Apr. 4th, 2008 09:49 pm
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Oh my god...

As last episodes go, that was positively evil. I've been fighting off tears... *sniffles*

Oh Gods... *whimpers*

Toshiko... Owen... I admit, I didn't like him when he was alive... Then he died and was suddenly better.

...I hope there's a third series, can they possibly replace them?

...and I can't seem to form a proper journal entry. My mind is full of "Whaaaaaat?! Noooooo!"
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Y'know, every time I watched Torchwood at Iain's I've always felt the need to babble online my thoughts about the episode.

Now that it's been moved to Fridays and I can now do so, I find all my thoughts turn to "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and I can't quite put anytihng into words.

However, this latest episode makes me both hate John and love the entire Torchwood team. And now I know the circumstances behind Jak's choosing them.

Ianto was my favourite. XD

Closely followed by...Tosh.

Those girls in Jack's flashback were just fucking annoying though. I did like the hint of lesbianism though. XD

...And...poor Owen... *wails and clings to him* Poor dead boy...
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I think Iain is a little upset I didn't wake him to watch Torchwood last night. Thing is though, I tried. And failed. He just wouldn't wake up and then it started and I tried a little more and gave up.

Watched Mrs Inbetweeny afterwards as well. XD 'I'm a freak? She's a fifteen year old girl who can't give a proper blow job, he sleeps in other people's houses, that one only eats red things and you've just been arrested for drink driving with a japanese love egg up your box! We're all freaks! I've never felt so at home!" ...Probably not the exact words. I was last night, after all... >_< But yeah... It was interesting.

Also watched Worlds of Fantasy on BBC4. A bunch of people analysing Tolkien and Peake. Fun stuff. I now want to read Goremenghast. And write more of my own story but also make more notes on the world in which my stories are set. Tolkien came up with a huge world and family trees and maps and all sorts for Middle Earth. I'm doing something similar with my  story. I've got so many notes now on the laws of magic, the different races (and there are a lot actually... all from different dimensions ), different cultures...I'm not so good with the languages though, but I'm not into ancient languages like Tolkien was.
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So....anyone watch Torchwood? *grins* I have to say... I'm glad James Masters is in for at least another episdoe. The bit at the end had me going "You complete bastard!" He told Jack some clearly important news but he held it until right at the last minute. I wonder what he meant though. Still, it was aweseom seeing his face when Jack appeared after he chucked him off a roof!

And Jack asked Ianto out on a date! My inner fangirl was cheering wildly at that! I would have done it for real except I'd already been fighting with Iain because I asked him not to saing while I was watching one of the only two shows I want to watch this year.  (Apparently when I say "Iain, can you please stop singing?" he hears "Shut up.") So I missed half the episode until he would let me actually watch it but I saw it again when I got home - thank the gods my mother recorded it.

Also, I have all these ideas for a city and characters living in it and around it...but no plot. It's really quite annoying.

Ross has also discovered how wonderful FMA is. About time... He's missing the last DVD though. And yes, he cried when Maes died and reacted with shock and horror at the chimera. Now...I'm gonna love to see his reaction at the end of the series. XD

...And I want to watch it again now.

I still need a mouse for what is now my computer. ...It feels strange writing that. I can use the keyboard to get around but a mouse would make everything easier. I've also transferred all my mother's files so I can get on with deleting her account tonight. Then I'm going to uninstall everything I don't need. Get Adam's files and transfer them over to his account downstairs and delete his account then then... I'll have a lot more room for my anime. XD Yay!

I already have Yami no Matsuei. I'm working on getting Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0 (nobody laugh. >_> Season 0 is darker than the stuff that's shown on TV over here. Though Im probably going to get around to getting that anyway because I started watching it and I remember liking the animation and the character designs and stuff, even if it is plenty cheesy...) and Tales of Eternia. Then I want Pretear again. And other stuff. I have a list somewhere. Ouran High School Host Club. Other stuff. Also music. >_<
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Damnit... I liked her... *wipes away tears* And the mechanic couple... Not so much Rickson... >_>

And what's this? James Masters in Torchwood? That'll be an episode to watch... XD

Oh, and Merry Christmas.
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More sensible comments when my brain returns from the floor.


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