Ficlet #1

Feb. 2nd, 2010 12:08 am
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The first of a couple ficlets I wrote, based on the RP between myself and Arwen~ <3 Both are Seph/Rinoa and both are fluffy and probably cavity-inducing. I would apologise for any dentist bills that may occur from reading this but honestly, I'm not ashamed in the slightest. <3 If these weren't dependent on knowledge of the RP, they'd go up in my writing journal. Intentionally short, because I've not had the attention span for anything lengthy lately. 


A Moment of Domestic Bliss

Lately, Sephiroth  had discovered that he really appreciated the quiet moments he spent with Rinoa, when they simply relaxed together and no words needed to be said. This was one such moment. It was quite late at night. He and Rinoa were relaxing on the sofa, the young woman apparently happy to use Sephiroth as a pillow and Sephiroth himself happy to be used.

The end credits of a film scrolled across the television screen in front of them. Rinoa had chosen it. It had been something cute, with talking animals. The silver haired man would never have picked it but once Rinoa had settled mostly on top of him, he had no complaints.

About halfway into the film, Rinoa had fallen asleep and Sephiroth hadn't the heart to wake her by moving. He was pretty comfortable himself anyway. He put his arms around her, kissed the top of her head and was asleep before the credits finished.


Rinoa did not want to wake up the next morning. She was warm and comfortable enough to never ever want to move. But there was a persistent sunbeam shining in her eye and tiny paws climbing up her leg. She turned her head, opening sleepy eyes to observe the black kitten using her as a walkway.

Nemesis saw her looking and mewed loudly.

Sephiroth stirred, obviously as unwilling to wake as Rinoa had been. The girl watched him, trying not to smile. Sephiroth was... dare she say it? Of course she did. He was cute, especially when he was almost pouting about waking up as he was now.

The silver haired man finally opened his eyes.

"...You have a cat on your head," he observed sleepily.

Nemesis had made the journey from Rinoa's legs up to her head and was now sniffing them both curiously. Rinoa giggled.

"I think Nemesis wants feeding," she said.

The kitten mewed as if in agreement, making Rinoa giggle again.

"Then we'd better get up. We can't keep that dratted cat waiting, can we?" grumbled Sephiroth.

He lifted the kitten off Rinoa's head and set it on the floor, accepting a quick kiss from Rinoa before she stood up. Sephiroth was all too tempted to pull her back down and if Nemesis had not kept meowing impatiently, he would have done just that.

"Would it kill you to be patient, cat?" Sephiroth asked grouchily, glaring down at the tiny creature. He sat up on the sofa, noting that Nemesis seemed completely unaffected by his glare. Perhaps he was losing his edge?

"Why should he learn patience when he's already learning to manipulate you?" laughed Rinoa.

The silver haired man shot her a half-hearted glare but she was already retreating to the bathroom. He stood up at last, Nemesis following closely.


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