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Five minutes or less since I posted the last entry and now I'm starting this..? Well, I can't help myself. I blame this bit entirely on Eco. <3

White Knight Chronicles commentaries and reactions~ Because I need something like this to keep me playing it or I'll end up sp goddamn bored.
Don't expect me to make sense )
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I start work tomorrow. Part of me is all "Yay work~" but the rest of me... is not looking forward to it at all. I've been feeling uneasy about it ever since I heard about it. If I was the kind to follow my instincts all the time, I would have turned it down but the 'sensible' part of me insists that I need the work, even if it's only for a couple weeks and my mother will also be happy I've found work, however temporary. Taking the job is the sensible thing to do but... I really don't want to. And I can't even really say why I don't want to do it. There isn't a reason for it. I'm just feeling incredibly nervous about it and I can't even really pinpoint the reason why. Location? The speed at which it was all sorted out? My lack of money which means I might not be able to afford to buy lunch - in which case, I'd better be able to find something in the kitchen to make up my own lunches.

The lack of funds it the reason I had to skip my FanBBS meeting yesterday too. ;-; Sounds like they had a blast too. I just finished reading the blog entry. Dr Who exhibit at the Life centre. Man, I wish I could have gone... >:

Played Star Ocean 4 and TWEWY over the weekend instead. Started a new game on both because... well. Just because, mostly. I wanted to increase stats and level up more on TWEWY earlier and Star Ocean... I just wanted something to do other than battle endlessly. I've tried training until my brain feels like it's melting but I still struggle with the bosses and things. But OHMYGOD I adore the characters. XD All of them. I swear~~ Well, I'd like to smack Edge upside the head but then.. well....

And... apparently my brother and his girlfriend have broken up. I have no idea why. Mutual thing according to my mother but she won't interrogate him. >_> I'll have to find out what happened later.
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Not having much fun lately. I want to go home.

Got my new DS though so I've been playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. I've spent most of the time shouting insults at Roxas though. I know he has no memories but sometimes he seems to be taking the 'dumb blond' thing a bit too far. >.> Also shouting insults at the characters in Mission Mode. Are there no really good characters to use? >.> Or maybe I just suck?

Liking Xion more than I thought I would. Actually quite tempted to RP her somewhere but I'll wait a while first, see if the muse sticks. Really want to get back to RPing but I have things to sort out first. Got £180 to pay off from when y boyfriend mucked up paying for his rowing machine. I've got more than half already though so I should be able to pay off the whole thing on Wednesday.

...There's a note on my boyfriend's desk telling him 'Do Note Kill SANDER COHEN' Who is Sander Cohen..?  /random
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I am feeling somewhat insane today. Goddammit.

For the love of god, will someone please talk to me. >_< I swear, no one is online. *shiffs* I'm lonely, goddammit. 

And yeah, okay, there are things I need to do.



Apart from Iain, I feel really cut off from everyone. I really did want to go see Ross last week but I kept missing his calls. I kinda...lost my phone under the bed somehow and I didn't find it until the alarm went off and realised there were three or four missed calls and I always feel terrible when I miss any calls. >_<

And I've got another fucking headache. I've been getting lots of them recently. I hate it. They make me grumpy when I notice them and I get snappy. Sometimes it takes me a while to realise that the pounding isn't someone's music in the distance though. O_O Is that normal? Or does my head ache in time to the beat somehow?

I want to play Crisis Core, Rune Factory and The World Ends With You. And really, who the fuck came up with the battle system for that game? It's fucking difficult and confusing as hell. I still don't know which screen I should look at and when so I just mash buttons and scribble frantically and hope the Noise die. And really - Noise? *snorts* The plot seems to be on crack half the time. And is Rhyme male or female? O_O Will Shiki ever shut the fuck up? Who came up with the 'trends' thing? Yeah, I like the bonuses that come with wearing the correct colothes but that is the only reason to care at all. Personally, I think Shiki needs a new fashoin sense and Neku is fine just the way he is. That Prince guy can go fuck himself. 

...Yeah, some stuff really winds me up about that game but I still play. ...I like the soundtrack, damn it. And the art style.


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