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dskl;fjaj;k;aslkdjf They extended Day Two by another two days~ I am so frickin' relieved it's not funny. *flails* Since I haven't gotten either character involved in Day 2 yet. I think I need Eve to tag back on Day One. If that's not done by the time I get back, I'll give the mun a nudge. I want to get Seph's telepathy post done soon without backdating it too much.

I still haven't put Tas in Day 2 but I will do before I go - want to get him healed then he can do whatever.

Got to get my little plot going on Pieces too. >_>

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Been getting some Endgame plotting going on~ Whoo! But I still have to contact Shiki-mun and see if we can expect Shiki at some point. I also have plans to get Seph and Eve on to the other ship with Cloud and Zack. Going to poke Gen-mun at some point for Arwen too and see if she's taking part in the endgame.

*bounces with excitment*

It's making my head spin, all this activity and plotting and everything. It's stressful but I'm also finding it somewhat fun too.

Still...I think I'm be quite relieved when it's all over and the madness is over.

Now...gonna go figure out more stuff for Tas to do while I wait for responses to him. And tag with Seph too.
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...That is all.

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I posted the app for Sephiroth at [ profile] piecesofworlds .

I guess that means I should finally get around to adding icons to his other journal.

Um. What was the username again..?

Anyway, it will have to wait until later. I am off to bed.

I'll tag back the three tags I currently have left in the morning. If I have time. I might not. Might get one done and then think about the rest for the rest of the day. ...This journal post is acting strange. I suddenly remember why I prefer updating my journal in Firefox but I don't want to log out of Sephiroth's journal on DC at the moment so I'm using Internet Explorer. *hisses* Evil thing. I hate it but it suits for tagging with my less acitve characters like Tasslehoff and Albel. I must admit though, that despite my infrequent posting with Albel, he is a strong muse. Tasslehoff is somewhat weaker but no less enjoyable. But now that I have canonmates with him, I fear doing the wrong thing more than before. I will not be put off this time though, I swear. I'll keep the little guy until the end. He'll not get killed off though. Reading his canon death broke my heart enough without having to write another version myself. Besides. What can top getting stomped on by Chaos? Although a decidedly less pretty version than the one Vincent turns into. XD

Anyway. I'm off to bed. Goodnight, all, whatever time zone you are in. <3

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It is pouring with rain outside. I've been to work and come back to get my stuff to go to Iain's but I don't think I want to  go. I'll get soaked on my way to the bus stop, dry out a little on the bus and then be soaked through by the time I get to his from the bus station. My cold will no doubt get worse - hell, it probably will anyway after the brief time I've been outside today already. I should call him and explain rather than wait for him to call me but I'll wait until I've finished the couple tags I owe for Sephiroth. Then afterwards, presuming he doesn't make me feel guilty enough to go outside, I'll do Tasslehoff and Albel.

Most of my stuff is ready to go though, so whenever the rain lets up, I'll go out. Whether that is tomorrow or today though, I don't know. I heard it won't stop until tomorrow. But I think I have a party thing to go to tomorrow or it might be next Saturday. Some family gatherng for one of my boyfriend's neices where I get to stand awkwardly in the corner and resist the urge to throw all the noisy toys into the road outside.

Work wasn't too bad while I was there. I just sorted out the timesheets in my own little corner, which took all four hours I was there. -_- Not the most exciting four hoursof my life, I must admit. But the conversations around me were quite entertaining. ^^; And they keep getting my name wrong. >_> I'm not Amy.

Of course, when they finally do get my name right, I'm going to change it to Sally. XD

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My boyfriend has surprised me this weekend by allowing me to use his computer. But I suppose it means he does not have to allow me to use his 360. *sigh* I want to play The Last Remnant but until he lets me on, I can't. I got all the way up to exploring the Numor Mines with Emma last time I played but I forgot to save and took on more enemies than I could handle, only to find my last save game was in the catacombs. I'd like to get past that part now and get on with a few sidequests before heading back to Athlum and continuing the story...or I could just rush through it because I really do want to play Emma somewhere.

Anyway~ Due to my sudden;y having computer access, I've come off my hiatus at [info]daisychainrpg and have managed to catch up with most if not all of Sephiroth's tags - I'm still debating whether it is worth responding to a few journal comments but I believe all log posts have been responded to. I have also managed to intro Tas earlier than expected. Albel is all caught up in Ragnarok - although he only had a couple journal comments.

Since I do suddenly have some time to RP on my hands, I have also put down a reservation for [info]piecesofworlds for Sephiroth. I figure I've got enough time on my hands to manage it. It's not actually active yet, due to lack of players, but I like the concept behind it. Seph, when I finish his app, will be taken from Nibelhiem, just before he actually gets to read about the Jenova Project so he won't have actually gone crazy.

There are a number of other games I'd like to play at but I'll likely overload myself if I app at them all. Besides, I'm not even sure who I'd play. There are a number of characters I am interested in playing, not just Sephiroth. I just need to do canon reviews or finish the game before I app anyone. >_> Unless I attempt to app one of my OCs? I do have a few, some I've had for years that have had quite a lot of time to develop in my head. But they might just annoy people.

Goddess knows they annoy the crap outta me...

Anyway, I gotta be getting on with apps now. I'm still working on Cloud's app for
[info]ragnarokrpg  as well as Seph's app for [community profile] piecesofworlds

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I've sent in Tasslehoff's app. really freaking nervous, even though he got accepted last time. I've altered the app though. What if I made it worse? I just..changed a bit of the personality section and shortened the history bit, since that seemed a bit long for what they wanted. I reused the old samples though. I hope that's okay.

Anyway. I'm gonna go work on Cloud's app for Ragnarok now.

And yes, I should be working on job applications. The deadline is Monday! What the hell am I RPing for?!


But it's so hot. I don't feel like working on serious stuff.
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I have given in to temptation and reserved Tasslehoff at Daisychain once again. I'm going to reread a few DragonLance books and avoid the film like the plague to get his character back. Shouldn't be too hard. I managed it last time.

I am, of course, also working on the Cloud app for Ragnarok. It may take a while. >_> I just hope I can manage four characters on my current schedule. Oh well, there's nothing I can do but try.

And also save for a laptop. Steph has recommended I get go to the 3 store and get one of their contract phones so I can get a free laptop plus dongle thing so I can access the internet everywhere. I may just do that for £20 a month. I am continually being told I am in need of a new phone anyway, although I am not sure why. The one I have works just fine. I can send and recieve calls and texts. What more does a person need?

Anyway. Had work training this week. They altered my jobsearch day though from Monday to Wednesday. That means I did not get as much work experience as I could have had. Especially since Thursday became a half-day. The tutors and people all went off to South Shields for some reason so I got sent home at about 1pm.

I've been on the phones, mostly. Normally, that would be my worst nightmare but the phone doesn't ring often really and most things are easy to deal with. Just JobCentre advisers ringing to book interviews and start dates for clients. I've also had to doa little photocopying and filing, nothing big but it's better than sitting at the desk, bored out of my mind for hours. I've taken to writing between calls but I ran out of paper. I did kind of write a mock app for Cloud while I was bored though. >_> He's not happy with it. XD
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I spent eight hours playing Onechanbara yesterday. Eight hours.



The only reason we stopped playing was because I was bored. And it was late. We could have kept going so much longer. But we let it count up all the points afterwards without skipping. That alone took more than ten minutes. XD

I had an appointment at Sencia earlier. They're going to find me a work placement sometime soon. I go along to the induction day on June 1st. Wish I'd taken my time coming back though, because Iain just keeps babbling nonsense and it's kinda starting to bug me.  But if I say anything, he'll go into a huff. >_> Child.

I did get a couple new expansion packs for Sims 2 though. Mansion Stuff and Teen Stuff I think. I'll install those on Friday when I go home. ^_^ Sephiroth's home is going to get a bit of an upgrade~ Once I stop creating lots of Sims. >_< I have more than I know what to do with and I'm actually really attached to them all. But there's always room in Neo Midgar for more. <3

Also, I want to bring Tasslehoff back to Daisychain. >_> He can annoy Raistlin and Kang. XD  But I'll have to read the books again. Or the comics, since Raistlin-mun said he'd send them. I'd watch the movie again but I don't think I can take two viewings of that terrible animation in one lifetime. >_> Although there were a few moments I enjoyed. Mostly between Raistlin and Tas.


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