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Okay. So. Stuff. I'm not spamming my tumblr with this because I'm trying to stay off that for a little while. I can only take so much Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston and they are distracting when I'm trying to write. Or do anything productive.

Anyway, my boyfriend found my notes for when I was planning my vlog. I did record a second video that I haven't edited and posted yet because I'm too quiet and it bugs me. I need to 'find my voice' or something. I watched a couple vlogging tips videos. Also I want to invest in a decent mic and camera. I was thinking about using my digital camera but I would need to find some place to stand it and be sure it's actually capturing my face and not, say, a random corner of the room. :/

But he didn't exactly laugh about it. Yeah, he struggled to read my writing and laughed at that but he didn't dismiss the idea completely. We changed the subject pretty quickly, actually.

I do want to record andother, better video though. But another time when I can be sure I can make myself heard.

In the mean time, I am actually going to edit a fic while sitting next to my boyfriend.

This is a new thing. Normally I can only write when I'm supposed to be doing something else (like, say, the work I get paid to do) or when I'm alone and doing NaNoWriMo. But we're having a nice, cozy coupley day now that he's back from work. So I'm going to sit here next to him and work on a story.

And hope he wants something to eat soon. That doesn't include either bread or milk because we have neither of those things in the kitchen.
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