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Ever since I came off hiatus at The Wake, I've been trying to do something about my activity levels. I'm not hugely confident in my abilities still but...well, the only complaint I've had so far is about said activity levels. I posted an open log last Thursday but there have been no replies yet. I don't think there will be either. *shrugs* It's discouraging but...

Well, there's the current event going on now. That's got everyone distracted. Who wants to go back through days of posts when there are shiny new things where lots of people are high? >.> Even Sephiroth is high. He's high of the slightly-vacant, can't-keep-up-with-his-brain kind of thing. He comes out with some really random things. Zack's room trying to eat him, for one. There is no evidence, Seph. Where did you get that idea from? XD I've made a couple tags in other people's entries too. I figure where's the harm? At least I'm trying.

Got a note about the next fanfic meetup though~ It's this Sunday. I'm looking forward to it. It promises to be quite epic~ We should get more newbies turning up now. One of them - RayRay - has been trying to show up ever since it first started but other obligations have always kept her away. This time though, she should make it. ^_^

And the week after that should be the anime/furmeet with Nightwind and his boytoy. >.> I definitely don't want to miss that this time. D: Although I should check the date, just to be sure...


Oh god.

The advert I just saw on TV?

All I saw on the screen before it went off were the words: "FROM GIANT TENTACLES TO..."


What the Hell.

What is my mother watching?!


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