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I am feeling an increasing need to just say 'FUCK EVERYTHING' and becime a total reculse for a while. No going out, no internet, nothing.

Just me, a pile of books to read and a notebook for when I feel like writing.

Oh, and a massive pile of chocolate too.

But I won't, because I have obligations to fulfil. Work to do, tags to write and other such things. I also have characters I want to app even though I don't know how I'll manage because I am failing so badly with just two at the moment. But I do have... drafts, at least, for the Sephiroth tags I owe, both in [ profile] thewake_rp and [ profile] piecesofworlds. I'm gonna type those out now properly, post them and then... maybe write some backstory for my OC, Michael or the other story set in the same world or watch Sanctuary or play Vampire the Masquerade.
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I am in such a good mood now! I slept really well these last two nights. Iain didn't wake me at all on Thursday night and I managed to sleep quite late. Then, though I was woken by my mother getting into the shower this morning, I still feel really good. Like...really really good.

And I feel a need for lots of horror. I want to be terrified out of my wits. I played VTM Bloodlines earlier, the haunted hotel mission. That terrified me. It's not even the first time I've played it through but I was so freaking scared! There are differences between the version I have and the version Iain has, mostly I think because I have the patch and he doesn't. And I was able to play it at proper volume with two headphones. Meaning I hear the creepy laughter and the whispering and the children crying. *shivers* And when I first walked in, I looked to the side where I know the woman whispers "He's watching..." and the guy was tanding there with a freaking axe! O_O And then I decided to try going over to the other side, and the woman runs out of nowhere through a boarded up door! I turn the corner, find nothing, turn around and the man is standnig there, not two stepps from me, laughing and hefting that bloody axe! I fled from the computer. >_>

But gods, I need horror. Like...really badly. Vampires and blood and werewolves and ghosts and anything scary.

Which reminds me, has anyone watched Being Human? The thing about the vampire and the werewolf who move in together and then find they're living in a haunted house? I thought it was cool. Iain didn't think much of it at first :(Hello? He's a vampire! In daylight? I didn't bother to tell him that I think the idea of vamps bursting into flame in daylight is stupid). But then he got into it when the guy changed and the vamp (who is kinda hot, not that I'm going to pont that out to Iain) fed on the girl. And then the ghost managed to overcome her fear of leaving the house where she had lived and saved the werewolf's ex-girlfriend from him. For all that it is a programme about monsters, they're very human. Which I think is the point. I did feel sorry when the girl rejected George (the werewolf) but I'm pretty sure he's a closet case anyway. *ignores voices telling her she thinks that about all men*. He was acting just like a little puppy when they were looking around the house too! XD

I've been listening to new msic too by Nox Arcana. They do creepy intrumental stuff inspired by Lovecraft and the like. I've been on the site - NOX ARCANA  and they've got stories behind all the albums and stuff. It's creepy and awesome. I especially like the one about Darklore Manor. ^_^


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