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Keeping myself busy today. I decided to updated my character notes for [ profile] thewake_rp ,starting with Sephiroth. I haven't done that in a while only it wasn't until I check the last updates that I realised how long it's been. I haven't updated anything since the Crazyroth plot last July/August. So much work... so many conversations and posts and logs to track down... *sigh*

I'll do Lymle next. She won't take as long but it's also been a while since I've updated her notes too.

I'm also working on Albel's app, though I am nowhere near done with his canon update. I have his app for Ragnarok still so I'm using that to refresh my memory of some stuff. But the canon review is still happening. I'm not reserving/submitting any apps until I'm absolutely sure I've got his voice back.

And as well as all that, along with tagging, I'm also working on Sephiroth's narrative for his vanishing act. >.> So. Yes. Busy busy. Perhaps not so busy, had I already sent Lymle home for her canon update but... eh, I'm waiting a little before I do that. At the moment, I'm not sure what to do with her but she needs a little push still to go home. People keep making her think of the friends she's left behind though, and she's missing them, poor thing. >.>

Anyway, back to work...


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