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Hmph Boyfriend has gone out and somehow roped me into tidying his room while he's gone. WTF? I guess this means I can't tag today. Not that I havne't done so a couple times. ffff But I just can't seem to manage much today. The muses are unco-operative. Rebelling, perhaps. Every time I try, I'm interuppted and now I have time to myself, I can't because my boyfriend will know and get pissed and not keep his end of the bargain when he gets back. See, I tidy his room a bit and he'll finish off when he gets back AND let me play Star Ocean for a while. I should really be playing Tools of Destruction but I doubt I'll get to go on the PS3 when he gets back anyway despite his promises to clean his room. >.> Hence Star Ocean.

Now then...

I'm considering apping another character to [ profile] thewake_rp  but I don't know which one. My choices so far...

Lymle (Star Ocean 4) - technically 15 years old but stuck at the age of 6, kinda...odd. Draws on everything. She'd probably be a bit of a challenge to play but I want to try anyway.

Albel Nox (Star Ocean 3) - grouchy swordsman but I need to do a canon review for him. >.>

Tasslehoff Burrfoot (DragonLance, and I know I said I would play him after Daisychain but I kinda want to again.) - talks in paragraphs, has no sense of fear, steals everything that isn't nailed down but not consciously.

And ...there's also the fledgling Fletch muse from Lesbian Vampire Killers.... >.> But I'm not sure I could maintain him...

Oooor there's my list of OCs that currently demand attention but I'd have to draw pics for their icons. I'd never find a PB I'd be happy with so... >.> Not to mention a lot of them aren't human or anything like it... >.> But I'm too shy to list them here. ^^;

Anyway. I think I'd better get on with the tidying and things. I've procrastinated enough, I think.
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