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I am feeling somewhat insane today. Goddammit.

For the love of god, will someone please talk to me. >_< I swear, no one is online. *shiffs* I'm lonely, goddammit. 

And yeah, okay, there are things I need to do.



Apart from Iain, I feel really cut off from everyone. I really did want to go see Ross last week but I kept missing his calls. I kinda...lost my phone under the bed somehow and I didn't find it until the alarm went off and realised there were three or four missed calls and I always feel terrible when I miss any calls. >_<

And I've got another fucking headache. I've been getting lots of them recently. I hate it. They make me grumpy when I notice them and I get snappy. Sometimes it takes me a while to realise that the pounding isn't someone's music in the distance though. O_O Is that normal? Or does my head ache in time to the beat somehow?

I want to play Crisis Core, Rune Factory and The World Ends With You. And really, who the fuck came up with the battle system for that game? It's fucking difficult and confusing as hell. I still don't know which screen I should look at and when so I just mash buttons and scribble frantically and hope the Noise die. And really - Noise? *snorts* The plot seems to be on crack half the time. And is Rhyme male or female? O_O Will Shiki ever shut the fuck up? Who came up with the 'trends' thing? Yeah, I like the bonuses that come with wearing the correct colothes but that is the only reason to care at all. Personally, I think Shiki needs a new fashoin sense and Neku is fine just the way he is. That Prince guy can go fuck himself. 

...Yeah, some stuff really winds me up about that game but I still play. ...I like the soundtrack, damn it. And the art style.
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Don't ask me how but I've managed to get 92.4GB worth of files on to a 4GB memory stick. O.o WTF?! And all the file names are gibberish and inaccessible. O.o All I was doing was copying a few Naruto files. Now I gotta take everything that I want to keep off it, format it and then move it all back because I cna' simply delete these miracle files.


And I've somehow convinced Ross to buy WoW. Um...I told him it was his descision really and yes, I've played and it was sorta fun until Iain took over my character (seriously, don't EVER take my character and level it up. It's what the whole fucking game seems to be about so why would you do that to me?!). Don't ask me how that comvinced him. I guess he wants to let me play it on his computer. Would get me to visit a little more often. ...Does anyone else go round there? I know he's got other friends but sometimes it seems like he's calling me and Iain all the time. Not a bad thing because I like hanging out with Ross but Iain just can't do it all the time. He starts muttering about how Ross seems to think we're at his beck and call but I don't think it's that way - he just wants to spend some time with his friends is all. *sigh*

And my mp3 player has been taking over 2 hours now to delete 11 tracks. WTF is going on there? And I can't disconnect it because then I'll loose all my music.

Fucking computer.

This just isn't my weekend at all.

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Iain's parents have gone away for a few days. I have no idea when they're getting back because when they left I was mostly asleep and didn't think to ask. Neither did Iain. So I'm staying at his until they do get back - can't imagine they would be away past Sunday but all the same, I don't know. So I have no idea when I'll next be able to get online. I'm just sorta sneaking on now since I came home for fresh clothes and stuff on my way to the jobcentre.

So all the things I was supposed to do this weekend have to get put back indefinitely. >_< I was hoping to finish my Sephiroth app. too. Oh darn...

But on the bright side, I'll have lots of time to think and write drafts and lots of stuff to type when I get back. My KH story has another chapter finished on paper and I'm working on the third.
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Before I say anything, anyone interested in my family (probably no one really but what the hell, I'm doing it anyway) can click here, scroll down to the bottom and see my Uncle David. Bet he loved it. XD He's got a huge love for birds, always has as far as I'm aware. ^^ I should see if I can get a picture of his van - it's awesome. Custom paint job, probably cost loads. It shows a wildlife scene and it looks really cool.  It's a pity I don't see him often but it can't be helped. He does live in Wales. XD, what else to write... Been over to Pauline's, helping look after the kids a bit. That's fun. Amelia pulled off my glasses though and when Iain took them of her - since I couldn't, what with holding her a few feet off the ground and all - the side bit fell off. >_< Iain repaired them and did a pretty good job of it but I'll have to take them to get them repaired properly soon.

Adam and Steph are home this weekend. That means tomorrow will probably be an all-nighter, or as close to it as we can manage. ^_^ Last time we watched Pretear but I think they finished that without me. We also watched Devil May Cry at Steph's weekend before last but only got up to episode five. Maybe we should finish that. Or I've got Nightmares and Dreamscapes downloading. Perhaps I should see what anime films I can download though. Something with a lot of pretty male characters... I'll have to see what I can find.
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So....anyone watch Torchwood? *grins* I have to say... I'm glad James Masters is in for at least another episdoe. The bit at the end had me going "You complete bastard!" He told Jack some clearly important news but he held it until right at the last minute. I wonder what he meant though. Still, it was aweseom seeing his face when Jack appeared after he chucked him off a roof!

And Jack asked Ianto out on a date! My inner fangirl was cheering wildly at that! I would have done it for real except I'd already been fighting with Iain because I asked him not to saing while I was watching one of the only two shows I want to watch this year.  (Apparently when I say "Iain, can you please stop singing?" he hears "Shut up.") So I missed half the episode until he would let me actually watch it but I saw it again when I got home - thank the gods my mother recorded it.

Also, I have all these ideas for a city and characters living in it and around it...but no plot. It's really quite annoying.

Ross has also discovered how wonderful FMA is. About time... He's missing the last DVD though. And yes, he cried when Maes died and reacted with shock and horror at the chimera. Now...I'm gonna love to see his reaction at the end of the series. XD

...And I want to watch it again now.

I still need a mouse for what is now my computer. ...It feels strange writing that. I can use the keyboard to get around but a mouse would make everything easier. I've also transferred all my mother's files so I can get on with deleting her account tonight. Then I'm going to uninstall everything I don't need. Get Adam's files and transfer them over to his account downstairs and delete his account then then... I'll have a lot more room for my anime. XD Yay!

I already have Yami no Matsuei. I'm working on getting Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0 (nobody laugh. >_> Season 0 is darker than the stuff that's shown on TV over here. Though Im probably going to get around to getting that anyway because I started watching it and I remember liking the animation and the character designs and stuff, even if it is plenty cheesy...) and Tales of Eternia. Then I want Pretear again. And other stuff. I have a list somewhere. Ouran High School Host Club. Other stuff. Also music. >_<
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I cme home from Iain's house yesterday to find my brother has had his hair trimmed again, dyed completely black again and wearing a chinese-style dressing gown of our mothers with his pj bottoms.

He looked remarkably like Count D.

Now we just need some proper chinese clothes and an anime convention so he can cosplay in public. XD

Also, Lolly now comes running to me every time I come out of my room or move from the computer. It's so cute! But why does she only play with pink string? It's the only thing she'll touch.

Meanwhile, Raz is now putting all of his colourful, rattle balls back under every peice of furniture.
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So...I'm at a 'sleepover' at Steph's house. Which means her and Adam are playing Wii Sports while I hijack the computer to keep myself awake.

The plan for tonight is to play games, watch anime and then pass out. Everyone seems to be worried about me not being happy about having to share a bed with Steph tonight but really it's not a problem. Okay, so it's not exactly a big bed but I'm skinny enough that we'll both fit. ^_^;;;

But I'm not feeling so good...I may have eaten too much chocolate. *le gasp* I didn't know such a thing was possible! But my stomach is aching uncomfortably so I'm avoiding all food lately. I'm starving, but it hurts to eat so I can't... I'll manage a bit but...meh...

And I keep losing the feeling in my hands and feet. It's strange. >_<

Anyway...tonight is fun. I've played a bit on Steph's new computer. It's got parts Iain would spontaneously orgasm over. XD An HD ready widescreen monitor that is just beautiful. Gears of War looks absolutely amazing on it. 

And Steph's cat are lovely. There's Emmy, who had really sharp claws. And Toby, who also has sharp claws and people kep dumping him on me when his claws are out. It hurts... ;_; And there's skittish little Salem. I've also met the guinea pigs - of as Steph is prone to squeak "ninny nigs". >_> She's an odd girl, but really huggable and adorable. XD I just have to keep giving her random hugs. But at the same time it feels a little awkwards because even though her and Adam have been going out for more than two years now, I don't know her all that well though we are becoming quite good friends. It just...hasn't been long, y'know?

Anyway, the guinea pigs.... The boys and girls are kept separate because none of them are neutered and they're possibly related. >_> They have freakishly long claws and the vet can't cut them until Febuary. You know the bit on the Simpsons when Snowball II walks by on really long claws, clivking on the kitchen floor? They're like that. XD The girls were nice enough. They made slightly worried-sounding squeaking noises but apparently that means they're happy little guinea pigs. *shrugs*

The boys on the other hand... For starters, they stank to high heaven, kept picking fights with each other and making 'lustful' noises at me. Steph picked one of them up and he came on her hand. Ewwww... 

So they were given a quick health check and sent back outside.

But now I'm covered in animal fur - and I'm wearing my new top too. It's really cool. I got it from Pauline as a Christmas present and it's got a purple dragon on the front! There are holes in the shoulders with three chains holding the sleeves up. XD It's possibly the most awesome top ever in existance! Speaking of Christmas presents, I should list this years 'haul' or something, just for something to do.

Something I listed as from Iain's parents may in fact be from Susan and her family but I can't remember. >_< Oh well...

So, all in all, not a bad haul. ^^ All that money is going on manga first chance I get to go to Newcastle. I'm going to take a list and only complete collections from here on out. But I need to complete a lot of collections... Such as...

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My urge to kill is at an all-time high.

First off, it's winter suddenly. What the fuck happened to autumn?! 

Secondly, I slept in yesterday, got to work late and had to go back home afterwards to get my stuff. And what happens?

Bloody Raz gets out and I spent twenty minutes chasing him around in the fucking rain! And he was meowing so much because he didn't like the wet stuff falling from the sky but would he go back inside? Hell no.

Then mother gets home. And Raz gets out again.

Despite the fact that he hated it when he got out half an hour before!


Then I'm waiting for the bus back to town, one of my earphones isn't working and there's a group of loud chavs standing in the bus shelter. I opt to stand in the rain, away from them and ponder if anyone will mind if I cut them open and use their innards to warm my hands.

By the time I get to Iain's, I either wanted to kill someone or be hugged.

He opted to hug me.

Also, it's his birthday today. And William's. Iain was complaining because William seemed to be getting more attention than he was. William though, seems to be turning into a little brat. He apparently kicked someone in the face the other day and was running around threatening to break legs. For fucks sake, the boy has just turned three! He shouldn't be spouting things like that! If he hits me, I'm so yelling at him.


Back to work then. Where I have to decide which of FOUR ethnicity codes to put down for some kid who was apparently born in four places at once. O.o 

Only good thing about today? I get to use a Reno icon. *points*


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