Sep. 23rd, 2010

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Four more days until I can buy BBS. That'll cost me £25. Might get another book too... plus money for travel... fffff I need to work out how much I'm going to spend so I can get some more icon space for Lymle, Albel and possible Aziraphale as well, if I can find more icons of him. ^^; 15 icons just isn't enough. >_> If I don't get icon space for Azira, I'll get some on my personal journal. After that, what I don't spend is going to go into a savings account~ Sabby's gonna try to save up now.

And I also have to remember to go into the bank tomorrow to request a new card. Mine's about to expire. >_< I've been meaning to do it for weeks... And I'll have to get all the money things sorted out by Friday next week because I doubt the card will arrive by then. >.>;;

I woke up really early this morning, even though I'd had a...relatively early night. I had a few odd dreams though and woke up feeling a bit unsettled. I don't remember clearly what they were about though. I came downstairs early, played some .Hack and FFX but then I fell asleep again and the dreams returned. Still don't even know what I was dreaming about... Maybe it was just my anxiety over Lymle's acceptance getting to me? I was a little worried she was going to get buried under all the popular characters in the game but when I woke up, she had a few more replies. >.> What? I get nervous for cute little Lymle. >.> And already I would love castmates for her...

Already planning her canon updates but. ffff I realised a couple days ago, just before getting the acceptance notice, that I kinda. Mixed up what her abilities are likely to be at the point in time I took her from. >.> I was estimating her to be about level 20 but I forgot to check out the abilities she could have gained by then and so she's actually at a quite unrealistic level 28. >.> But I guess it doesn't really matter because she can't use any of her abilities yet anyway. When she realises she can't summon Cerberus for a while, she's going to be really upset though. ;-;

Also. Sephiroth thinks Goten is a mini-Zack. fffff

And... I need more to do with Azira, I think. I did tag a post with him last night...but only after hours of agonising over it and drinking half a glass of wine. >.>;;;


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