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I haven't yet mentioned how much I hate this time of year yet, have I? Well. I do.

Except for the part where there are daffodils in the garden. Not growing yet but they'll be there by the end of the month, weather permitting.

The first of a bunch of birthdays is coming up soon, starting on the 5th - My mother's, then there's another on the 7th, 9th, 19th, 1st April, 6th (mine!) and finally ending on the 8th April. Unless I've forgotten anyone. >_> Rinoa on the 3rd ffffff

Plus there are probably going to be other things happening - Mother's Day is soon, I think and even though my family generally doesn't do anything for that, it is expected that I will help my boyfriend get something for his mother. It's not that I don't love my female relatives, but Mother's Day has always been overlooked because we never went out to buy cards for people - I mean, why should I buy an overpriced card to let my mother/gran/whoever know I love them? And why should I wait for that one 'special' day to do it? Besides, my gran used to tell me about how the traditional Mother's  Day gift was a handful of crocuses so I would usually just go pick a bunch of flowers out of her garden for her.

...There is a blackbird eyeing my oddly through the window... o.O

Anyway. There was a reason for this ramble.

If March is so hectic and demands much of my time away from the computer, this really is not the best time for me to be considering - yet again - to app a new character to the Wake. >_> Of course, I have canon reviews to do first but... I really want to. ffff

But really, I should be concentrating on my plans for the characters already there. Sephiroth is going to be involved in the new event, hallucinating and being all crazypants for a while. Lymle is being left out of that even though I do have an idea of what could happen to her... but I don't want her to have to go through the hallucinations and the trauma. Seph can handle it though, and after talking with Eco, I think it can be a big part of his character develpoment. I'm getting really excited for it now but it's been moved back to Saturday - when I will be unable to get online, I think. I'm going to draft posts for the days I can't get online and save them so I can just copy/paste whatever I need to if I do get 5 minutes online or something. ^^;

Lymle... probably only going to get thrown at random people some more until the event, at which point she will be hiding from all the crazies. >_> At some point, I'm sending her for another canon update once I decide where to update her to - which might not be until the end of the game but we'll see... maybe to just before the final battle, then bring her back for a bit to check up on her friends in Nautilus and send her back to the final boss or something. >.> Plenty of time to decide though, and work to do in the meantime... >.> /gets back to work...


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