Oct. 18th, 2008 10:39 pm
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So...I have a job. Sorta. It's just work for my aunt. Still, it'll pa money which is not to be sneezed at. It's mostly incredibly boring - putting letters into envelopes but she also promised something about a spreadsheet too. But I'm still waiting for her to send it to me. I might be able to do some of it at Iain's too but I'm not too fussed if I manage it or not. Still, I'm going to try to get the envelopes done tomorrow and then I'll drop them off at her house on Tuesday or something. ^_^

Still no word from Reed regarding the Royal Mail work though. But it shouldn't start until November ...24th? So I do have time. I can't help but feel anxious about it though. *sigh*

I'm...also considering dropping Tas. He just doesn't get action and I've tried so hard but I could probably try harder. I just...wish he had canonmates or someone he could post consistently with. But I don't want to. He's a lovable little guy but...augh. Not yet. I'll give him a bit longer.

Besides I have other things to work on with Daisychain. Sephiroth is being an idiot. People are free to point it out.

Augh~ And I found a secret in [ profile] roleplaysecrets  about Zack and Rikku! XD No idea who posted that secret though. I'm totally saving the link~ simply because it absolutely has to be Daisychain's Zack and Rikku. >_< I deny all other Zack/Rikku interactions as awesome as the ones I've read on DC. >_> Yes, Eco, I pretty much stalk all your characters. Scared yet? XD

Hmm...oh, and my copy of Ratchet and Clank is broken so I can't play. I'm going to get a replacement copy, play it and all the other R&C games I can find and work on that Qwark app. It's just going to take a while longer than I thought. ;_; I won't even be able to get another copy until Wednesday at the earliest. Maybe Friday.

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Wow, Daisychain was busy for me yesterday. But I'm all caught up now. XD

And the last thought I had before drifting off was "Vincent's gonna know Seph's gone now. Should I tell Eco to have him notice?" and when I get up this morning, it's right there  on Vinny's journal. XD

And Tas is probably gonna thread soon too. Yay.

Also, I'm nearly done with the Albel app but I've decided not to send it in until after Christmas, because of, well, life in general. I'll have a job hopefully by the end of November, which I'll likely need to take a haitus for. It'll only last about 4 weeks but I doubt I'll be able to get online then. >_< Hope the monster's next appearance is before then, so Zack and Seph can do their following thing.
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Shopping trip today~ Yay~

I spent my vouchers, got Ross his rather late birthday presents - so sorry about the lateness, wolfcub but at least I got you something you like, yeah? - and I also got birthday presents for Megan. Just have to remember to give them once her birthday rolls around.

Hmm...what else did I get?

Manga. I haven't read it yet but I'm still so happy to finally get volume 4 of Paradise Kiss - goddess only knows how long I've been looking for it - and the second volume of Yaoi. (Yeah, guess what that one's about. Real subtle title there... )

Also got a necklace (an opalite heart) and a braclet (haematite) at this really awesome little store in Eldon Square, along with a couple little gothic farie/angel ornaments to hang in my room. They're so cute, if I had a picture I'd show everyone.

Oooh. And I bought Reno~

Reno: Way to not make me sound like a rent-boy, yo...

>_> Gah. Um. Yeah. I have Vincent, Cloud, Sephiroth and Reno Play Arts figures now. I almost bought Sora but they only had his Wisdom Form and I want his normal clothes. >_< And there was another version of Vincent too, which I kinda want but I already have the first version. Aaah. And they had a Cerberus model. O_O Cloud and the Hardy Daytona too. Not to mention a whole bunch of others. I swear, if Forbidden Planet was in Eldon Square, I would have spent all my vouchers there.

I got a couple other little things too - purple hair thing that just clips in and a red ribbon hair tie that I got simply because it reminded my of Aerith... >_> Would have got the pink one but I Don't Do Pink. >_>

And OMGDAISYCHAIN. Because how could I go a full entry without posting somethng about that?!

Tasslehoff is having a monster encounter~ I've already decided how it's gonna go. It happens on Tuesday, Real Time but I might not be able to post then. But that might work out. If he injures his leg, how does he get anywhere to post and tell people about it? I dunno if I wanna do a log or narrative or something about it. Actually, I might do a narrative but I may have to backdate it or something it I can't post it in time. And then a journal post along the lines of "Ow but I saw the monster yay~". >_>

And I am so happy Seymour wasn't offended by Tas's questions. >_> XD But as soon as I saw Seymour's post I knew what Tas was going to say to him. It's been killing me not to respond until a couple more people had but I've done it now, unable to hold back any longer. If any of the others who said they'd come along want to, then they can jump in and I won't mind a bit though.

Sephiroth's finished the tag with Asuna now. They've become separated so that it fits in with the journal post. It was kinda fun with him being a jerk to her. XD I probably shouldn't like acting like that so much since I'm not anything like that in real life. But being an asshole is fun. XD So much fun I kinda want to bring another asshole character into Daisychain - Albel Nox from Star Ocean but I'm not sure if I should or not. I've not yet finished the game so I don't know where I want to take him from. Sometime after the end, preferably but I have to work on finishing the game now. >_> But FF12 is addicting~ and I don't want to stop playing it yet. There are a couple other characters I've thoguht about apping too but I'm not sure.

Maybe I'll work on Star Ocean over the next week instead of playing No More Heroes and app Albel. Because Daisychain needs more asshole prettyboys.

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Gods, I'm bored. I really need to shove Seph into the bar thread but I'm somehow nervous about it. >_< Does that make sense? I don't know if I should wait for anyone else (apart from Tifa) to show up. Zack's going, isn't he? And Cloud should be there...



And Tas needs volunteers. >_<

Also, I really need to stop falling asleep on the floor. It is uncomfortable and disorientating, despite the fact that it happens almost every weekend.

I think I'm alone in the house...

>_> Time to run wild?
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So...DC mods got ack tome. Now I gotta decide if and when I want Tas's expedition thread to take place. Ideally I'd like to know how many would come though, or help out in the prep stages.

I really want Eco to come online so I can talk to her about it. I feel weird bothering anyone else on AIM. >_<

Finally catchng up with tags though. I hope I haven't missed any. Seph tagged Ratchet and Asuma already and still waiting for a reply from Toki.


Should really go email the mods back now.

Oh, and I won't be on tomorrow from 6pm, I think. Maybe a bit before then. No idea when I'll get back either. And I have no idea what time this corresponds to in Eco's time zone because I kinda have no idea where she lives. >_< So...yeah. If I'm not around tomorrow, it's because I'm off doing the social thing and I'll let you know how it goes when I get back. XD

Also, the icon? Is new. I just wanted to use it because I think I'm developing some kind of Hojo fetish...

But seriously, that icon is adorable!
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Wow, so things with Tas seem to be snowballing without my full control. He's gonna try to set up a group to go see the monster! >_<

If the mods approve. I don't want to get into trouble so I emailed them to check it's okay. After all, last update said no one had any monster encounters up close and there weren't any crab bites. Whatever happens won't be until after the next update anyway probably. Tas has to find someone willing to make flash bombs (and maybe have them come along) and other stuff... (Personally, I'm hoping the Doctor will come. XD That would be so awesome!)

I never really expected this when I started posting with him too. I mean, of course I thought he's at least think about heading off after Cloverfield but I didn't think there'd be all this...planning involved. Tas isn't really used to planning much beyond "Okay, I'll go here next" on a whim. This may be a bit tricky for him but if he tries to think more like Tanis and doesn't get too distracted it could work out.

If they makeit as far as the monster. I have a couple ideas about it - maybe there are too many crabs and even a group can't break through to the park or they find the park but don't go in for whatever reason or they find the monster and have to drag Tas away by the topknot to stop him from going up to shout hello. But let's see what the mods say first.

Hmm...Seph is also doing his bit in DC. He's supposed to be meeting up with Ratchet (*prods Eco*) and later I have plans for him to find one of the new characters (waiting for her to start the thread but there doens't seem to be any really hurry). Then there'll be the bar thread and the going-to-be great FFVII Beat Down! Mwahahahahahaaa! Tifa, Cloud, Zack, Nanaki, whoever else is there vs. Sephiroth. I'm looking forward to it. XD Even if Seph doesn't get in, I'm sure it'll be epic. Especially because Seph doesn't know Zack's mad at him!

DC is going to be so much fun next weekend. XD Ross, if we come over yours during the week I am so hijacking your computer to check up on it. XD
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Heh...think I'm finally getting into the swing of things with Tas. He's a lot friendlier and talkative that Sephiroth so randomly commenting on journals is his style, even if it's not Sephiroth's. >_< Though if I think of stuff Seph would say, I should start posting it. Dammit, I play confident characters so why can't I keep up the confidence? Being shy sucks sometimes.

...why is 99% of the stuff I post here about Daisychain now? I need to find other things to do rather than wait for replies.

Damn Eco. You're the one that got me into it!
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I hate waiting for replies on DC. I really do.


And I'm trying oh so hard to keep Tas active because I don't want to drop him. I love him to bits, I really do. So I've posted a little bit on the RPG board and I'm waiting for replies. I'll take anyone, really. XD I suppose it's harder to get him into the game because he has no one else from his canon to talk to. I've been half-tempted to app Caramon simply to get Yazoo-mun to app Raistlin (Which I'm sure would be fantastically played since I adore her Yazoo to peices). But as lovely as that would be, I don't know if I could do his character so well. Maybe I could...but I'm not feeling the excitement for him that I did for Sephiroth and Tasslehoff. Ideally I'd only app characters I feel some kind of passion for. As much as I love Caramon, I don't feel it when I think about apping him. Maybe I should just keep reading the books and see what happens. Either way, I gotta wait until they open up for applications again.

And I know I should be working on various stories. I just...argh. Sod it. I'm gonna read ic_secrets some more (I'm tempted to post one of Sephy's secrets actually..) and maybe start typing. I've finally settled on a beginning that isn't horribly childish. >_< Just wish I had more notes. I'm redesigning some characters from scratch because I can't remember what they looked like first time around.
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*screams in frustration*

I am so freaking bored!

And I know I have things to do but I just don't have the motivation. I've got three stories to work on, a database of all my characters because I'm starting to find it hard to keep track of them all yeah, looking for costume inspiration because I can't remember what kind of outfit Jonathon is supposed to wear... >_> I've also got to come up with a name for a new female character who has been bouncing around my head since Monday (damn you, wolfcub!) and second costume designs for her and another female character.


*rips hair out*

And I think I'm supposed to be staying up all night to watch anime with Adam and Steph but the computer upstairs doesn't work properly. I forgot to tell them the sound and DVD tray no longer work. I don't know what they did but it happened after they took out the graphics card to find out what was wrong with it.

So they'll have to come down here, but that's alright because I have anime here to watch. Or we could put on a DVD or something. Or make a repeat of the time Steph and I sat and talked until 5am. XD

...On the plus side, if they come down then I should be available for RP for longer than usual. Except that no one seems to be on. >_<

Still waiting for a chance to RP Tas some more. >_> Poor little guy gets no action.

And Seph...has had a somewhat civil conversation with Cloud. Who still hates him. Maybe even more considering Sephiroth's absolutely terrible sense of humour. I suspect that part of his characterisation comes from the really evil part of me that would totally start blasting songs like "Burn Baby Burn" and "Time to Burn" in the middle of Nibelheim...

And I just thought of a question to ask Nightwind but he's not here. Damned wolfcub. Why'd he have to go to Germany? I've got no one to talk to online much...

Ah hell. Might slip on SL for a while. I hear I have a new bed to check out. >_> Tomorow my FA account will probably be bombarded with new screenshots from there.
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So lookit. *points* Snazzy new icon thanks to the wolfcub. Um. Nightwind. >_> Who is away in Germany at Eurofrence right now. Bitch better bring me back a souvenier. *shakes fist* XD I'm kidding, he doesn't have to. But I do hope he has fun. His birthday party last Monday was pretty cool too. XD We discussed story ideas for a certain story I'd given up on. Now I have more ideas and I'll be recycling a few old ones that never went anywhere. Because I totally will write the first 'episode'. >_>

Anyway, events in Daisychain have left me reeling. Again. Not quite as badly as the 'Monster Stomps Manhattan' incident but still pretty major. Some people have gone missing, something else got blown up, killed a couple NPCs and Vincent and Lucrecia are getting married. HOLYCRAPSEPHY'SGETTINGASTEPDAD! O________O

Yeah. All the good stuff happens when I'm gone.

And Sephiroth is...utterly confused. He doesn't know how he should feel. On one hand, Lucrecia is his monther but he barely knows her. Does he care or not? And Vincent hates him. So what should he do?

Hee...this is too much fun. XD

And Tas needs to make tags. The log with Billy Coen has kinda...died. So I'm gonna assume he found a computer and started prodding it to see what it did. So...he's posted and only needs help. Poor little guy doens't get much action since I added him in. I don't want to have to drop him because no one wants to play with him.
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 Okay,  sod Genesis and Albel. What Daisychain really needs is a kender! >_> I just watched Dragons of Autumn Twilight. Not as epic as it could have been but I'm going to forgive that because Tasselhoff Burrfoot was fantastic~ *huggles kender*

What could be better than a halfling who's just going to stand and stare at Big Mommy going "Wow!" with a huge grin on his face? Yes. Need to app. Tas.

>_> Others can come later. 

But still...did give myself a month to decide on a character. But...I'm sorta getting excited about Tas. Besides, the app. will give me something to work on during my official haitus. XD

Of course, I'll need to find Tas pics and make icons or something, think up a username for the little guy...

However...time for a short movie review~

Okay, I should maybe get on with reserving/apping Tas. I'm gonma reread the books if I can, do a little digging around the internet for possible icons or find pics and make my own.


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