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Today is not going well and I have a bit of a short fuse at the moment.

It started 'round about 6AM. Still dark outside and the goddamn phone was ringing. My aunt looking for my mother, who had probably just gone out to work. She's been feeling better lately. Pretty much normal ever since last...Thursday/Friday apparently, about an hour after she ate wedding cake. Some old colleague of hers sent some from Cornwall. He left in August, when my mother was off sick but he sent some of the leftover wedding cake up for his old friends. Apparently there were jaffa cakes around it. Mom tells me he was responsible for the Jaffa Cake Debate and tasting session. They were trying to decide which ones were best. XD Archeologists. They're all mad. <3

But my mother blames her feeling well on the cake because ever since then she's felt perfectly normal. I hope it lasts.

Anyway, I should be tagging but at the moment I can't quite be bothered to. I have a new muse and I want to give him icons first and then set him loose in Dear_Mun. <3

But before I do that, I want to know why Crunchy Roll is being evil to me. It's not letting me watch anything. I just get black boxes where the anime is supposed to be. ;_;

Oh well...if it still doesn't work, I guess I'll just go back to Death Note.

Finished Another Note this morning, by the way. Beyond Birthday is a twisted little creeper and I love him for it. >_>
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Hee~ Regenesis has a reservation~ That makes me happy, even if I don't know the character's canon. I've got time to do the research though. <3 I can't quite get the hang of making a custom layout for the RPG comm though. CSS is hard. ;_; I have other things to work on though. A few tags in two museboxes, a log to set up in Pieces and other things.

But at the moment, I'm torn between watching Eyeshield 21 and Death Note. >_> I guess I can do two things at once so...tagging and Death Note it is. <3 Maybe I'll alternate. One episode of Death Note and then Eyeshield 21 while I tag. Except multitasking leads to me not getting much done usually. But I am in a productive mood at the moment. Better not waste it. <3
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Sephiroth, why do you have to suck so much at small talk?! WHY, DAMMIT?!


>_> No, seriously. I've been trying to tag back Sara for days now. I can get his personal thoughts and reactions down no probs but when it comes to him actually talking, forget about it. It's a blank. God.


I'm starting to wonder my idea of tagging as Sephiroth first and then as Qwark was such a good idea because Sephiroth has become...almost impossible lately. It's not that the muse is dead - far from it. He's just...PMSing or something. Replies are becoming harder to think of most of the time. I am worrying a bit over his characterisation but it's the usual worries I've had ever since I started playing him. It's just...not usually this hard. >_> And Clooouuuuud! >_> I've not played with this Cloud before and I'm flailing so badly in case the mun hates my Seph. >_< But Eco assures me that my Sephiroth isn't as terrible as I think. It makes me feel a bit better. I don't think I've flailed this much over the RP since Seph met Loz and Yazoo in the bar. >_>

Aaaand...this isn't helping.


Gonna get on with it now. I'll tag Zack and Cloud first, then go back to Sara. Then I'll make the tags Qwark owes. ...Might only be one there, I can't remember. Then story time and Lucky Star. Or Junjyo Romantica or something. Ross has been after me to watch more of it but...Akiiiiiraaaaaaa! >_> As strange as it may seem to Ross, I'll pass up prettyboys flailing over relationships in favour of cute, pink haired girls called Akira any day. XD
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Well...this is sooner than I expected...

^_^ Thought I'd be staying with my boyfriend at least until Wednesday or Thursday but...well, here I am on Tuesday~ Still, not complaining. More time to work on Qwark app. I'm being terribly lazy and still haven't finished it. Augh. And I can't feel my finger tips. Makes typing really weird. XD

Why are my hands always the last part of my body to warm up after being outside?

Man...I need music.

Ooooh...which reminds me that I haven't had the chance to listen to my new Dir En Grey CD yet~ Imagine my surprise and joy at finding HMV have started stocking their CDs (at least in Newcastle) <3 Fun~

I had a massive shopping trip on Saturday. Alone. Had to argue a little to do it but totally worth it! I got so many books. *_* And still couldn't find the one I originally went into Waterstones for. -_-; I was looking for Sojourn - Book III of the Legend of Drizzt - and came out with Storm Front, Fool Moon and Star Dust. I got Trigun and King of Hell manga in Travelling Man plus Elfen Lied and Azumanga Diaoh DVDs in Forbidden Planet. I also managed to pick up the 3rd DVD set of Robotech Macross Saga and the Trigun box set in HMV. Oh~ And I got a really pretty top in what used to be Kathmandu. It's got a faerie on the front, all dark and gothic-like and the sleeves are like detachable net glove things. Really awesome! I love it! Iain doesn't but so what? XD

And now...back to Daisychain. <3

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Today was the last day of my Gateway 2 Work course. I feel a little sad. I enjoyed it there. Maybe not the circumstances but everyone I met was pretty friendly.

The other reason I'm feeling sad is that I have today and tomorrow morning left before I go on my haitus. >_< I'll be at my boyfriend's for four weeks while we're at the Royal Mail. I'm going to miss Eco and Daisychain so much! ;_; I'll be back ASAP, guys! I swear!

And...andandand...What else..?

Anime night tonight. Gonna stay up all night. I mean it. My brother and his girlfriend should be here. Mother's going out too so we'll have the house to ourselves. And if they don't show up for whatever reason, I'll stay up on my own. ^^; I want to rewatch Black Jack anyway. >_> And Lucky Star. Maybe the rest of season 1 of Junjyou Romantica if I have time but probably not. There's a lot of Black Jack to watch. >_<

And I wanted to do a little writing too. Been meaning to do it all week and really just added a sentence on here and there. I really should try to finish it. I just need to add the bit about Zexion and then Demyx and then that's the end of that chapter, all ready to post. ^_^

So...yeah, gonna make myself busy now~
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*screams in frustration*

I am so freaking bored!

And I know I have things to do but I just don't have the motivation. I've got three stories to work on, a database of all my characters because I'm starting to find it hard to keep track of them all yeah, looking for costume inspiration because I can't remember what kind of outfit Jonathon is supposed to wear... >_> I've also got to come up with a name for a new female character who has been bouncing around my head since Monday (damn you, wolfcub!) and second costume designs for her and another female character.


*rips hair out*

And I think I'm supposed to be staying up all night to watch anime with Adam and Steph but the computer upstairs doesn't work properly. I forgot to tell them the sound and DVD tray no longer work. I don't know what they did but it happened after they took out the graphics card to find out what was wrong with it.

So they'll have to come down here, but that's alright because I have anime here to watch. Or we could put on a DVD or something. Or make a repeat of the time Steph and I sat and talked until 5am. XD

...On the plus side, if they come down then I should be available for RP for longer than usual. Except that no one seems to be on. >_<

Still waiting for a chance to RP Tas some more. >_> Poor little guy gets no action.

And Seph...has had a somewhat civil conversation with Cloud. Who still hates him. Maybe even more considering Sephiroth's absolutely terrible sense of humour. I suspect that part of his characterisation comes from the really evil part of me that would totally start blasting songs like "Burn Baby Burn" and "Time to Burn" in the middle of Nibelheim...

And I just thought of a question to ask Nightwind but he's not here. Damned wolfcub. Why'd he have to go to Germany? I've got no one to talk to online much...

Ah hell. Might slip on SL for a while. I hear I have a new bed to check out. >_> Tomorow my FA account will probably be bombarded with new screenshots from there.
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So....anyone watch Torchwood? *grins* I have to say... I'm glad James Masters is in for at least another episdoe. The bit at the end had me going "You complete bastard!" He told Jack some clearly important news but he held it until right at the last minute. I wonder what he meant though. Still, it was aweseom seeing his face when Jack appeared after he chucked him off a roof!

And Jack asked Ianto out on a date! My inner fangirl was cheering wildly at that! I would have done it for real except I'd already been fighting with Iain because I asked him not to saing while I was watching one of the only two shows I want to watch this year.  (Apparently when I say "Iain, can you please stop singing?" he hears "Shut up.") So I missed half the episode until he would let me actually watch it but I saw it again when I got home - thank the gods my mother recorded it.

Also, I have all these ideas for a city and characters living in it and around it...but no plot. It's really quite annoying.

Ross has also discovered how wonderful FMA is. About time... He's missing the last DVD though. And yes, he cried when Maes died and reacted with shock and horror at the chimera. Now...I'm gonna love to see his reaction at the end of the series. XD

...And I want to watch it again now.

I still need a mouse for what is now my computer. ...It feels strange writing that. I can use the keyboard to get around but a mouse would make everything easier. I've also transferred all my mother's files so I can get on with deleting her account tonight. Then I'm going to uninstall everything I don't need. Get Adam's files and transfer them over to his account downstairs and delete his account then then... I'll have a lot more room for my anime. XD Yay!

I already have Yami no Matsuei. I'm working on getting Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0 (nobody laugh. >_> Season 0 is darker than the stuff that's shown on TV over here. Though Im probably going to get around to getting that anyway because I started watching it and I remember liking the animation and the character designs and stuff, even if it is plenty cheesy...) and Tales of Eternia. Then I want Pretear again. And other stuff. I have a list somewhere. Ouran High School Host Club. Other stuff. Also music. >_<
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So...I'm at a 'sleepover' at Steph's house. Which means her and Adam are playing Wii Sports while I hijack the computer to keep myself awake.

The plan for tonight is to play games, watch anime and then pass out. Everyone seems to be worried about me not being happy about having to share a bed with Steph tonight but really it's not a problem. Okay, so it's not exactly a big bed but I'm skinny enough that we'll both fit. ^_^;;;

But I'm not feeling so good...I may have eaten too much chocolate. *le gasp* I didn't know such a thing was possible! But my stomach is aching uncomfortably so I'm avoiding all food lately. I'm starving, but it hurts to eat so I can't... I'll manage a bit but...meh...

And I keep losing the feeling in my hands and feet. It's strange. >_<

Anyway...tonight is fun. I've played a bit on Steph's new computer. It's got parts Iain would spontaneously orgasm over. XD An HD ready widescreen monitor that is just beautiful. Gears of War looks absolutely amazing on it. 

And Steph's cat are lovely. There's Emmy, who had really sharp claws. And Toby, who also has sharp claws and people kep dumping him on me when his claws are out. It hurts... ;_; And there's skittish little Salem. I've also met the guinea pigs - of as Steph is prone to squeak "ninny nigs". >_> She's an odd girl, but really huggable and adorable. XD I just have to keep giving her random hugs. But at the same time it feels a little awkwards because even though her and Adam have been going out for more than two years now, I don't know her all that well though we are becoming quite good friends. It just...hasn't been long, y'know?

Anyway, the guinea pigs.... The boys and girls are kept separate because none of them are neutered and they're possibly related. >_> They have freakishly long claws and the vet can't cut them until Febuary. You know the bit on the Simpsons when Snowball II walks by on really long claws, clivking on the kitchen floor? They're like that. XD The girls were nice enough. They made slightly worried-sounding squeaking noises but apparently that means they're happy little guinea pigs. *shrugs*

The boys on the other hand... For starters, they stank to high heaven, kept picking fights with each other and making 'lustful' noises at me. Steph picked one of them up and he came on her hand. Ewwww... 

So they were given a quick health check and sent back outside.

But now I'm covered in animal fur - and I'm wearing my new top too. It's really cool. I got it from Pauline as a Christmas present and it's got a purple dragon on the front! There are holes in the shoulders with three chains holding the sleeves up. XD It's possibly the most awesome top ever in existance! Speaking of Christmas presents, I should list this years 'haul' or something, just for something to do.

Something I listed as from Iain's parents may in fact be from Susan and her family but I can't remember. >_< Oh well...

So, all in all, not a bad haul. ^^ All that money is going on manga first chance I get to go to Newcastle. I'm going to take a list and only complete collections from here on out. But I need to complete a lot of collections... Such as...

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At the new jobsearch location today. What fun, huh? Hehe...

Got a little lost on the way but I knew it would happen and planned ahead. I still managed to arrive early though. Because my sense of timing tends to be awesome like that. XD

It's a cool place, from what I've seen so far. IIt's wierd-shaped though. Hexagonal and the roof is wonky. XP

The staff are friendly though. The woman when we first came in seemed nice and then there's...Steven, I think his name is. He was friendly. Had to switch my computers around because he's doing some kind of maintinence or something. 

My shyness seems non-existant today. Which is cool. I may actually get around to phoning places for jobsearch. And I have to go to the bank too. I need money!!!!! But to get money, I need a bank card that's valid. Then I'm going and getting something to eat! And perhaps a new book.

I'm rereading Good Omens at the moment. Iain came home yesterday with the new Terry Pratchett book too. XD And "How to do Almost Everything". It seems interesting. And has a few recipies in it I think.  I only read the contents and flicked through it quickly. Iain didn't give me time to read through it properly because he was showing off the other stuff he bought.

Makes me want to go on a shopping spree but I have o get him a birthday present too. At least I'm limiting what he can spend, since I've got food and travel to think off once I get access to my money. And a DVD. 

I still need new LJ icons. I'll search tonight. 

I hear Ross is getting kicked out for real. Something about accidentally leaving the oven on from 1am to 8am. *eye roll* I tihnk his dad's over-reacting personally. I leave the oven on all the time or the hob and my mother just sighs, turns it off and tells me I left it on. If he's in need of a place, he could come to mine for the weekend but I dunno about him stayig longer than that. I know that he's asked if that if he moves out into his own place, will Iain and I live with him. I say yes, because I know that a) Iain wants to move out of his parents house too sometimes and b) Ross will need the company. I can go visit my family any time I like as well. If we live in town, it'll be easier for me getting jobs there too. >_< I dun wanna go to South Shields! I don't know my way around and I'll get lost.

Also, I've officially given up on "the gateway ficcy" that inluded Ross's character. He may be disappointed but there's no way I can get a decent plot that works. I'll keep the character notes and perhaps they'll appear in another story. Now my main priority is my ghost story, the one set in the school. I've ben working on writing about Danny's first day, which includes chemistry (need to find the teacher's name..), lunch, some other classes... >_> I wrote ot timetables for all three characters with codes for who shares each class...


I really want a new manga now. I may settle or a new DVD though. My mother's seen all my current Studio Ghibli collection so now I need to find something else for her to watch. Perhaps Laputa Castle in the Sky or Nausicaa Valley of the Wind. Or I ay get something different. Continue a series I havne't finished yet.

...Makes me want to watch Kino's Journey and King of Bandit Jing again. 

And that reminds me. I WANT MY EXCEL SAGA DVDS BACK!!!! I lent them to Adam and Steph and I haven't seen them in weeks. (Emphasis means it's most likely months but I can't remember when I let them borrow them).

I can't think of anything else to babble about. My train of thought was interuppted by actual jobsearch stuff.


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