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I learned this morning that my boyfriend's parents get back tomorrow. Wonderful.

No, really. It is. Partially. The bit where I have to clean most of the house on my own is less wonderful (I swear, I am the only one who knows how to do any housework anymore - and both my BF's brothers moved out and lived on their own for a while before moving back.) I've got towels to handwash, vacuuming the house and I need to scrub the bathroom. No doubt other things will present themselves as I work on the other stuff.

So I might be home on Thursday.

Or not.

I'll be at my BF's all next week anyway, plus the weekend so I might not bother going home, even though I want to. It'll be better next week anyway, ith his parents back. Get a sense of normality again.

Anyway~ I'm aiming to get back into RP by the end of the week. Arwen has enabled me into creating a journal for the Phantom of the Opera but I'm feeling really shaky about his voice at the moment still - so I'll be watching the movie every night this week to try to get it down. I'm already working on an app for him for [ profile] thewake_rp . >> But I need practice before I send it in.

And I still intend to app Albel.


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