a while but not say anything but Zexion...has a Past. XD It will deserve the capital. I just need to get around to explaining it. Hopefully I'll not get a bunch of Zexion fangirls flaming me for it.

...Dammit, I'm really starting to struggle with explaining Sephiroth's personality and weaknesses in the depth required. Eco, where are you? I need you!

You know, I'm almost disappointed that the LJ spell-checker doesn't try to replace 'Zexion' with 'Lexicon', like the computer does but the fact that the first suggestion is 'Sexing' makes up for it.
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I need better speakers. With volume control. Some of the stuff I'm trying to listen to is far too quiet.

Also, where has my self-control gone? I've got three stories on FFN I'm currently reading, going through messages on FA, reading Project Daisychain threads, listening to some of the stuff by Organization LIX and trying to watch Avatar.

Oh, and I'm writing a little and editing too. XD
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Argh...what is wrong with me lately?

I'm addicted to SL, but now I'm nervous about signing in when I'm on my own. I spent most of Firday night hanging out with DroShakar (Adam) and Skriiven (Steph) on Firday night but they haven't been on since. It's ashame, because we had good times. Even after they logged out and I was hanging out with Guysoft. ^_^ We visited som Van Gogh exhibition where someone had made 3D versions of some of his paintings. That was awesome. XD

I've also been sorta hired as a dancer at some new club thing called The Cheetah. They let humans and furries there, which is cool. XD Awaken, the woman who invited me, said I can dance for tips and stuff. ^^ Should be fun. As long as my mtoher doens't walk in. XD She saw my outit on Friday and said I look like a hussy! Bwahahahaaa! That was in a little red dress. XD Now I'm in a black skirt with a lacey top and I look evem more like a hussy.

Also, I have a HUGE need for the GazettE lately. I adore them!

Also, I need a new mp3 player. The wire which lets me do things like charge it and put music on it is damaged. I can still use it but I'm going to have to be careful about it. And the battery barely lasts now. It's so annoying. When I first got it, I could listen to it on the way to Iain's and back for several journeys if I didn't listen to it at all in between. Now I'm lucky if I can make the journey there and back again when I don't listen to it during the week. >_< And I'd just put new music on it too...

...What else is going on? Hmm... Well, I'm trying to write more often now. I'm working on a novel sotra thing but that's all hushhush for now as far as info about it goes. I may take it into my head to work on some short stories too. I know I owe some friends some stories. ^^; Better get working on those...

I need someone to talk to. Really badly. Someone I don't get stupidly nervous talking to...

Aw hell, I'm gonna go upstairs and work on some stories. I'll be back online later but probably only on Second Life.

EDIT: My mother's just been freaking over the fact that someone she knows appeared on Antiques Roadshow.

"I know him! He lives in Canada! He was in the year above me in college! He came to Ingram loads of time! He used to do our cooking!"

And then, to finish with...

"I've got a picutre of him dressed up as a woman!"

...Mom, I love you. XD You've got some mad friends, and you're completely mad yourself. I adore you!

..and for those interested, the dress is pink, blue and yellow in a kinda tartan/check pattern O.o

She assures me there was a reason for it though.
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At the new jobsearch location today. What fun, huh? Hehe...

Got a little lost on the way but I knew it would happen and planned ahead. I still managed to arrive early though. Because my sense of timing tends to be awesome like that. XD

It's a cool place, from what I've seen so far. IIt's wierd-shaped though. Hexagonal and the roof is wonky. XP

The staff are friendly though. The woman when we first came in seemed nice and then there's...Steven, I think his name is. He was friendly. Had to switch my computers around because he's doing some kind of maintinence or something. 

My shyness seems non-existant today. Which is cool. I may actually get around to phoning places for jobsearch. And I have to go to the bank too. I need money!!!!! But to get money, I need a bank card that's valid. Then I'm going and getting something to eat! And perhaps a new book.

I'm rereading Good Omens at the moment. Iain came home yesterday with the new Terry Pratchett book too. XD And "How to do Almost Everything". It seems interesting. And has a few recipies in it I think.  I only read the contents and flicked through it quickly. Iain didn't give me time to read through it properly because he was showing off the other stuff he bought.

Makes me want to go on a shopping spree but I have o get him a birthday present too. At least I'm limiting what he can spend, since I've got food and travel to think off once I get access to my money. And a DVD. 

I still need new LJ icons. I'll search tonight. 

I hear Ross is getting kicked out for real. Something about accidentally leaving the oven on from 1am to 8am. *eye roll* I tihnk his dad's over-reacting personally. I leave the oven on all the time or the hob and my mother just sighs, turns it off and tells me I left it on. If he's in need of a place, he could come to mine for the weekend but I dunno about him stayig longer than that. I know that he's asked if that if he moves out into his own place, will Iain and I live with him. I say yes, because I know that a) Iain wants to move out of his parents house too sometimes and b) Ross will need the company. I can go visit my family any time I like as well. If we live in town, it'll be easier for me getting jobs there too. >_< I dun wanna go to South Shields! I don't know my way around and I'll get lost.

Also, I've officially given up on "the gateway ficcy" that inluded Ross's character. He may be disappointed but there's no way I can get a decent plot that works. I'll keep the character notes and perhaps they'll appear in another story. Now my main priority is my ghost story, the one set in the school. I've ben working on writing about Danny's first day, which includes chemistry (need to find the teacher's name..), lunch, some other classes... >_> I wrote ot timetables for all three characters with codes for who shares each class...


I really want a new manga now. I may settle or a new DVD though. My mother's seen all my current Studio Ghibli collection so now I need to find something else for her to watch. Perhaps Laputa Castle in the Sky or Nausicaa Valley of the Wind. Or I ay get something different. Continue a series I havne't finished yet.

...Makes me want to watch Kino's Journey and King of Bandit Jing again. 

And that reminds me. I WANT MY EXCEL SAGA DVDS BACK!!!! I lent them to Adam and Steph and I haven't seen them in weeks. (Emphasis means it's most likely months but I can't remember when I let them borrow them).

I can't think of anything else to babble about. My train of thought was interuppted by actual jobsearch stuff.


Sep. 13th, 2007 03:45 pm
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I'm wondering about creating a writing journal. This one is so full of clutter... I ahve stuff to post there too. But hardly anyone reads the stuff I post anyway. Not that that matters. While reviews provid motivation, I like to write for the sake of it. I get an abnormal amount of pleasure from seeing my scrawl on a sheet of paper where the words make up a story. ^^; But I'm far more likely to keep whatever I type.

I have been writing things properly though lately. Any one remember the ghost story I started using several friends as teachers? I've started that one again. Realised when I printed off the first chapter (I make better edits that way) that I was going to have a certain owner of a psychotic cat the main character's psychiatrist but it's not going to work because Doctor Psychiatrist is supposed to be all sceptical and forcing pills pretty much down his throat. I can't see Carrie-Ann doing that but she does get to keep her secondary role - the biology teacher. >_> 

Also got a story on the go involving an office in hell. In no way based on the one I'm currently in.. >_> But Lucifer's happy coz he's got a part in that one.

Lucifer: Dunno why I gotta wear a white suit though...

Me: Coz I said so. You get a pretty blood red shirt to go with though so stop complaining.

Lucifer: *grumbles*

Anyway... also replotting the gateway fic I started too. A lot more fantasy based this time. It's going to have a more... Twisted fairytales theme to it, rather than fantasy adventure. Keeping Jonathon in it but I'm waiting to hear back from Ross about using Nightwind still.

Also writing a short story about Roxy but I want to reconfirm some details with Ross about that too. ^_^

I'm a Typing Monkey once again.
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Gods, I am simply ADDICTED to The Black Parade. I can't stop listening to it! When I do, the songs repeat themselves over and over in my head until I give in and put the CD back on.  It's invading my brain!

I don't think I mind though.

Well... I went to see my Dad today. First time in over a year. o_o;;;; Yeah... Well, we spent a couple hours chatting and catching up. He wants to meet Iain. We did talk about him and my dad thinks they would get on well. I just need to get Iain down here some time so they can actually meet. >_< The rest of my family likes Iain, excepting Adam for some unknown reason - I think he's scared - but anyway... Yeah, on the whole my family likes Iain.

Writing stuffs too. Working on UL, my long-abandoned Jak fanfic. Two chapters left, and the next one isn't going to be as long as I tohught it would but for suspense's sake, I'm ending it at the part I have always intended on ending it.

Also rediscovered an old FF7 fanfic plot I may work on. It has an OC in it, one I had long forgotten about. It'll be fun working on her. XD

Also working on a couple of original projects - my swords-and-sorcery-epic-between-good-and-evil story and a series of one-shots based around a certain town and people I made up ages ago. I'm using the themes from 30 Originals on it. I thought it might be fun, something to work on when I'v got writer's block. Just look at the latest theme and write something based around it. ^_^ I've got the first one vaguely planned and will start working on it shortly. XD I hope people like them...

Anyway...reading-wise, I'm currently looking for stuff for my new addiction - VincentxReeve. XD I was playing Dirge of Cerberus the other day and though...Gods, I wonder what would happen if Vincent and Reeve got together... And now I find the mental image of them together too adorable to ignore.


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