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I downloaded some new stuff for The Sims 2 a couple days ago and ever since, the game hasn't worked right. Every time I try to go into a Lot, occupied or not, the game freezes. I've found an FAQ which might help but I don't have time to run through every step of it now. I'm doing some of it though, backing up my user files and things. Kinda taking a while though... I also found a list of likely files that could have caused this problem and I've deleted them. I'm not sorry to do so if it means I can't play my game. I never got to test them out anyway so what do I care? I've deleted a bunch of other stuff I decided I didn't want any more. That takes me downloaded custom content folder from... um... almost 3GB to about 2.5GB. Maybe a little less, I have to check.

Also messing around with all my music too. I've got 32.21GB of music now - 5408 songs. I need to clean these out soon, I think. I rate them as I listen to them, then delete the stuff I don't like and the duplicates later. Syncing my iPod kinda takes a while though. I'm a little surprised I haven't got a phone call asking where I am yet. I'm supposed to be going out, after all.

I've got an appointment to get my hair cut on Tuesday morning and then on Wednesday, I'm off to spend an hour in the Jobcentre. I can't find my CV anywhere - well, I can't find the memory stick with it on anywhere. It kind of sucks. That was the newest version. >_<

I have a bunch of tags to make in The Wake after Aziraphale got... well. Not chatty. More...sort of horrified at everything ever in The Wake. XD But I'm not sure if it's a good idea to try to get down to tagging when I'll be heading out soon. ffff I was up late enough tagging back as it is. Why is The Wake most active when I should be sleeping?! It was 3am before I got to bed last night. ;-; I'll probably get the chance to tag over the weekend a bit though.
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